Everyone waited anxiously in the quarters.
As expected, before dark, Yu Ren Kui returned, bringing back a man.
The man was about thirty, tall and big, holding a black axe in his hand, seeming very powerful when he walked.

Tian Rong said: “That is precisely Yu Ren Kui’s Jiu Jiu, Li Xian Shi.
That Heaven grade spirit weapon in his hands is Jing Ting Axe, made from the skull of rare beast Fei.”

“Fei?” What kind of rare beast is that?”

“You will know very soon.” Tian Rong didn’t wait for Yu Ren Kui’s rubbish at all, body turning into the form of a Zheng in an instant.
A leopard form rare beast as big as a house with five tails, dashing towards Yu Ren Kui and Li Xian Shi like a flash of amber lightning.

With a wave of Li Xian Shi’s big axe, a huge black ox about the size of a Zheng was summoned!

That huge ox only had one single eye in the middle of its forehead.
It’s two shiny black horns were thick and stiff.
A long snake tail trailed behind its body.

Two large beasts collided in midair with a loud crash.
The Zheng’s single horn and the Fei’s dual horns stuck each other.
That Fei was obviously somewhat stronger than Tian Rong.
Tian Rong’s four claws that gripped the ground was forced to move back, forcibly gorging deep holes in the ground.
He gave a loud roar, lifting his claw and clawing towards the Fei’s neck.

That huge ox’s body leapt away.
He opened his mouth, voice steady and low: “Tian Rong, long time no see.”

Tian Rong bared his fangs, “Compared to sleeping for thousands of years, not seeing each other for half a year can’t be considered long right, Jing Ting?”

Jing Ting shook his head: “That’s true.” He used his huge hoof to dig at the ground, “I’ve always wanted to test your abilities.”

“Then come.” Tian Rong gave a roar and threw himself at Jing Ting at an extremely fast speed.

Li Xian Shi swung around the huge ax in his hands, yet he found that no one stepped forward to provoke him.
Jiang Chao Ge had long since warned the people in the quarters that other than him and Tian Rong, other people couldn’t clash with Yu Ren Kui.
Li Xian Shi’s gaze fell on Jiang Chao Ge as well as the sword Jiang Chao Ge carried on his back which was wrapped in cloth and rope.

Seeing Li Xian Shi looking at Jiang Chao Ge with a gaze full of hostility, Zhi Xuan’s golden pupils flared, looking at Li Xian Shi ferociously.

When Li Xian Shi met that sinister gaze, his heart shook.
A type of silent fear crept up his spine, spreading throughout the nerves in his whole body in an instant.
It was like he was being glared at by a super rare beast, simply making him tremble in fear.
He was the spirit weapon user of a Heaven grade spirit weapon himself, how come he never knew that Heaven grade spirit weapons could have such an imposing aura?

Jiang Chao Ge gave a cold laugh, “If Sir is bored, I can cross a few times with you.
But everyone knows that my spiritual power is weak.
If you accidentally kill me, don’t think you can relaxedly carry the sword out of Prince Shu’s quarters.”

Yu Ren Kui said coldly: “Other than acting cool, do you still have a chip to save your small life?”

Jiang Chao Ge looked at the two millennium old rare beasts currently engaging in a bloody battle.
Tian Rong was already acting in accordance to his instructions, obviously in a disadvantageous position.
In fact, he knew that even if he didn’t give specific instructions, Tian Rong still wouldn’t have a way to win over Jing Ting.
Yu Ren Shu was not present, the spiritual power in Tian Rong’s body couldn’t be maintained for very long.
Just with this point, he was bound to lose.
Jiang Chao Ge allowed him to ‘lose on purpose’, simply to save him some face.

Jiang Chao Ge shocked people with a sentence, “I also have a ability to find Heaven grade spirit weapons.”

Yu Ren Kui raised an eyebrow, “You? How come?”

