Ch5 – Scamming a Girlfriend — Shocking news: ‘I’ have a lover

Due to the influx of new disciples, the market was lively and bustling today.
This market was under the jurisdiction of Taixu Sect, and besides the regular shops,  there was also an outdoor market in the north quarter where wandering cultivators and sect disciples could set up stalls.

Gu Feng planned to buy a few things from the regular market before heading to the open air market to stroll around and see if they could collect some intel. 

These two first made a beeline for the Gathered Treasures Pavilion.
It was said that the merchandise there was not only of high quality, but also reasonably priced.
Just as the pair entered, they were greeted by a beautiful shop attendant.

“Welcome, how may I assist the two of you today?” The attendant had been specially trained to speak in such a manner as to set people at ease.



“Do you have any defense arrays for sale — the kind for safeguarding dongfu and that won’t allow people outside the array to see within?” Gu Feng needed a defense array that could reliably seal off the hidden terrain.

The attendant thought deeply for a moment, then replied: “We don’t often see this type of defense array, but you’ve come at an opportune time.
Just a few days ago we obtained one that exactly matches your requirements.
This defense array is called the Sequence of Infinite Permutations.
So long as it’s deployed at the entrance to your dongfu, it will fuse with your immediate surroundings, and there is no way anyone will be able to perceive you.
It can also block three strikes from a nascent soul stage cultivator. 

Seeing Gu Feng was listening attentively, the attendant continued: “However, it’s a little expensive — it costs 30 middle grade spirit stones.
Are you still interested?”


Gu Feng once again sighed at how poor he was, but gritted his teeth and paid for it.
He needed this item.

After purchasing the defensive array, Gu Feng didn’t hang around.
He took Su Mujin straight to the outdoor market.
Since he was nearly out of spirit stones, it was better to head there and scout out some intel.

The open air market was much larger than the regular market.
The two of them walked along the aisles and looked around.
You really could buy anything and everything: talismans, magical implements, rare books and obscure manuscripts as well as materials of all kinds — not to mention many other strange and fantastic things.
If you could imagine it, you could buy it.
However, the quality of goods was not guaranteed, so Gu Feng merely browsed, but didn’t buy.


Strolling along, Gu Feng became increasingly aware that something felt a little off.
Following behind them were a few ‘brothers’ who had been tailing them for a while, starting from right after he purchased the defensive array. Don’t tell me they’re muggers? He observed them with his peripheral vision.
Among the group, all but one were at the summit of the qi refining stage, and the remaining person had a level of cultivation he was unable to perceive.
At this moment there was no guarantee that he could handle them.

Forget about it.
If push comes to shove, we can find an inn at the market and stay a few days before leaving.
Those guys are too impatient to wait for that long.

Stopping mid-step, Gu Feng’s attention was caught by the sight of a black mineral relic.
The original owner of his shell had an almost identical item in his storage ring.
The only difference between the two fragments was that each had a curved edge oriented in the opposite direction.


He walked over.
The stall owner seemed to be a young alchemist about 20 years of age.
Within the booth, the black relic aside, various kinds of pills were piled haphazardly. 

He worried that if he straightforwardly asked about the black relic, the proprietor would demand an outrageous price.
So he first picked up a bottle of foundation-building pills to take a look.
Thinking that Su Mujin would need them later anyway, he asked: “How many pills are in here, and how much do they cost?”

The young man lifted his eyes lazily to glance at him: “In that bottle is a single pill.
It costs one middle grade spirit stone, non-negotiable.”

The price was reasonable, but it seemed a little high for the outdoor market.
Gu Feng pondered how to persuade the stall owner to give him the black relic, when from behind him he heard scornful voice say: “Laoban, I’ll give you two middle grade spirit stones for each bottle.
I want every single one of the foundation-building pills you have.”

