After they left Yu Fa City, they didn’t dare rest and ran for a day and night in one go.

Qi Ling Feng will realise that it was overdoing it sooner or later.
They have to guarantee that they are already a thousand miles apart when he finds out that he had worked hard for someone else and wasted his efforts.

At night the same day, they camped out in the wilderness.

Jiang Chao Ge’s Na Wu Pouch proved extremely useful.
The several thick wind proof tents stuffed inside was the only guarantee that they wouldn’t freeze to death while sleeping.
After they put up the tent, they started a fire within the tent, roasting dried meat and stewing thick soup.

Zhi Xuan had already transformed into the form of a child.
After drinking from a pot of alcohol in his grasp for a while, he pointed the mouth of the bottle towards Jiang Chao Ge’s lips, “Drink.”

Jiang Chao Ge was currently thinking about things, absentmindedly saying, “No need.”

Zhi Xuan rudely pressed the mouth of the bottle against Jiang Chao Ge’s lips, “Hurry drink, warm yourself up.
Otherwise it will shorten your life.”

Jiang Chao Ge was between laughter and tears and had no choice but to drink a gulp.

Ruan Qian Xiu looked at them, “You didn’t tell me you were travelling together with Prince Shu.
You also have a Heaven grade spirit weapon and Long Xiang also isn’t your friend.” After a day of interacting, this intelligent woman could already see through everything.

Jiang Chao Ge said: “These things aren’t important to you.”

Ruan Qian Xiu shrugged, “When we arrive at the next city, we’ll part ways.”

Yu Ren Shu glanced at her, “Where’s a woman like you planning to go?”

Ruan Qian Xiu said indifferently: “I’m a level four spirit weapon user.
I don’t need Your Highness’ concern.”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t think that Ruan Qian Xiu actually had the strength of a level four spirit weapon user, momentarily losing composure on his face.
It seemed that among these helpers, he was the weakest.

Yu Ren Shu was also surprised, “Level four?”

Ruan Qian Xiu lifted the edges of her lips in a smile, “Does Your Highness want to test it?”

Yu Ren Shu’s smile soured as a result of her taunting, saying in a low voice: “Don’t call me Your Highness anymore.”

Ruan Qian Xiu didn’t pay attention to Yu Ren Shu anymore but rather asked Jiang Chao Ge curiously, “What type of rare beast is Zhi Xuan?”

Jiang Chao Ge was already sick of this question and said rudely: “Secret.”

Zhi Xuan shot a death glare towards Ruan Qian Xiu, “Don’t disturb our drinking.” He once again pushed the mouth of the bottle towards Jiang Chao Ge’s lips, “After you finish drinking eat meat, drink soup.
Your lifespan will shorten if you don’t eat enough.”

Jiang Chao Ge said helplessly: “Lifespan will also shorten if you drink alcohol on an empty stomach.”

“Really?” Zhi Xuan froze, and angrily smashed the alcohol pot, “Why do humans die so easily?!”

Jiang Chao Ge rubbed his face, “I’m not going to die that easily, don’t panic.”

Zhi Xuan also didn’t know who he was angry at, so angry his cheeks bulged, knocking his head directly against Jiang Chao Ge’s chest.
Jiang Chao Ge stroked his hair as if petting a kitten.

Ruan Qian Xiu and Long Xiang looked at the two, somewhat surprised.
They’d probably never seen a spirit weapon user and a spirit beast interacting in such a manner.
Yu Ren Shu and Tian Rong had actually long since become accustomed to it yet Zui You was all smiles, seemingly as if he was very interested.

Jiang Chao Ge also became aware of the gazes of everyone, and hurriedly changed the topic, “Then what spirit beast resides in your spirit weapon Miss Ruan?”

Ruan Qian Xiu’s crescent moon blades hung at both sides of her hips.
She caressed the ice cold weapons as bright as silver.
Fingertip like a scallion, slid across the edge of the blade.
When the fingertip reached the tip of the blade, the spirit weapon emitted a white light.
The shadow of a creature in the form of a horse appeared in front of everyone.

