Uncle He summarised what happened these few days to Zhao Zun.
Zhao Zun was already extremely shocked but upon seeing Ruan Qian Xiu, it was as if he’d seen a ghost

Ruan Qian Xiu said with cupped hands: “Sir, haven’t seen you in years.”

Zhao Zun scratched his hair and sighed: “What happened today is enough for me to digest.
After you left, Yu Fa City erupted into chaos for a while.
Second Gongzi and the clan leader disputed any times because of you.
Now, Second Gongzi has already secretly left Yu Fa City, primarily to find you.
However, since Da Liang City has become like this, clan leader shouldn’t have time to worry about you for a while.”

Yu Ren Shu asked: “Did the matter of Da Liang City already travel to Yu Fa City?”

“Da Liang City’s beacon has already been lit.
Yu Fa City has definitely received the report long ago.
Only when I left, clan leader hadn’t yet made any moves yet.” Zhao Zun looked towards Jiang Chao Ge, “The beacons of all the cities in the north have been quiet for hundreds of years.
The lighting of the beacon this time puts the people of Yu Fa City in a state of anxiety as they don’t know what happened.
I would never have guessed, no, no one would’ve guessed that it was actually…..”

Ruan Qian Xiu said: “Sir, saving people is more important.
Let’s talk about any matters later.”

Zhao Zun nodded forcefully: “Right.
Hurry prepare some medicinal herbs for me….”

A total of sixteen people were injured within the compound, most of whom had quite severe injuries.
Zhao Zun was a level three spirit priest, a talent hard to come by in any city.
His spiritual power was much more abundant than Uncle He.
He first stabilised the mortal wounds of those heavily wounded, then treated them one by one.

Everyone busied themselves for an entire night and finally saved the lives of all that were wounded.
Zhao Zun’s spiritual power had been completely consumed.
It would take at least three to five days for it to recover.
But Qi Ling Feng’s forces could arrive at any moment.
They couldn’t stay for long and were extremely conflicted for a while.

After Zhao Zun healed Uncle He, the two went to find Jiang Chao Ge for a private conversation.

The three sat in the room, looking at one another, suddenly having a strange feeling.
In this other world, to be able to come face to face to someone from their own world, what a wonderful destiny.
But simultaneously, it also created a feeling of sympathy for those that suffered the same as themselves.

Jiang Chao Ge smiled, “Where are you two from?”

“We are both from Hui Du.”

“Oh, not far from my home.” Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “In a blink of an eye, I’ve already been here for half a year.” He didn’t even dare think about how his company and properties were now.
If he returned late, perhaps there won’t be anything left of everything he’d built up over the years.
Fortunately, he was all alone in the world and didn’t have a single relative he cared about, otherwise time would crawl even more here.

Zhao Zun and Uncle He weren’t as unconstrained as him.
Upon mentioning family, the two of them had tears flowing from aged eyes.

Speaking of the past, the three of them had many feelings.
They chatted from their original world to Meng Sheng.

Speaking of Meng Sheng, Uncle He said with a pained heart: “I didn’t think I’d never be able to see Meng Sheng again.
He ultimately still died in the hands of Ming Yin Association…..”

“In the end, what kind of grudge is there between Ming Yin Association and Chu Yun?”

Zhao Zun laughed coldly: “What other grudge could it be? Isn’t it because of the fight for Heaven grade spirit weapons, the majority of grudges in Tian Ling is related to spirit weapons? Only Ming Yin Association is vicious and cold blooded and isn’t the same as Chu Yun.”

“You said Chu Yun can help me?”

Chu Yun has several powerful spirit weapon users scattered across Tian Ling.
we rely on a extremely secretive method to keep in contact.
These years we’ve been quietly infiltrating powerful families, waiting for an opportunity.
Preparing and accumulating knowledge, hoping for a day we can return to our own world.” Zhao Zun looked at Jiang Chao Ge solemnly, “Little Jiang, your appearance, the materialisation of Divine grade spirit weapons, could be our opportunity.
When Tian Ling falls into chaos, perhaps it’s precisely our time to take advantage of the situation and fulfil our own goals.”