Gu Feng turned his head to look, and his expression instantly became chilly.
The saying ‘enemies are bound to meet on a narrow road’ was true.
This guy was precisely one of the thugs who had beat up Su Mujin and thrown him in the pond, causing him to almost freeze to death. 

The leader of the bullies was named Zhao Ying.
These days he was in the initial stage of the foundation building period, and was fanatically trying to woo Gu Yunxi.
It was a pity that Gu Yunxi never even gave this person a second glance.
When he was rejected by Gu Yunxi, he immediately went off to cause trouble.
Looking at his current attitude, he probably came to find ‘Gu Feng’ to pick a fight.
The rest of the guys were his henchmen.

Seeing Gu Feng turn his head, Zhao Ying looked over at Su Mujin, his expression growing ever more disdainful.
He sneered: “Huh, a loser and a beggar skulking around together.
Not bad, not bad.
You truly are made for one another.
Some people are fated never to build their foundations, so I’ll make sure these pills aren’t wasted.
How about it?”

The goons who were following him immediately chimed in, “What Shixiong says is correct.
Some people need to be reminded of their place.”

Gu Feng’s face went blank.
In his eyes, these people were already corpses.
There was no need to waste time arguing with dead people.
But Su Mujin felt incredibly angry.
His face clouded as he looked at the troublemakers.
He could set aside his grievances with these people for beating him up, but to shame his shixiong was something he absolutely would not forgive.
His anger flared, and he clenched his fists. 

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“I can also pay two middle grade spirit stones.
I just need two foundation-building pills.” Gu Feng’s face was bright red and he spoke in a low voice, his gaze lightly sweeping over those evil doers as though they did not even exist.

“That’s right, shopkeeper.
Shixiong is just about to build his foundation.
You should sell him a pill.” Su Mujin chimed in. 

Gu Feng pretended to panic and said: “Why did you reveal that I’m about to build my foundation?”

“Please forgive me, shixiong.
I’m anxious.
The matter of you building your foundation cannot be put off.” Su Mujin pretended to be carelessly leaking confidential matters.
After realizing his gaffe, he immediately turned and slapped his own face.

“I’ll pay three middle grade spirit stones for each bottle.
I want them all.” Zhao Ying heard that Gu Feng planned to build his foundation soon, and spoke immediately.
You must know that delaying foundation building was a serious matter.
When a person’s comprehension and spiritual power accumulated in the body, their foundation automatically began to form.
At that moment, if you didn’t have a foundation building pill, it was nearly inevitable that you would fail.

The shopkeeper heard Zhao Ying’s words, and didn’t hesitate.
He picked up the foundation building pills and tossed them to Zhao Ying, fearing that he would change his mind. 

Zhao Ying settled the bill, provocatively sneered at the pair, and triumphantly walked off.
Seeing his posture, he was probably off to tell Gu Yunxi about his victory.

Gu Feng stared at those retreating figures coldly.
Those hooligans who had tailed them really were Zhao Ying’s followers.
They were rich and arrogant, and now that the spoiled brat had achieved his objective in harassing them, he would silence any witnesses.

“Xiao xiongdi, although I’m out of foundation building pills, I still have many other things.
You might as well take a look.” The shopkeeper had just completed a big transaction, and felt Gu Feng and his companion were very pleasing to the eye.

unfortunately I only wanted a foundation-building pill.” Gu Feng pretended to be dejected, but gave the stall another glance before hesitantly continuing: “But this pile of stuff looks interesting.
I’ll give you five low grade spirit stones for it.” 

The shopkeeper looked at the pile of junk and indifferently said: “Take it all.”

Not only had Gu Feng cheated Zhao Ying’s gang and avoided being robbed, but he had also bought the very thing he wanted for a low price.
Gu Feng could not have been more delighted.

Since picking up Su Mujin, he felt that one good turn followed the next.
Thinking of Su Mujin, his heart was a little cheerful.
He had found the other person to be truly compatible, and the perfect partner to team up with when pulling a prank.

