Jiang Chao Ge recognised the beautiful bird with crimson eyes and purple and green feathers as the extremely poisonous Zhen.
Seated atop the Zhen was actually the beggar that sold them the Na Wu Pouch yesterday!

That beggar still wore tattered clothes and had a gloomy face.
Only his movements weren’t sloppy at all.
Facing two huge ancient rare beasts, he didn’t even bat an eyelid, urging the Zhen to rush towards the maiden.

The maiden pulled a dagger from her waist to defend herself but found that the Zhen could open its mouth and swallow her whole head.
A small dagger was absolutely useless so she could only yell: “Xiao Xue!”

Xiao Xue made an impatient ‘tsk’ sound, turned and threw himself towards the Zhen.

The Zhen suddenly fled high into the sky.
Leaping upwards, Xiao Xue appeared about to swallow the Zhen in one gulp.
Simultaneously, Zhi Xuan leapt upwards, two huge claws grabbing Xiao Xue’s body ruthlessly.
Several more bloody lines immediately appeared on Xiao Xue’s body.
He fell to the ground and began tearing at Zhi Xuan again.

The Zhen circled once in the air and once again dove towards the maiden.

In a moment of desperation, the maiden suddenly returned Xiao Xue to the spirit weapon, then released him again in front of her.
The moment he was released, Xiao Xue roared: “You wretch——“

That beggar seemed to have foreseen this move and jumped off the Zhen’s body.
That Zhen dove straight towards Xiao Xue’s mouth.
His falling body was caught in midair by another summoned Zhen.
Just as the previous one approached Xiao Xue’s mouth, it was returned to the spirit weapon, leaving behind only drifting purple and green feathers.

Xiao Xue flew into a rage and was about to attack again.
But his body obviously paused, turning around and roaring at the maiden.
That bloody mouth was extremely close to the maiden’s face.
It shocked her to the point her legs grew soft and she was unable to stand, fear written all over her face.
Obviously her spiritual power was lacking and had already affected his movements.

Zhi Xuan breathed heavily, one eye already unable to open, his body in the same sorry state as Xiao Xue.
Jiang Chao Ge’s heart almost flew out of his throat.
He prayed for Xiao Xue to retreat quickly.
He could sense that Zhi Xuan was almost at his limit.

Xiao Xue glared at Zhi Xuan ferociously: “Disappointing, humans are just disappointing.”

Zhi Xuan said coldly: “You can use your spiritual power to summon your true form and fight me again.”

Xiao Xue laughed loudly: “You think I’m as stupid as you? Why would I consume my own cultivation for humans? Zhi Xuan, you are the stupidest rare beast I’ve ever met, being played around by humans.”

Zhi Xuan probably felt embarrassed and flew into a rage in shame: “Rubbish, he’s not any ordinary human! He’s my…..

Xiao Xue froze and began laughing uncontrollably, coughing up two mouthfuls of blood while doing so: “A mate is no more than something Yin Chuan used to trick you.
Only you would believe it.
From the start to now we are unique.
There has never been another of the same species.
Otherwise Su Han would’ve long had thousands of mates.
You idiot.”

“What do you know!” Zhi Xuan roared: “You are the idiot.
You and Su Han are both idiots!”

Xiao Xue cursed: “You and Yin Chuan are also idiots!”

Jiang Chao Ge rolled his eyes towards the sky.
No wonder Yin Chuan could trick Zhi Xuan so easily.
Sometimes age and intelligence weren’t directly proportional.
If he didn’t hear it himself, who would believe that the dialogue between two ancient beasts were so childish.

Zhi Xuan’s gaze was ferocious but his body was trembling.
Jiang Chao Ge’s heart hurt endlessly.

Luckily Xiao Xue didn’t have much spiritual power left to support him and was also unwilling to consume his own cultivation.
He could only begrudging pickup Zhi Xuan sword with his teeth and throw it to the side.
Then he picked up the whip and threw it towards the maiden.
The maiden crawled up from the ground, hobbling slightly as she walked.
Xiao Xue glared at her ferociously, used a claw to pick her up by the collar and threw her onto his back.