The shadow gradually became clear.
It was a relatively big and tall, black steed with wings, simultaneously with a snake tail and a human face.
Those four hooves were strong and vigorous like pillars, the pair of wings strong and full of vitality, the snake tail slender and tough.
That human face was gender neutral, full of deceitful beauty, long narrow eyes languid yet dangerous, making people tremble in fear like the creatures of the underworld.

Ruan Qian Xiu hugged its head, using her cheeks to rub against it, “Zheng Chen, I really missed you.”

That ShuHu actually spoke, “Qian Xiu, Qian Xiu.” That voice was just like a human, low and pensive, indistinguishable between male and female.
Only, speaking almost seemed very strenuous, it continuously repeated Ruan Qian Xiu’s name.

Jiang Chao Ge said surprisedly, “He can actually speak human words.”

Yu Ren Shu said: “All rare beasts with human faces can speak human words.
However, Dark grade spirit beasts can’t transform into human form.
Speech requires teaching.”

Transforming into a human seemed simple, yet it was separated by several hundred years of cultivation.
How powerful and mysterious millennium old rare beasts must be.
This was also the reason why Heaven grade spirit weapons were so rare.

Shu Hu knelt down, quietly lying beside Ruan Qian Xiu.
Ruan Qian Xiu stroked his hair, the expression on her face extremely gentle.
She was just like an ordinary soldier, gaining a sense of security because she was embracing her own weapon.
This point, had nothing to do with gender.

Jiang Chao Ge looked at her, then looked at Zheng Chen, a plan formulating in his mind about her.
Originally, he was the same as Yu Ren Shu, not holding much expectations towards women.
But after hearing that she was a level four spirit weapon user, and her spirit beast also seemed so strong and healthy, she was already exceedingly powerful.
Letting go of such a person like this seemed a bit of a pity.
He cleared his threat and said: “Miss Ruan….”

Ruan Qian Xiu interrupted him saying: “The north is different from other places.
We only address people who rarely come out of their homes as Miss.
I’m a spirit weapon user.
If you want to address me honorifically, call me DaRen.”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a complicated smile: “DaRen, I want to ask, what do you plan to do in the future?”

Ruan Qian Xiu gave a soft sigh, “I haven’t thought about it yet.
I have never left the north.
Now I want to go to see other places on the Tian Ling continent.”

“Have you never left the north or have you never left Yu Fa City?”

Ruan Qian Xiu froze, “What difference is there?”

“To you, the north is only limited to that city.
But the north is so big, bigger than any territory in the south, east, west and central region.
You haven’t even carefully taken a look at such a huge north, why are you in such a rush to go to other places?”

Ruan Qian Xiu narrowed her eyes slightly, “Do you want me to go to Shao Xian Mountain with you?”

“Don’t you want to go see? You gain companions on the road and we also gain a helping hand.
At that time if you don’t dare go up Shao Xian Mountain with us, it’s also not too late to part ways then.”

Ruan Qian Xiu lifted her lips up in a smile, “No need to incite me.
I won’t go court death with you guys.”

“Is Shao Xian Mountain really that frightful?”

“How frightful Shao Xian Mountain is has nothing to do with me.
Is there any benefit in putting myself in a dangerous situation?”

“If we find a Heaven grade spirit weapon, we’ll first allow you to test if you are compatible with it.”

Ruan Qian Xiu’s eyes lit up but very quickly became calm saying: “The probability of being compatible is too small.
It’s not worth taking a risk.”

Jiang Chao Ge shrugged, “I won’t force you.
Only, in order to search for Heaven grade spirit weapons, I’m afraid that we’ll also need to step across every inch of Tian Ling continent, happening to be the same as your goal.
I can see that DaRen, you aren’t someone who can settle in one place and you also aren’t a normal woman.
Why not explore that unknown, dangerous location with us? It also can’t be considered wasting your life.”

Ruan Qian Xiu swept her gaze across Jiang Chao Ge, slowly turned her face away and didn’t speak again.

