Meng Sheng rummaged through chests and cupboards, finding a yellowed old book and throwing it in front of Jiang Chao Ge.

Jiang Chao Ge picked it up and looked at it, “What is this?”

“This is the best martial institute in Tian Ao City——Tong Tian martial institute’s Primary Spiritual Cultivation Method

“That is… the so called introductory teaching material?”

“More or less, it’s equivalent the primary school textbook of our children.”

The corners of Jiang Chao Ge’s mouth twitched slightly, “Primary school…..”

“As soon as a child is born on the Tian Ling continent, they will find someone with spiritual power to determine whether or not the child has spiritual awareness.
If they have, they can be sent to the martial institute nearest to their home to cultivate spiritual power when they are five or six years old.
The school fees are not low.
Poor families can find nobles to borrow money from.
Afterwards, when the child grows up, they have to work to the bone for the nobles for a few years.
The martial institutes of this continent spring up all over the place.
There are five most famous ones including, Tian Ao City’s Tong Tian Martial Institute, as well as the martial institutes controlled by the four big clans.
These five martial institutes, not everyone can get into.
It’s either children from influential nobles or children with extremely high talent.
This primary cultivation technique book, is circulated on the continent under special permission from the holy emperor.
It’s for people who can’t afford to attend martial institutes so that they can cultivate themselves.
You can cultivate to at least the spiritual power of a Rank 3 spirit weapon user using this cultivation technique book.”

“Then what about going even further?”

“You have to look for more advanced spiritual cultivation technique books if you want to go further.
Advanced cultivation technique books are not spread publicly.”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a mocking smile, “In other words, my current level is about the same as children aged five or six.”

Meng Sheng spat out a smoke ring, “Children from noble families start cultivating when they are just two or three years old.
You’re not even as good as them.”

“What level do I have cultivate to, in order to summon Zhi Xuan?”

“If you were a baby, then it’d be enough if you cultivate for one or two months.
I’ve already said that summoning spirit beasts are the lowest level of spiritual power manipulation.
A lot of people who have spiritual awareness but have a poor family background and low talent, can make enough for the whole family to eat and drink by relying on this cultivation technique to cultivate some spiritual power, resell some things at a profit and getting some casual work.”

“Then, after two months I will…..”

“No.” Meng Sheng said decisively, “I’ve already said, you can’t displease him.”

Jiang Chao Ge sighed, “Old Meng, I don’t want you to consume your cultivation base just to summon a little brat(or bastard).”

“You listen to me.” Meng Sheng said: “People with spiritual awareness can cultivate spiritual power in three directions, spirit weapon user, spirit tool master and spirit advisors.
Amount them, spirit weapon users are the majority.
Apart from needing profound spiritual power, they also need strong combat strength; Spirit tool masters must possess advanced knowledge in order to make good spirit tools and spirit advisors are the doctors of this world.
They are skilled in assistance and treatment.
As long as they don’t encounter any accidents, their lifespan can be twice as long as a normal person.
The cultivation method of spirit weapon users and spirit tool masters don’t conflict.
The cultivation method of spirit tool masters and spirit advisors also don’t conflict.
But the cultivation method of spirit weapon users and spirit advisors are in completely opposite directions.
In the beginning, I always cultivated in the direction of spirit weapon users, but in recent years I gave up and switched to the direction of spirit advisors.
Do you know why?”


“I want to live a little longer.” Meng Sheng sighed: “I discovered that I couldn’t become a powerful spirit weapon user, then wouldn’t it be better to live a little longer? Perhaps there will be a day I can go home.
It’s precisely because I cultivated in the method for spirit advisors that I can give a part of my spiritual power to you.
Simple spirit weapon users and spirit advisors cannot do this.
Perhaps mysteriously and inexorably all this is destined.
It only allowed me to meet you.
It only allowed you to get ahold of a Heaven grade spirit weapon.
It only let me assist you.
Little Jiang, I’ll pin my hope of returning on on you.
It’s only wasting a little cultivation base.
I think it’s worth it.”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t know what else he could say.
He really wants to tell Meng Sheng, don’t pin his hopes on him.
He actually didn’t have the least bit of certainty at all.
He can be responsible for his own life or death but he couldn’t be responsible for others.
However, he ultimately didn’t say it.
Perhaps it’s his selfishness, he really needs Meng Sheng’s help.
Perhaps he really didn’t have the heart to dampen the greatest wish of this old man.

“Come, I’ll teach you these cultivation techniques.”

Meng Sheng opened the technique book and began explaining to Jiang Chao Ge.