“The State Preceptor is already dead.
We now have two clues.
One is the State Preceptor successor You Zhun.
But he is too young and may not know the method of returning to our world.
The other one is the ancient rare beast White Marsh.
It’s said that his wisdom is as profound as the ocean.
There is nothing in the human world he doesn’t know.
These two clues both aren’t very scalable.
We are now fugitives, unable to return to the royal capital and we also don’t know where the White Marsh is.
So right now I need help, a lot of help.
Help me find more Divine grade spirit weapons, find the White Marsh!”

Zhao Zun said excitedly: “After the State Preceptor died, we became dispirited for a long time.
But your appearance has given us renewed hope.
You actually control a Divine grade spirit weapon!” Zhao Zun took out a letter, “I heard you want to go to the west.
This is information on the three people of Chu Yun that’s currently in the west.
The west doesn’t have any powerful spirit weapon users, but has the type of people you need.”


“Spirit priests.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s eyes lit up.
Zhao Zun was right.
After experiencing Yu Ren Shu getting injured and a.so witnessing Da Liang City being razed to the ground, they all deeply understood the value and importance of spirit priests.
Unfortunately spirit priests were very difficult to find.
Spirit priests that reach level three like Zhao Zun were ever rarer and most were already monopolised by nobles.
It was impossible for any to be left for them.
But it would be a different story if the spirit priest was a other world person.
They stood in the same battle line.

“What kind of person is this?” Jiang Chao Ge asked happily.

“He is possibly the earliest otherworld person to transmigrate here and is over seventy.
But because he’s a spirit priest, seventy is considered young.
He is one of the founders of Chu Yun and has information on all the members of Chu Yun.
When you meet him, if his willing to go with you great.
Even if he’s unwilling, he’ll definitely introduce you to many people.
Those people are powerful people I don’t even know the whereabouts of.
Take the letter I’ve written and memorise the password on the other sheet of paper.”

Jiang Chao Ge received the letter and said gratefully: “Thank you.
I really need a spirit priest.”

Zhao Zun sighed: “Unfortunately I have an important role in Yu Fa City otherwise I’ll go with you.
When you reach the west, you must find this elder quickly.
Little Jiang, I rest my hopes with you, you must stay safe.”

Jiang Chao Ge nodded fiercely: “You two can relax, I will definitely successfully fulfil this mission.”

Qi Ling Feng had already brought a large number of troops and rushed to Da Liang City.
Even Qi Ran Jun temporarily gave up on searching for Ruan Qian Xiu and rushed over to Da Liang City to help.
After all, this was a great catastrophe hard to encounter in the north for hundreds of years.
A whole city being destroyed.
If the situation wasn’t controlled properly it would very quickly spread throughout Tian Ling.
Then the safety of the north and Qi Ling Feng’s prestige would suffer a heavy blow.

When they left, Ren Wang had said that Qi Ling Feng’s troops were less than a hundred Li from Da Liang City.
They bid a solemn farewell to the people within the compound.
Zui You erased or manipulated the memories of traumatised children.
Everyone sat on Ren Wang’s back and left Da Liang City as if flying.

Watching the practically destroyed Da Liang City gradually getting further away, everyone’s mood was very heavy.
If they couldn’t stop Xiao Xue as well as other ruthless ancient rare beasts that could appear, then there would very quickly be a second, a third Da Liang City.
In that moment, the group of people who knew they’d all witnessed the core of the secret, a sense of mission arose.

That was also the first time a sense of cohesion formed in this misshapen group.

“So comfortable.” Zhi Xuan sat cross legged on Ren Wang’s body contently, one hand grabbing Ren Wang’s fur, one hand holding a jar of alcohol.
The piercingly cold wind whipped past, making his hair flutter wildly in the air, “Ren Wang, you are very comfortable as a saddle horse.”

Ren Wang humphed: “You can’t even be a saddle horse right now.
Truly sad when you think about it.”

Zhi Xuan narrowed his eyes, “Wait till I regain my true form.
I’ll definitely pick a fight with you.”

“Hehe, between us only you’re so warlike.
If it wasn’t because this life is endless and dull, no one would pay attention to you.”

“So what if I’m warlike? Living for so long without dying, what else can you do other than fight?”

“You stayed with Yin Chuan for so long, how could you haven’t been influenced by him at all? He spent a millennium teaching you to read, how come he didn’t teach you kindness, respect and righteousness?”