Jiang Chao Ge had said all he wanted to say and also didn’t speak anymore.
Ruan Qian Xiu had the gold coin Qi Ran Jun prepared for her, enough to cover the cost of her entire life and also had a high class spirit weapon by her side.
He didn’t have much to tempt her and could only resign himself to fate.

Long Xiang, who’d been silently nibbling on a steamed bun all along opened his mouth and spoke: “If there really is a Heaven grade spirit weapon on Shao Xian Mountain, how do you plan to transport it down?”

Yu Ren Shu said: “If it isn’t the one we want, we will just give it to Qi Ling Feng.
It can be considered as making up for his loss.”

“Which one is the one you actually want?”

None of them spoke.
The one they wanted, was a Divine grade spirit weapon that could destroy the heavens and exterminate earth.

Long Xiang saw that they wouldn’t say and also didn’t ask any further, continuing to nibble on the steamed bun.

Zui You yawned, “I really don’t understand you humans.
Not enjoying perfectly good wealth and honour, insisting on running to this freezing place to find some weapon.
You should be in soft fragrance and warmth, enjoying good wine and delicacies in this weather.
If it were not for the fact that Little Xiang has no money….tch.”

Long Xiang’s face went red, “I don’t earn money just for you to enjoy a life of pleasure.”

“That’s because you don’t have enough money.
You are both poor and stubborn.
If it weren’t for the fact you look quite cute, I wouldn’t have wanted you a long time ago.” Zui You caught Long Xiang’s chin, seductive eyes like silk.

Long Xiang moved his head away and continued to bury his head and eat.

Zui You used his finger to draw something on Long Xiang’s back with a grin.
Long Xiang didn’t speak a word, obviously teased like this daily, only using silence as counterattack.

After eating, they each went into their tents to sleep.

At that time, Jiang Chao Ge liked Zhi Xuan the little heater the most.
He embraced him and adjusted into a comfortable position, preparing to get a good nights sleep.

Zhi Xuan suddenly humphed, using his little paws to slap Jiang Chao Ge’s face, “You only like to hug me when I’m like this.
If I become big you’ll avoid me.

Jiang Chao Ge said with a smile: “If you become big, hugging you will be too hot.
This way is both warm and soft, very comfortable to hug.”

“Humans are really troublesome, picky over this and that and yet they are still short lived.”

Jiang Chao Ge played with his hair, “Humans are just like this.
Sometimes I am also pretty annoyed.”

“Why do you want that woman to stay?”

“She is a level four spirit weapon user and also has a Dark grade spirit weapon.
If she stays, she will be a very powerful companion.”

Zhi Xuan narrowed his bright golden eyes, “You didn’t fall for her right?”

Jiang Chao Ge laughed in spite of himself, “How can you tell?”

“You are a man, she is a woman.
Most humans mate like this right?” Zhi Xuan’s eyes were bright and piercing, “Do you want to mate with her?”

Jiang Chao Ge was between laughter and tears, “I’ve never thought about it.
Can you not use that phrase so much?”


“That phrase is….um…..
Since you can turn into a human, your words, actions and manner should also be like humans.”

Zhi Xuan frowned deeply, “Yin Chuan has also said something like this.
I hate hearing his lectures the most.”

Jiang Chao Ge laughed out loud: “It seems that he really is an intelligent person…..
ah no, rare beast.”

“As a rare beast, whats the use of having intelligence? In any case, don’t you still eat what you want to eat, do what you want to do?”

“You can’t say it like that.
The knowledge of humans are boundless when dug up.
Even if Yin China has lived for thousands of years, he couldn’t have read all the books in the world right? You think that drinking alcohol is enjoyable.
He thinks that reading books is enjoyable.
Aren’t they both great?”

Zhi Xuan pulled at his hair, saying discontentedly, “You said the same as him again.
So annoying.
If you speak like him again then I don’t want you anymore.”

“Aren’t you friends?”

“I don’t have friends.
I only go challenge him from time to time.
I want to prove I’m stronger than him.”

“And in the end?”

