After the two finished dressing, they walked out of the quarters.
Yu Ren Shu and Tian Rong wore the same set of Illustrious clothes, sitting on top of fine horses, dashing and confident with extraordinary poise.

Jiang Chao Ge looked at the Jian on Yu Ren Shu’s back, “You bring a weapon even when attending a banquet?”

“When we arrive at Crown Prince Palace I will naturally take it off.” Yu Ren Shu’s gaze swept Jiang Chao Ge from head to toe, “I originally wanted people to make you a set of Other World clothes, like what you wore when you came here.
However, I couldn’t remember what it actually looked like because at that time, you were so busy kidnapping me.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled, “Your Majesty really knows how to bear a grudge.”

Yu Ren Shu smiled lightly: “Let’s get on the horse.”

As soon as Zhi Xuan neared a horse, that horse stamped its hooves irritably, even moving backwards out of nervousness.
The sound of heavy breathing puffed out of its nose continuously, seemingly as if it wanted to whinny yet did not dare be too loud.

Zhi Xuan narrowed his eyes dangerously, “Bastard, I’ll bite you to death if you move around more.”

A low growl emitted from the throat of Tian Rong that made people shiver.
That wasn’t the sound of a human but the sound of a Zheng.
This time there was an effect, the horse didn’t dare to move.
Only when Zhi Xuan turned his body and mounted the horse, the poor horse trembled.

Zhi Xuan gave Tian Rong a glare.
Tian Rong didn’t respond.
Jiang Chao Ge tugged at Zhi Xuan’s sleeve, “Don’t scare the horse.”

Zhi Xuan curled his lip, “Who scared him.” He gripped Jiang Chao Ge’s elbow, “Why are you not riding the same one as me?”

“Too heavy, the horse can’t bear it.”

“So useless.”

Jiang Chao Ge mounted the horse gracefully, “Your Majesty, did you bring the spirit medicine?”

Yu Ren Shu frowned, “Don’t tell me you’re actually afraid I’d break an agreement?”

“Of course not.
I’m only worried that Your Majesty is too busy and temporarily forgot.”

Yu Ren Shu gave a soft snort, “You can’t find anyone as impudent as you in the entire Tian Ling continent.”

He glanced at a subordinate.

Jiang Chao Ge thought, I don’t even need to act ignorant in front of you, it won’t be too late anyway when I do need to.

After interacting for several short days, he’d already gained a pretty good understanding of the temperament of this Third Prince.
This person, although noble and arrogant, his personality was honest even to the point where he was somewhat obsessed with morals from his observations.
As long as he didn’t truly offend him, he was way easier to interact with in comparison to both Zhi Xuan and Tian Rong.
Only this person had been a prince his entire life and was used to keeping his word.
If he really going to help him find Divine grade spirit weapons, there would be inevitable conflict in strategic decisions.
Therefore he must be a little strong willed towards Yu Ren Shu right now, so that he could have space to contend with him later.
If he bowed and bent his knee to him right now, he would have no way to go against him later.

The subordinate passed a wooden box up.
Yu Ren Shu took it and personally gave it to Jiang Chao Ge.

Jiang Chao Ge stretched out his hand about to take it.
Yu Ren Shu lifted his long arm, lightly unbuckling the box with his fingers.
The lid of the wooden box slowly opened.
A dark red pill lay inside, about the size of a walnut.

“This is a spirit pill sent here by the Fan Clan from the West last year.
It’s a pill made from the eye of the Qiu Niu, stomach of a Ming Yao, the bones of the Flying Serpent, the wings of Qie Zhi, matched with 99 different herbs, and cultivated for 3 years.
It’s hard to obtain with a thousand pieces of gold, and is the first class treasure of the Fan Clan.
Normal people can’t even see it.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s eyes lit up, “Many thanks Your Majesty.”

“I didn’t say I was going to give it to you now.
If I find your behaviour satisfactory after the banquet ends tonight, this will be yours.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “We didn’t make an agreement like this.
This spirit pill is my payment for agreeing to help you find Divine grade spirit weapons.”

Yu Ren gave a soft snort, “You are satisfied with just this one pill? If so, I will give it to you now and it is just this one pill.”

Jiang Chao Ge laughed out loud: “Your Majesty is right.
Your Majesty is really extremely generous.
I will definitely cooperate well with you tonight.”

Yu Ren Shu put the spirit pill away, “Let’s go.”

“Your Majesty, how many spirit pills do you eat every year for your cultivation to progress so fast?”

“How can you eat such a thing carelessly.
The spirit pills different levels of cultivation can use is also different.
This pill is refined specially for below level 3 spirit weapon users.
It’s practically no use if I eat it.
It’s not necessarily better to eat more spirit pills.
You can eat at most two to three a year.
The weaker your spiritual power, the more effective the spirit pill.
On the contrary, it’s less effective the higher the cultivation.
The only effective way to increase spiritual power for level five and above spirit weapon users is to continuously cultivate and find more advanced cultivation methods.”