Gu Feng hadn’t even two seconds to feel elated when a woman’s clear and melodious voice sounded from nearby. 

“Feng gege, where did you go the past few days? Why didn’t you come out and play with Yan’er?”

Gu Feng: “???”

What’s going on? And who is this? It seemed he had gone out today without consulting an almanac .

He turned around to see a fiery woman — her appearance was bright and colorful, with arched eyebrows, large eyes, and flame red lips.
Gu Feng’s face filled with pleasant surprise. 

He recognized this person — she was Hua Yan, the Tempering Talent Peak Leader’s daughter.
But Gu Feng wasn’t acquainted with her, and that being the case it could only mean.

“Are you so muddleheaded that seeing me has shocked you silent? Feng gege, I already talked to Daddy about us.
Daddy says that once you break through to the golden core stage, he’ll give us his blessing.
Aren’t you delighted?” The more Hua Yan spoke, the happier she became.
She completely embodied the phrase ‘spring was in the air.’


Gu Feng was instantly petrified .

I’m not, I don’t, this girl, don’t blather on! Gu Feng simply wanted to disappear. How am I supposed to respond to this? I want to find that ‘Feng gege’ and apologize to him. 

Hua Yan, calm down, I’ve been thinking seriously about it.
My talent falls far short, and I don’t deserve you.
With my natural capabilities, I’m afraid I’ll never reach the golden core stage in my entire lifetime.
At this point, we should forget about it.” Gu Feng bitterly said.

“It doesn’t matter, Feng gege.
I can help you, don’t worry.” Hua Yan paid no attention and continued: “oh right, Feng gege, last time didn’t you say you had a present for me? What is it?”

Gu Feng was silent for a bit, then fished out those boxes of makeup from the storage ring to give her.

Hua Yan was initially elated as she took them, but after opening one box, she revealed a dumbfounded expression — the makeup had already been used up. 

“Feng gege, is this some kind of test?” Hua Yan asked probingly, her intuition acting up.

“It’s my fault .
.” Gu Feng assumed the appearance of an unfaithful lover who had been discovered and was now remorseful and uneasy.

“Who is it?” Hua Yan’s expression was incredulous.

Gu Feng felt remorseful, but the original ‘Gu Feng’ had already died.
Now he needed to convince Hua Yan to completely give up any hope.
The betrayal would sadden her for a while, but if she knew the truth, she’d be sad for the rest of her life. Forget it, I’ll keep up the act. 

Gu Feng wore an unflinching expression as he embraced Su Mujin and kissed him on the cheek. Oh how soft.

Su Mujin: “???”

“It’s him, Hua Yan.
I’ve let you down, but I was unable to control myself.
I’m sorry.
I like him.” Gu Feng went further and further down the road of being a scumbag.

“I don’t believe it.
You’re lying! Did my daddy threaten you? Also he’s a man, how will that ever work out?” Hua Yan saw Su Mujin’s beautiful appearance, and actually was mostly convinced already, but still held out a bit of hope. 

Gu Feng didn’t directly answer her question.
He just held Su Mujin tighter, gazed at him tenderly, and replied lovingly: “We are each other’s sunshine.
Even if we aren’t allowed to be happy in this lifetime, we still love each other, right, Xiao Jin?”

The corners of Su Mujin’s mouth twitched as he looked at Gu Feng, but he felt pressured to agree, so finally he nodded his head.

Hua Yan couldn’t stand it any longer.
She took the makeup and threw it at their faces, then furiously ran off.

Having lost face, Su Mujin and Gu Feng: “.

Gu Feng released Su Mujin, picked up the makeup boxes and stood up.
Regardless of what was said, the original owner had been well intentioned.

Looking at Gu Feng’s actions, Su Mujin restrained himself at first, but finally could not refrain from asking: “Since it was painful just now, why did you do it?”


Su Mujin felt this question was particularly important, even if he couldn’t quite understand why he needed to hear the answer.