Although Jiang Chao Ge had never practised legitimate martial arts, he could see from this type of technique of allowing Qi and blood to circulate through vital energy channels, that it was about the same as Nei Gong mental cultivation techniquespractised by ancients.
The rudiments are not hard.
What is hard is the diligent cultivation day in day out, year after year.

Thinking of the people in this world who start cultivating spiritual power from when they are children, when they reach his age, at the very least they would be Rank 3 or 4 spirit weapon users.
Yet he actually had to start from the very beginning on an endlessly long road.
He was behind twenty years.
He had a good weapon, but it had no opportunity to display its might, even he himself felt terrified of the future.
Meng Sheng actually dared to put the stakes on him, it really was bold.

After cultivating for an entire afternoon, both of their stomachs rumbled with hunger and they planned to look for food.

“Little Jiang, do you know how to cook?”

“I do, what do you have in your house?”

“Absolutely nothing.” Meng Sheng felt his money bag and weighed it in his hands, “Ai, let’s go on the street to see if we can buy a little something and bring you to see the world.”

The two left the house.
Right now, it was just before sunset, the most lively time on the street.
The sweet fragrance of food floated through the whole street, restaurants were full of guests, even snack stalls had no empty seats.
But after circling around once, in the end, Meng Sheng only bought two handfuls of Chinese cabbage, a small piece of meat and two steamed buns.

Jiang Chao Ge was deeply hurt by their poorness.

Meng Sheng realised what he was thinking with a glance, “We can only eat this now, all because of you.
I bought those two black panther bone sculptures from an acquaintance for a high price in Tian Ao City.
I planned to bring it back to Hu An City and sell it off, making enough for me to eat for half a year.
Now it’s a complete bargain for Prince Shu.
Ai, Prince Shu also makes little of two black panthers.
It really is a waste.”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “You have never thought of another way to earn money?”

Meng Sheng thought for a bit, “Wait until I cultivate spirit advisor techniques for one or two more years, then I can practise medicine.”

“Let us talk about the present.”

Meng Sheng simply shook his head, “No.
I definitely don’t want to work for rich pheasants and help them control oxen that plough the land.
It’s lowers my status too much.”

Jiang Chao Ge raised his voice, “You’re already poor to this extent and you’re not willing to lower your status?”

Meng Sheng raised his voice higher than him, “You think I’m poor, then you go make money yourself.”

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath and thought deeply for a moment about whether or not to resume his old profession, going on the street to steal a few money bags.
Based on his “Wyvern Scouting Cloud Technique”, its definitely something he can do with no difficulty.
But after thinking about it, he decided to forget about it.
It’s just like Meng Sheng said, it lowered his status too much.

He looked around and found a vendor selling pearl head ornaments in a corner.
His sense of existence was quite weak and there was a lack of people showing interest in front of the stall.
He pushed the vegetables towards Meng Sheng’s hands, “Wait for me.” He rolled up his sleeves and went over.

The vendor’s face had an air of gracefulness, it’s just that he was born with a worried look.
Seeing Jiang Chao Ge come over, he only gave him a gloomy glance and said in a low voice: “What do you want?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “How much for these pearl heard ornaments?”

“All of them are 5 copper coins each.”

“I’ll help you sell one, you split me a third.
How about it?”

The vendor hesitated, “Ah?”

Jiang Chao Ge lifted up a pearl head ornament and shouted in a loud voice, “Everyone, quick come have a look! Pearl head ornaments that come from a faraway foreign country overseas.
The emerald green dye is taken from a flower overseas.
It’s not only has an enchanting fragrance, but also carries magicial power.”

The vendor pulled at his sleeve with all his might, “Big Brother, I bought this from the morning market in the east of the city.”

Jiang Chao Ge immediately pushed him behind his body and whispered: “Shut up.”

He hawked the head ornament two times and a young man and woman couple walked over, uncertainly picking up a red pearl head ornament, “This is from a foreign country? How come it seems like I’ve seen it before?”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled faintly, “Young lady, perhaps you have seen similar types, but you definitely haven’t seen quality material like it.
The dye of this ornament is taken from a type of flower in the foreign country called the Bing Ti Lotus.
Legend has it that this type of flower was nourished by fresh blood after a pair of lovers were broken up by family and died for love, the petals are as red as fire and brightly coloured.
The man must personally place pearl head ornaments dyed by this type of dye on the head of the girl they love.
The idea of lovers condensed in the Bing Ti Lotus will allow your love to be everlasting and unchanging, never to seperate.” As he spoke, he had already stuffed the pearl head ornament into the youth’s hands.

The youth held the ornament and hesitated.
The girl blinked her eyes and looked at him: “Really?”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled but did not speak.

The youth said awkwardly: “Boss, how much is this pearl head ornament?”

“Fifteen copper coins each.”