“The world I come from, also has a lot of records in ancient rare beasts.
I liked these types of things from childhood and was immersed quite deeply.
I think this is also related to me suddenly coming to this world.
In short, I can differentiate between 600 types of rare beasts from a single bone, a single organ.
In those few months I escaped from the imperial capital, I relied on hunting for beast materials to make a living in Hu An City.
If you’ve sent people to investigate me before, it shouldn’t be hard to know about this.
Or why else would you think….” Jiang Chao Ge grabbed Zhi Xuan Sword from behind him, shaking off the cloth and rope, “His Third Highness valued me so much, when I didn’t form a contract with Zhi Xuan Sword at all.”

Surprise flashed across Yu Ren Kui’s face.
That Zhi Xuan Sword was dirty and mottled.
Spirit weapons that had already formed a contract definitely wouldn’t be this way.

Jiang Chao Ge successively gave Yu Ren Kui two reasons not to kill him.
After Tian Rong loses, Yu Ren Kui will definitely take him away.
He must think of a way to preserve his life.

Yu Ren Kui frowned, muttering to himself for a moment, “Why haven’t you formed a contract?”

“My spiritual power is too weak.
So forming a contract will possibly get me killed instead.”

Yu Ren Kui half believed, half doubted, “If you are lying….”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Your Highness will know sooner or later.”

Tian Rong was pushed into a corner with Jing Ting’s horn, slamming heavily against the wall, a pained cry emitting from his throat.
There wasn’t much spiritual power left in his body.
If he continued to fight, there wouldn’t even be enough to treat his wounds, so he pretended that his spiritual power had been consumed altogether.
His body suddenly shrunk, and in the end, he transformed into the form of a human child.

Jing Ting froze, and returned to Li Xian Shi’s side.
The huge single eyed ox transformed into a black haired, black eyed stern youth.
His profile was resolute and handsome, temperament composed and serious.
As expected, the human form of every rare beast had an outstanding appearance, rarely seen in the human world.

Jiang Chao Ge went over and picked up Tian Rong, and said calmly: “Your Highness, this time we will have to rely on you to deal with us.”

Tian Rong eyelids drooped, seeming very worn out, sleepily staying in Jiang Chao Ge’s embrace.

Zhi Xuan saw that ‘the seat that belonged solely to him’ was occupied by someone else.
His eyes threw sparks, stretching out his hand and wanting to pull Tian Rong’s hair.

Jiang Chao Ge was sharp eyed and deftly caught his wrist, “What are you doing?”

“You throw him away.”

“How can we?”

“Don’t care, throw him away.”

Tian Rong gave Zhi Xuan a sidelong glance, a bit of disdain his eyes.

Fire rushed even more into Zhi Xuan’s heart and head.
His body also suddenly shrunk on the spot, transforming back into the form of a child.

Jiang Chao Ge was extremely shocked.
It wasn’t him this time, “You can control your own body?”

He knew that the spiritual power spirit weapon users left on spirit weapons could be freely allocated to a part by the spirit beast.
Normally, the longer a contract had been formed with a spirit beast, the stronger their ability to allocate spiritual power, for example Tian Rong.
Therefore in the later stages, spirit beasts could very possibly suck dry the spiritual power of spirit weapon users and revive.
Hence there was the expression of ‘biting back’.
However, this process required time and some important turning points and was not easy to reach at all.
Spirit weapon users were also very guarded against it.
But gradually splitting control with the spirit beast in such a way couldn’t be avoided.

What Jiang Chao Ge didn’t think of, was that Zhi Xuan would already be able to control a part of the spiritual power when he wasn’t even a level two spirit weapon user yet.

Zhi Xuan lifted his head to glare at him, “What are you frozen for, hug me.”

Both Yu Ren Kui and Li Xian Shi were dumbstruck.
They had probably never seen a Heaven grade spirit weapon that didn’t care about dignity to such a degree.

Jiang Chao Ge had no choice but to pick up Zhi Xuan, supporting a child with each hand, mood quite complicated.
He thought about when he was in his own world, he was also a nouveau riche who shouted angrily at the opposing side of the business circle, a talented and handsome youth that ate out of both black and white paths.
Now, his life was not only in a precarious state, he had also fallen to serving a childish rare beast that made one bristle in anger.
There was really much to seek in life.
Jiang Chao Ge couldn’t even cry out loud.