Zhi Xuan always stood at the ready, on guard against potential surprise attacks.
Xiao Xue roared at Zhi Xuan: “Zhi Xuan, next time I’ll definitely bite you to death!”

Zhi Xuan roared back at him: “I’ll rip you to shreds first!”

Xiao Xue roared unwillingly.
His voice resounding across the heavens, shaking the earth.
He took the maiden and ran towards the distance.

Jiang Chao Ge watched his crimson silhouette disappear.
He sat down heavily on the ground, feeling his arms and legs grow soft and unable to move.

That huge black and gold Qilin walked towards Jiang Chao Ge step by step.
With each step, his body shrunk a little.
By the time he was in front of Jiang Chao Ge, he had already returned to human form.
His body was covered in blood, face as white as a sheet.
Even his usually bright golden pupils appeared dim and glazed.
His knees collapsed and he fell forwards.

“Zhi Xuan!” Jiang Chao Ge suddenly rushed forward and caught his body.

Zhi Xuan’s long black hair spilled across the withered grey ground.
His golden pupils stared blankly at the hazy sky.
After a long while he finally breathed: “So sleepy.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s heart felt extremely uncomfortable.
He hated his own helplessness even more.
Even if his cultivation speed was already considered fast by normal standards, it still wasn’t enough for him.
It was far from enough.
If Xiao Xue staked his life on it today like Zhi Xuan and used his cultivation to battle, would they still be able to come out alive? Even if they avoided this disaster what about next time? Would he keep allowing Zhi Xuan to sacrifice his cultivation? Seeing Zhi Xuan reveal his tiredness and weakness for the first time, Jiang Chao Ge felt as if there was something constricting his heart.
He stroked Zhi Xuan’s face while unreservedly pouring spiritual power into Zhi Xuan’s body to heal his wounds and said softly: “Then close your eyes and sleep.”

Zhi Xuan hugged his neck: “I want you to hug me.
Otherwise I can’t sleep.”

“Alright, I’ll hug you.”

Zhi Xuan’s body shrunk once more, eventually becoming the form of a child, curling up in Jiang Chao Ge’s embrace.

Jiang Chao Ge looked at his delicate cheeks and was reminded of when they first met.
More than half a year had passed in a flash.
Back then, he wished he could throttle this brat.
Now he was his most trusted companion in this world.

Zhi Xuan opened his mouth, bit his collar and said vaguely: “Jiang Chao Ge, do you also think I’m an idiot?”

“No, you are the unrivalled, invincible and heroic Qilin.
The most conceited ancestor in the whole world.”

Zhi Xuan’s soft lips curved into a nice curve, small claws grabbing Jiang Chao Ge’s hair, “Mn, you’re right.”

Jiang Chao Ge stroked his back: “Be good.
Your wounds will be gone when you wake up.”

“Hurts…..” Zhi Xuan whispered.
He could barely keep his eyes open, obviously rather tired.

Jiang Chao Ge said softly: “I know.
It won’t hurt soon.”

“Give me a kiss.” Zhi Xuan’s breath was as light as gossamer.

Jiang Chao Ge pressed a gentle kiss to his cheek.
That warm velvety skin made Jiang Chao Ge’s heart soft.

Zhi Xuan closed his eyes and fell asleep.

Jiang Chao Ge held him, sitting motionlessly on the ground for a long time.
He felt a thread of helplessness.
Even though he survived, he wasn’t very happy at all.
Rather the burden on his back seemed even heavier, so heavy he almost couldn’t breathe.

He sat dazed like that for a long time before standing up and turning around only to see a person standing behind a tree, gloomily and fixedly staring at him.
It gave him quite the fright.
It was then that he remembered there was another person at the scene who was also their benefactor.
Only this person’s presence was even weaker than wild grass.
He actually completely forgot.

Seeing him approach, that beggar shrunk behind the tree, only revealing half a head covered in a scarf and a hand.
He said darkly: “Give me thirty gold coins.”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Brother* thank you for saving us.
Don’t mention thirty, I would even give you three hundred.
But I don’t have that much on me.
There’s probably around seventy to eighty.
I’ll give it all to you.”

“I want thirty.” That beggar said stubbornly.