The youth was somewhat hesitant, but in the end, still obediently fished out the money.
The girl allowed him to place the ornament on her head with boundless joy and repeatedly said: “Bing Ti Lotus, Bing Ti Lotus, sounds so beautiful.”

After sending the pair of young lovers away, the vendor widened his eyes and looked at Jiang Chao Ge, “Big Brother, you…..”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t acknowledge him.
He fiddled with the copper coins, took away five and threw the remaining ten to him, “Tidy the stall a bit.
Leave one red ornament, three blue ones, five white ones, ten yellow ones.”

The vendor nodded blankly and quickly began tidying up.

Meng Sheng also walked over and looked at him with an indescribable look.”

Jiang Chao Ge continued to hawk the ornaments.
Every time a customer came over, he would judge the others character and financial resources according to age, style of conversation and clothing.
Then he would fabricate a good story for each pearl head ornament.
The more rare the colour the more expensive the price.
He talked to them in a language they understood, selling twenty pearl head ornaments in less than an hours time and earning over two hundred copper coins.

Jiang Chao Ge felt the sixty plus copper coins in his pocket.
This was enough to eat a good meal.
He patted the vendor’s shoulder, “Little Brother, don’t look so miserable when selling things, you have to smile.
Whoever you meet, exaggerate to death.
Men like reputation, praise them a lot and they’ll have no choice but to fish out money.
Collect more from those that dress well and collect less from those that dress poorly.
You must not say you bought these from the morning market.
These are from oversea foreign countries.

The vendor nodded fiercely, looking at Jiang Chao Ge with eyes full of worship.

Jiang Chao Ge patted his shoulder and walked towards Meng Sheng, “Let’s go, tonight we’ll eat at a restaurant.”

Meng Sheng gave him a thumbs up, “What the hell did you do before?”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled, “Did a bit of business, made a living.”


The two found a small restaurant, ordered a few good dishes and a pot of alcohol.
This was the best meal, the best gulp of wine he had ever since Jiang Chao Ge came to this world.
He knew that this little bottle was not enough to make him drunk, but when liquor fails to intoxicate, one intoxicates oneself.
He really wants to be heavily drunk, and escape from reality a little.

After the meal, the two returned to that old and shabby, single storied house.

Jiang Chao Ge stood outside the door and stared for a long time.

Meng Sheng said: “Drank too much? Go in.”

“Old Meng, I will let you live in a big house, and have tasty food and strong drinks everyday.

Meng Sheng laughed out loud: “If you have that skill then you should cultivate hard.”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Old Meng, let’s get the little brat out.”

“What, came around to it?”

Jiang Chao Ge nodded, “With him, I can be ten times more hardworking than now.” With a devilish brat always calling him ‘trash’ all day long, from a certain point of view, it’s pretty encouraging.


With the help of Meng Sheng, Jiang Chao Ge once again summoned Zhi Xuan.

As soon as the devilish brat appeared, the little nose wrinkled a few times.
He pointed at Jiang Chao Ge and shouted: “You drank alcohol, did you leave me any?”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a wave of his hand, “I really didn’t know Zuzong you liked to drink alcohol.”

Zhi Xuan gave him a scornful glance, “Now you know.”

Jiang Chao Ge looked at the devilish brat and his downward eyebrows and face full of despise and thought, because of this expression, him cultivating all night won’t be a problem

Baby/奶娃娃- This literally translates to ‘milk baby’ which is a bit weird in context.
It can be a derogatory term but one of my more skilled Chinese friends told me that Meng Sheng in this case is not purposefully trying to curse or put down Jiang Chao Ge.
It’s just what he’s like.

Nei Gong mental cultivation technique/内功心法- Practised by traditional Chinese martial artists.
Kinda like a breathing/calming technique I guess.
I’m not too clear about it nor am I too eager to research it in depth.
If you’ve seen those Chinese films where the people kinda move their arms up and down as they breath or practise that’s around about what it looks like.

Wyvern Scouting Cloud Technique/飞龙探云手- My god this phrase had me pulling my hair out and is the sole reason why this chapter took longer than usual.
All of the official dictionaries didn’t have a definition so I had to resort to Baike and lo and behold, i found out it was a relatively popular celestial skill from a popular game in China called 仙剑奇侠传 series.
It’s a skill that allows the user to have a chance to steal items or money from the enemy by exhausting a small amount of Qi.
In this context, I guess Jiang Chao Ge is saying that he is good at this skill and is thus good at stealing money from people?

Talked to them in a language they understand/见人说人话,见鬼说鬼话- This can be literally translated to ‘see people, talk human language, see ghosts/spirits, speak ghost language’ or something along those lines.

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