“In the end, we fought for so long yet there was no victor or loser.
Later we were sealed.” Zhi Xuan’s small head rolled around in Jiang Chao Ge’s arms, eyes empty as if he was recalling those times from long ago.

“I really want to meet that Sir White Marsh.”

“The Kun Lun Fairylands are very far from here.”

After going to Shao Xian Mountain, I still have to go to Da Liang City, to find that person called Wang Qin.
Those were the last words Meng Sheng left me.
I have to go see no matter what.” Jiang Chao Ge unconsciously stroked his neck.
The pocket watch Old Meng entrusted to him hung there.
Someday, when he returned to his own world, he must fulfil Old Meng’s final wish.

Zhi Xuan sighed, “I’ve been awake for so long but I haven’t seen anyone familiar yet….
It won’t be half bad if we can meet Yin Chuan quicker.”

Jiang Chao Ge could feel Zhi Xuan’s loneliness.
Perhaps it was because he provided the spiritual power needed to summon Zhi Xuan, so he could often sense Zhi Xuan’s moods.
Zhi Xuan also never concealed his own feelings.
That kind of loneliness made him feel very sympathetic.
He said softly: “I will definitely take you to the Kun Lun Fairylands.”

Zhi Xuan buried himself into his embrace, “Ok.”

Jiang Chao Ge closed his eyes, hugged the little heater, and fell asleep peacefully.

The second day, their speed slowed down a little, stopping and starting, arriving at a small reclusive town.
They decided to spend the night at this little town.

Jiang Chao Ge deliberately tested out Ruan Qian Xiu, “DaRen, do you want to stay here?”

Ruan Qian Xiu shook her head, “I want to go to a bigger city.” She paused, “Just call me Qian Xiu.”

“Do you know Da Liang City?”

“Of course.
It’s the second biggest city in the north.”

“After leaving Shao Xian Mountain, we’ll go to Da Liang City.
Do you wish to travel together?”

Ruan Qian Xiu said carefully: “I can consider it.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled and didn’t say anything more.

At night, they rested at an inn in the small town.

Jiang Chao Ge closed his eyes and cultivated, striving to go through the acupuncture point of the Second Meridian.
The spirit pill he ate at the imperial capital still had an effect now but it wasn’t as strong as at the start.
According to this speed, he could reach the strength of the level four spirit weapon user within three to five months.
But it wasn’t enough.
He still felt it wasn’t enough.
When could he summon Zhi Xuan’s real form?

He cultivated through half the night, Zhi Xuan kept watch by his side.
Only until he decided to sleep with endless fatigue, did Zhi Xuan lie down with him.

Sleeping through half the night, Zhi Xuan suddenly moved, abruptly sitting up from Jiang Chao Ge’s embrace.

Jiang Chao Ge’s vigilance was very strong, immediately saying: “Zhi Xuan, what’s wrong?”

“There’s a rare beast nearby.”

Jiang Chao Ge immediately got off bed, “How far?”

“There’s some distance.” Zhi Xuan sniffed with all his strength, “Seems to be in the sky.”

Jiang Chao Ge wanted to open the window to see but the frozen window had already long since been sealed shut.
He could only walk out of the room.
As soon as he exited, he felt that something wasn’t right.
The air was suffused with a faint sweet smell.
That sweet smell was extremely faint, but in winter the doors and windows inside were all tightly shut, air didn’t circulate so one could still immediately identify it.
He couldn’t help but sniff twice, and immediately his head felt somewhat dizzy.

His heart was shocked, immediately returning to the room and closing the door.
He forcefully took several deep breaths, head finally becoming a bit clearer.

Zhi Xuan said: “What’s wrong?”

“Someone released an incapacitating agent.” Jiang Chao Ge grabbed his own scarf, sprinkling some tea leaves on it, wrapped it around his face, grabbed his dagger and rushed out.
He felt that it was particularly heavy in the direction of Ruan Qian Xiu’s room just then.
He rushed to Ruan Qian Xiu’s room and kicked open the door with a foot.