“Why do I have to learn the knowledge of humans? Only Yin Chuan would be interested in humans, praising them nonsensically.
What good are humans? Selfish, hypocritical, greedy, short lived.” Zhi Xuan glanced at Jiang Chao Ge, pushed the alcohol jar to his lips and said unhappily: “Drink some alcohol to warm your insides.
It’ll be cold again soon.”

Jiang Chao Ge took a gulp of alcohol and teased, “Zuzong, this is all human made.”

“What did I say wrong?” Zhi Xuan glared at him, “Back then, Yin Chuan wanted to live together with humans and did his best to help humans.
In the end, humans calculated his worth.
On the surface humans revere us but as soon as we turn our backs they call us monsters and want to find a way to kill us.
I don’t feel like talking about other more shameless things.”

Long Xiang was originally meditating with arms wrapped around himself.
Upon hearing what was said, he opened his eyes: “If there are despicable, shameless humans, there will be kind and honest humans.
Just like you rare beasts, there are ones like Xiao Xue that’re ruthless and addicted to killing.
There are also ones like the Yin Chuan you speak of theatre grounded and tolerant.
How can you lump different things together?”

Zhi Xuan’s eyes widened: “Hairy brat, who allowed you to speak with me!”

Long Xiang closed his eyes once more.

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Zhi Xuan, Long Xiang is right.
There are innumerable humans, both good and bad.
You’re discussing humans but don’t you also have a human you like?” He pointed to himself with a wink.

Zhi Xuan’s expression relaxed slightly, gaze helplessly drifting towards Jiang Chao Ge’s lips unable to restrain a faint smile: “There’s a bit of logic.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s heart thumped.
He was actually struck by Zhi Xuan’s deeply moving eyes.
Being pretty was really an unfair advantage.
No matter how low their IQ and EQ, just by looking at that face, one was unable to be annoyed anymore.

The sound of Ren Wang’s light laughter drifted towards them on the wind: “Zhi Xuan, you’ve lived for thousands of years and still aren’t as sensible as a ten twenty year old human.”

Zhi Xuan said resentfully: “Shut up.”

Liu Qing Ming heard this and couldn’t help but smile.

Zui You crawled to Liu Qing Ming’s side in curiosity and said all smiles: “Sir, your eyes….”

Liu Qing Ming didn’t mind and smiled: “I was born blind.”

“Then how could you become a spirit weapon user.”

“Because when I was young, I discovered that I could see the world through the eyes of beasts.
In order to better see the world, I cultivated with all my might just to have more and better rare beasts.
Liu Qing Ming said deeply moved, “I’m very lucky I met Ren Wang.”

Ren Wang laughed lightly and said boldly: “You truly are very lucky.
In this world, other than me, who can take you to see this kind of scenery.”

Yu Ren Shu stroked the stubble that he had yet to take care of on his chin: “Seeing the world through a beasts’ eyes, this is my first time hearing about it.”

“People with spiritual power can all control spirit beasts’ brain, deciding their movements.
But it seems as if only I have discovered we can unify with their eyes.
I think perhaps it’s because I’m the only blind spirit weapon user, so I unconsciously work hard towards this direction, desperately wanting to see, to see.
One day, I could really see.”

Zui You said curiously: “So now that Ren Wang’s eyes are here, can you only see the scenery in front of Ren Wang’s eyes and can’t see us?” As he finished speaking, he waved his hand across Liu Qing Ming’s face and also wanted to touch his light lips but was dragged back by Long Xiang and given a warning look.

“That’s right.” Liu Qing Ming took a deep breath and revealed a simple and elegant smile, “So beautiful, a world of snow as far as the eye can see.” In that instant, a moving light seemed to be reflect in his pure white eyes.

Jiang Chao Ge suddenly envious of this kind of unity, trusting and mutually in need of each other.
But upon reconsideration, he and Zhi Xuan weren’t bad either and also had deep feelings.
He couldn’t help but glance at Zhi Xuan.
Zhi Xuan also coincidentally looked towards him, gaze actually producing the illusion of ‘heat’ within Jiang Chao Ge.

Jiang Chao Ge felt his scalp crawl somewhat.
Had the enthusiasm Zhi Xuan felt towards him really become somewhat troublesome?

Ren Wang took them over Bei Yue Mountain and fully left the north.

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