Jiang Chao Ge blinked and could only fish out his money bag and throw it at him: “Take however much you want.”

That person earnestly counted out thirty gold coins then summoned a small Na Wu Pouch.
From that Na Wu Pouch, he took out a big box and opened it.
Inside the box were a bunch of glittering gold coins lined up neatly.
Those gold coins were tied up in tens and placed in specialised recesses.
After putting in those thirty gold coins, it happened to fill up the whole box.
He released a breath comfortably.

Jiang Chao Ge watched his series of actions and was completely baffled: “Brother*, uh I want to apologise to you.
I offended you before.
When I earn more gold coins, I’ll definitely compensate you.
Thank you for saving our lives.”

The beggar glanced at him and stretched his hand out towards him again: “Jade pendant.”


“Dragon fish jade pendant.”

Jiang Chao Ge said shocked: “You’re one of Chen Xiang Yu’s people?”

“He’s my teacher.” The beggar waved his hand: “Give me.”

Jiang Chao Ge was about to fish out the jade pendant, then paused: “Why did your teacher give half the pendant to me?”

“He wanted me to find you.” The beggar became somewhat anxious: “I don’t like leaving it incomplete, give it to me.”

“Why did he want you to find me?”

“Don’t know.”

Jiang Chao Ge rolled his eyes: “You’re a spirit weapon master?”


“But Chen Xiang Yu is a spirit priest.”

“I’m also a spirit priest.”

Jiang Chao Ge narrowed his eyes: “Did your teacher want you to help us?”

The beggar didn’t answer.

“Your teacher is currently being watched by Fan clan and can’t get away.
There must be some other purpose to him wanting you to find me right?”

The beggar returned the things into the Na Wu Pouch and walked two steps closer to Jiang Chao Ge.
He thought for a moment then retreated back two steps again and extended his arm: “Jade pendant, give me.”

Jiang Chao Ge fished out the jade pendant from his clothes: “I can give it to you, but you must accompany me to Kun Lun City.” If he was by himself on this journey, there would be absolutely no guarantee of his safety.
He must find himself a guarantor.
This boy seemed like a weak chicken but those Zhen birds of him seemed pretty strong.
If they met any human eat rare beasts, it would definitely ensure his safety.

The beggar frowned: “Not going.”

“Then I won’t give it to you if you don’t go.
Chen Xiang Yu never told me how to use this jade pendant.
How do I know it’s definitely yours?” Jiang Chao Ge returned the jade pendant to his clothes.

The beggar frowned even more severely.
He lowered his head and thought for a while then said unwillingly: “Ok then.”

Jiang Chao Ge let loose a breath.
Although he had brought weapons —— the rhinoceros and several horses Meng Sheng left behind, he didn’t have much defensive capabilities in front of strong rare beasts.
With that thought, he truly hated his own helplessness.

Jiang Chao Ge introduced himself then pointed at the child sleeping in his lap: “You’re not afraid when you look at him?”

The beggar shook his head: “Before you came I’d already heard of the news.
I’ve also read ancient prophecy books.”

Jiang Chao Ge couldn’t help wanting to give him a big thumbs up.
He was so calm despite being relatively young: “Brother* what’s your name?”

“Yun Xi.” He pulled off the scarf around his head, revealing a pale and refined face.
His features were delicate and upright.
But perhaps it was too upright, his whole person giving off the impression of dullness and wasn’t easily identifiable.
In addition, there was always an air of gloominess about him, as if one could forget his existence at any time by throwing him into a corner.

Jiang Chao Ge stretched out his hand towards him: “Brother, we’ll be relying on you from now on.”

Yun Xi looked at his hand and whispered after a long while: “Your…..

Jiang Chao Ge looked at his own sleeves: “What about it?”

“Two sides are different.”

Only then did Jiang Chao Ge realise that his right sleeve exposed part of his inner wear, adding an extra layer of white….
He looked at Yun Xi’s fixed gaze and suddenly had the feeling of being struck by lightning: “Are you a Virgo?”

“What’s a Virgo?” Yun Xi asked curiously.

Let’s go.”


“Don’t worry about it.”


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