A shadow in the room froze, throwing out something with an arm.
Jiang Chao Ge only saw a flash of silvery light, abruptly dodging.
He felt pain blossom on his brow, definitely bleeding.
He couldn’t spare attention for that and fiercely rushed over, the dagger in his hands as nimble as a snake, stabbing towards that person clothed in black.

The person in black’s body was extremely agile, turning his body dodging, circling behind Jiang Chao Ge , elbow striking against his back, striking him several times.
The person in black forced open the door wanting to escape.

Jiang Chao Ge spun around and threw himself at him, a flying kick striking against the back of the person in black.
This kick struck right in the middle of their shoulders, making the person in black stagger several steps, rushing out of the room.

At this moment, Yu Ren Shu and Long Xiang heard sounds and rushed over.
The person in black saw that situation was becoming unfavourable and suddenly flipped over the stairs, body dropping heavily towards the window, making that firmly sealed window break, and leapt out.

Outside the window, a huge bird flew past at a low altitude, steadily catching him.
That huge bird was just about to fly upwards when a pale blue shadow floated past their eyes.
Then that shadow leapt out of the window and transformed into a beautiful noble nine tailed fox, ferociously throwing the huge bird along with the person in black towards the ground.

The huge bird had its throat bitten by Zui You and was soon motionless.
The person in black wanted to run and was also caught up by Zui You in two or three steps and captured.

Jiang Chao Ge hurriedly went to check up on Ruan Qian Xiu.
That person in black had pressed a pillow to Ruan Qian Xiu’s face, evidently trying suffocate her.
He lifted the pillow and tested her nose.
She was still alive, only unconscious.
Only then did he let out a breath.

Zui You returned with the person in black held in his mouth.
He threw him onto the ground, seductive fox pupils blinking slightly, “Dead, killed himself.”

Long Xiang removed the mask of the person in black and pried open his mouth, only seeing a shattered red purple pill in his mouth.
The most astonishing thing was, this person in black didn’t have a tongue.
Long Xiang’s dashing eyebrows knitted slightly and he went to remove the person in black’s belt.

Yu Ren Shu said with a frown: “What are you doing?”

Long Xiang turned a deaf ear, undoing the belt and lifting it up to see, “This is an assassin taught by Cha Xue.
No tongue, no reproductive organs, already been brainwashed.
The mission is unconditionally their top priority.
Mission fails, they die.”

“What’s Cha Xue?”

Yu Ren Shu’s expression was somewhat grave: “Its a mysterious assassination organisation in the north.
Allegedly, no one has ever escaped from their pursuit.”

Jiang Chao Ge had lingering fears in his heart, “If Zhi Xuan had not caught the scent of a rare beast, Ruan Qian Xiu could possibly have been soundlessly assassinated in her sleep.”

“Could it be they were employed by Qi Ling Feng?” Yu Ren Shu said in confusion: “If Qi Ling Feng wanted her to die, why not make a move at Qi Headquarters?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “It seems we can only ask her when she awakens.”

Zui You transformed into a human, slowly walking in front of Ruan Qian Xiu’s bed, bending his head slightly, softly letting out a breath, saying softly: “Beauty, wake up.”

Ruan Qian Xiu’s feather like eyebrows trembled slightly, slowly opening her eyes.
After she awoke, her eyes very quickly went from hazy to clear.
She suddenly sat up, saw a room full of men and froze.

Yu Ren Shu saw that she only wore a layer of inner clothing, and turned around on his own, “You put on some clothes first.”

Ruan Qian Xiu glanced at the body on the ground and seemed to have realised what happened.
She got off bed without a word, put on her clothes, squatting in front of the body and did exactly what Long Xiang did before, pulling the chin, taking off the trousers, strangely calm throughout the entire process.

After looking, she stood up, and gave a few imperceptibly soft sighs.

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Do you have anything to say?”

DaRen/大人- an honorific form of address and has a meaning similar to sir but it can be used for both genders.
It is more often used for males then females though.

Cha Xue/刹血- can also be pronounced as Sha Xie but the words have the same meaning.
Cha or Sha means temple and Xue or Xie means blood.
It’s probably means something like Blood Temple

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