Zhi Xuan wound his hands around Jiang Chao Ge’s neck, using his bottom to push Tian Rong to the side.
He opened his mouth and bit the collar Jiang Chao Ge’s clothes, sulking by himself.

Yu Ren Kui said: “Come with me.
This matter of the State Preceptor being murdered, you can’t shed your responsibility! Tian Rong, take the Jian with you.”

Tian Rong used his small arms to hug the heavy Tian Rong Jian, expression somber, not uttering a word.
Jiang Chao Ge carried the sword on his back, supporting a rare beast in each hand, whole person like a coat hanger.
He followed Yu Ren Kui out of the quarters, into the horse carriage.

After putting Tian Rong in the horse carriage, Zhi Xuan twisted over, curling up leaving no space in Jiang Chao Ge’s lap.
He also purposefully used his shoes to step on Jiang Chao Ge’s pants, leaving a bunch of footprints.

Jiang Chao Ge stroked his back, increasing the heaviness of his tone, “Don’t mess around.” Right now, he was laden with anxiety and had a splitting headache.
He really wasn’t in the mood to deal with Zhi Xuan.

Zhi Xuan froze, seeing Jiang Chao Ge frowning severely and quieted down.
His small hand softly pinched Jiang Chao Ge’s chin and said sternly: “What are you afraid of? If anyone dares to kill you, then I won’t form a contract with anyone else.”

Jiang Chao Ge froze and said: “Really?”

Zhi Xuan gave a cold snort, “I do not lie.”

This point Jiang Chao Ge believed.
Zhi Xuan disdained lying.

Jiang Chao Ge was somewhat moved in his heart, stroking Zhi Xuan’s small tender cheek, “If you say that, then I can relievedly be your servant.”

“As long as you know.”

Tian Rong watched from the side, quite speechless, “You are so deeply affectionate and thoughtful, why don’t you use the mating method to form a contract? It can also increase spiritual power cultivation.”

As soon as those words were out, both of them stiffened.

After Zhi Xuan reacted, his small cheeks flushed red, “Evil creature, what nonsense are you talking about!” After speaking, he immediately wanted to kick Tian Rong, but his legs were too short and couldn’t reach.

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
Him mating with Zhi Xuan was…..
simply preposterous! But exactly how much spiritual power could it enhance? Thinking that it could promote cultivation, his interest was actually a little aroused.
His desire for spiritual power was already somewhat frantic, just like when he had no money back then and was also willing to take dangerous risks for money by means fair or foul.
If the so called mating could help him obtain the spiritual power that needed a long time to cultivate, he could make the sacrifice.
He was someone that was willing to yield everything for profit, principles, morals and even pride he could abandon.
Sleeping with a man for one night is nothing.

Zhi Xuan would definitely bite him to death right? So he didn’t even think further than that.

“Evil creature, evil creature, you dare speak so insolently!” Zhi Xuan bared his teeth and waved his claws, wanting to hit Tian Rong, only unable to succeed because Jiang Chao Ge was hugging him tightly.
But his cheeks were flushed red, sparks emitted from his eyes, obviously very angry.

Tian Rong didn’t answer him.
Originally, he deeply revered Qi Lin.
This was wiped away completely all because of Zhi Xuan’s recent behaviour.

The horse carriage gradually stopped.
Jiang Chao Ge opened the portiere and saw that they’d already arrived at Yu Ren Kui’s quarters.

He held the two small rare beasts and got off the carriage, “Your Highness, didn’t you say we were going to Punishment Hall? Why do we need to come to your quarters?” He hugged himself in delight internally.
If Crown Prince Xiao knew that Yu Ren Kui had brought both Heaven grade spirit weapons back to his own quarters there would definitely be fire behind him.
He would be unable to sit still for half a moment longer.

Yu Ren Kui looked at him coldly, “I plan to investigate you first.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Three Heaven grade spirit weapons have all gathered at His Highness’ quarters.
Even the imperial palace would be inferior in comparison.”

Light flashed across Yu Ren Kui’s eyes, “What are you trying to say?”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled mysteriously, “Let’s talk inside.”