“My cultivation is too low.
I don’t want to delay other people.” Gu Feng threw out a reason without thinking the matter through. 

“You’re not that kind of person.
That can’t possibly be the reason.” Su Mujin adamantly disagreed.

Gu Feng gave Su Mujin a strange glance. Sure enough, he really understood himself.

“I’m not the person she likes.
That person no longer exists.” Gu Feng settled for a truthful, but misleading answer.

Su Mujin didn’t continue to question him.
He already had the answer he wanted, so he was satisfied. Wait a minute! Why am I so concerned with this question? Su Mujin rubbed his forehead. I was nearly dragged into the gutter by shixiong. 

After Hua Yan left, Gu Feng quickly slipped away with Su Mujin.
If they remained at the market, he was worried they’d have to deal with more unwelcome encounters.
Today had been a truly frightening and startling experience.

Stealing away with Su Mujin, Gu Feng brought the two of them to a place not far from Taixuan Sect, in the middle of a mountain forest.
Going off of Gu Feng’s memories, they walked over to the sunny side of a small hillside and headed toward a grove of trees.

Behind the grove was a mountain, and it was there that Gu Feng intended to search for the hidden terrain.

Unfortunately, today’s good luck had been completely used up after buying the piece of black mineral relic.
After searching for nearly two shichen they still came up empty handed. In my previous incarnation, I had casually strolled around and stumbled upon the secret territory, right? 

Gu Feng carefully observed the surrounding environment.
There didn’t seem to be any deviation from the previous incarnation’s memory.
The problem was where to look.
Gu Feng leaned against a tree, closed his eyes, and carefully reviewed his memories.

Su Mujin saw that Gu Feng wasn’t speaking and looked exhausted.
He thought Gu Feng was hungry, and remembered they had just passed by a pool.
Su Mujin pondered before speaking: “Shixiong, if you’re hungry, there’s a pool over that way.
Perhaps it has fish.”

Gu Feng: “???”

What pool? Why hadn’t he seen it? 

“Where’s the pool? Take me to it quickly.” Gu Feng urgently spoke, suddenly thinking of a possibility.

Gu Feng followed Su Mujin the whole way to the ‘pool’.
He could only see lush and verdant forest surrounding them on three sides, while the fourth side was a sheer drop.
But nowhere was there a single drop of water.

“You’re certain there’s a pool here .
.” Gu Feng hadn’t finished speaking before he saw Su Mujin walk over toward the precipice, about to drop off the edge.
Gu Feng leapt in fright.
Su Mujin hadn’t learned to fly yet!

I cannot allow this! Gu Feng instantly ran over, prepared to drag Su Mujin back from the edge.
Unfortunately, he ran too fast.
His momentum was too great, and caused the two of them to fall over the edge of the cliff. 

The expected sense of weightlessness did not appear, but the two of them tumbled directly into a pool and were separated.
Gu Feng strove toward the surface and looked all around, but couldn’t see a shadow of Su Mujin. What bad luck! Right now Su Mujin still didn’t know how to swim, and hadn’t even learned any spells for escaping water.

Gu Feng took a deep breath and quickly dove back into the pool.
He dared not delay; he must find Su Mujin as quickly as possible.


Just as Su Mujin fell into the pool, he had an ominous premonition.
The water was even deeper than he had imagined.
He struggled all the way down, gradually losing strength as he slowly sank to the bottom of the pool .

Water poured into his mouth and nose, ice cold and dark.
It seemed he’d never reach the light.
Swallowed up by darkness, could it be that this would be his final resting place? 

But Su Mujin was unresigned.
Finally having managed to hug the light, who would be willing to just die here? Moreover, he had promised to protect shixiong.
He was incredibly unwilling!

Breathing became more difficult as his consciousness gradually faded.
Just before he was about to pass out, he seemed to sense someone in the distance swimming toward him.
That person embraced him, pulling him toward the surface of the pool.


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