They followed Yu Ren Kui into the quarters.
When there was only Jiang Chao Ge, Yu Ren Kui and the like left in the quarters, Yu Ren Kui narrowed his eyes, “You said you can find Heaven grade spirit weapons.
How will you find them?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “In fact, we’ve met the State Preceptor before.
The State Preceptor had the intention of giving the clues about Heaven grade spirit weapons in his hands to Yu Ren Shu.
As for what he and Yu Ren Shu discovered together, I don’t know.
In short, I know the suspected locations of three Heaven grade spirit weapons.
As long as there is a rough direction, I will be able to find it.”

Yu Ren Kui laughed coldly, “Don’t try to pretend to be ignorant.
I’m asking how will you find it?”

Jiang Chao Ge said unhurriedly, “In our world, there’s a profession called archaeology.
The so called archaeology, is judging an item’s age, background and story based on geology, history, culture.
The knowledge involved with it can be categorised and is quite abundant.
I just happen to have that type of knowledge.
After I know of a rough direction, I can judge whether a Heaven grade spirit weapon has appeared in the area in history based on historical data and records, myths and legends.
Then, according to the natural habits and characteristics of the spirit beast, I can screen a more accurate location.
Then I judge whether the area could hide something of tremendous weight based on the earth and rocks, simultaneously observing the growth of the flora around to confirm the specific hidden location.
What I said is only the simplest method to find the weapon.
The real situation is much more complicated.
Regardless of whether or not the weapon has been unearthed, I will always have a way to find it.
I once helped Yu Ren Shu find a whole Dark grade spirit weapon beast material around 60 Li east of Hu An City.
It’s enough to make more than ten spirit weapons.
That’s why Yu Ren Shu thinks highly of me, or else other than being able to move Zhi Xuan Sword, what else am I useful for? Why else would he be so polite towards me?”

Zhi Xuan was already used to Jiang Chao Ge’s ability to boast without even needing to make a draft.
He cooperated very well and did not utter a word.

However, it was Tian Rong’s first time experiencing it, sending shivers down his spine as he listened.
He was completely unable to believe that Jiang Chao Ge could knit such a lie, immediately raising his guard and becoming suspicious.
He even worried that he’d be schemed against by Jiang Chao Ge.
Perhaps Jiang Chao Ge had long since been planning to betray Yu Ren Shu and conversely support Yu Ren Kui.

Yu Ren Kui and Li Xian Shi was also frozen at Jiang Chao Ge’s words.
Jiang Chao Ge was an Other World person after all, a lot of unexplainable things could actually all be understood based on this point.
So for a moment, they were unable to differentiate truth from lie.

Yu Ren Kui said: “You telling me these things, is for preserving your life?”

“Of course.
Who’d want to court death?” Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Your Highness, although Prince Shu has a Heaven grade spirit weapon, his personality is arrogant and rash.
It’s hard for him to become great.
Frankly, if he didn’t have a Heaven grade spirit weapon, he wouldn’t have any skills and also wouldn’t have a backer.
What can he use to contend with you?”

Tian Rong’s eyes widened, staring rigidly at Jiang Chao Ge.
He wanted to make out the tiniest flaw from his face but he couldn’t find it.
Jiang Chao Ge looked like he had completely rebelled.
There was not a trace of forgery on his face and his words were also fair and reasonable.
For a moment, he was completely unable to judge if Jiang Chao Ge had really betrayed Yu Ren Shu.

Yu Ren Kui revealed an insidious smile, “You are absolutely right.
If he doesn’t have a Heaven grade spirit weapon, he will be nothing.”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Your Highness, this move was excellent.
As long as you unload his spirit weapon, it’d be like cutting off his arms and legs.
He would never be able to pose a threat again.”

Yu Ren Kui became vigilant, “Things have already been discussed up to this point, how do you plan to show your sincerity?”

Jiang Chao Ge’s previous words, were to feel out if Yu Ren Kui was the culprit that framed Yu Ren Shu.
Unfortunately, Yu Ren Kui was not as stupid as he’d imagined and didn’t take the bait.
He immediately said: “What does Your Highness wish for me to do?”

Yu Ren Kui gave a cold smile.

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