“How much can I advance if I eat a spirit pill like this?”

“Every individual’s constitution is different, it’s hard to say.
However, it will definitely be effective.”

Jiang Chao Ge was endlessly expectant towards the effect of that spirit pill.
With Yu Ren Shu, he will definitely be able to get him more good things.
He decided he must grab onto this leg tightly.

The four followed the crowd and walked towards Crown Prince Palace.

Within the few days Jiang Chao Ge spent in Yu Ren Shu’s quarters, he was already pretty clear about the power distribution in the imperial capital.
Crown Prince Xiao and the two princesses were birthed by the empress.
Second Prince and Little Prince was birthed by the emperor’s favourite concubine.
Yu Ren Shu was somewhat tragic.
Mother Concubine passed away when he was still small and also didn’t leave behind any siblings.
If it were not for the fact he had alot of power, he should be the least valuable right now.
Now the Holy Emperor had an old illness, abdication should be in a matter of a few years.
Although Crown Prince Xiao was honest and kind hearted, his character wasn’t strong.
Prince Kui was always threatening.
As for Yu Ren Shu, he couldn’t ask about him.
He was asking people in Yu Ren Shu’s quarters after all.
How could they talk bad of their master.

The horse carriages in front of Crown Prince Palace lined into a street.
It seemed that there was quite a number of people that were invited to the banquet.

Jiang Chao Ge asked: “Its specially celebrating your victory tonight?”

“What? Is it not suitable?”

“It seems that your relationship with the Crown Prince is quite good.”

“People in this world only know that he is the Crown Prince and I am a Prince.
They don’t remember that we also blood brothers at all.”

Jiang Chao Ge heard the hidden meaning within the words.
He wasn’t someone of this world anyway so he also didn’t need to be involved with this open fights and hidden manoeuvres.
Therefore he didn’t need to worry too much when speaking and asked bluntly: “You are not interested in the throne?”

Yu Ren Shu gave him a glare, “You are quite daring.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “I don’t know the etiquette here.
I ask Your Majesty to overlook my transgression.”

Yu Ren Shu gave a cold snort, “How come I can’t even hear a bit of regret from you?”

Jiang Chao Ge gave a smile: “If Your Majesty doesn’t want for talk about it it’s fine.”

Yu Ren Shu thought deeply for a moment and said: “My own ambitions lie elsewhere.
What is there to being the Holy Emperor? Seeing the sun once every ten years, trapped in a city.
I’d rather roam the whole world with Tian Rong, taking a look at foreign countries overseas that people rarely visit.”

Tian Rong gave Yu Ren Su a glance, lips curling in a smile.

Two attendants greeted them respectfully, “Welcome Your Majesty, Welcome Sir Tian Rong.”

Yu Ren Shu waved his hand, “Lead the way.”

The four stepped into Crown Prince Palace.
The garden at the entrance of Crown Prince Palace was decorated with lanterns and banners, guests weaving among it.
The atmosphere seemed to become thick with the fragrance of food and fine alcohol, making people feel somewhat tipsy just be smelling it.

From when Yu Ren Shu entered, he received bowed greetings nonstop, making the involved Jiang Chao Ge have a feeling of being worshiped.
Only as they passed, everyone stared astonished at Zhi Xuan.
Zhi Xuan’s expression became darker and darker.

“Shu.” A distinctly handsome man with a composed manner walked over.
That head of symbolic silver hair allowed Jiang Chao Ge to immediately guess who he was.

Yu Ren Shu bowed with a smile, “Crown Prince Majesty.”

Yu Ren Xiao laughed out loud: “Its fine Third Brother, just waiting for you.”

Jiang Chao Ge secretly sized up the Crown Prince of Tian Ling Nation.
This man wasn’t as tall and strong and healthy as Yu Ren Shu and seemed very refined.
Although he couldn’t be considered weak at literacy, he really wasn’t as radiant as his own younger brother.
It was no wonder that a lot of people didn’t think highly of the Crown Prince.

Yu Ren Xiao’s gaze fell on Jiang Chao Ge and Zhi Xuan and like other people, he was also shocked by Zhi Xuan’s appearance.
Although it could be said that the appearance of these spirit beasts were like that of reverent gods when they took the form of adults, the one before them had more of a arrogant and proud temperament, making people unable to remove their gaze.

Zhi Xuan frowned and glared at Yu Ren Xiao without a trace of politeness.

Yu Ren Xiao froze and subconsciously drew back a step.

Yu Ren Shu whispered hurriedly: “Big Brother, some spirit beasts are unfeeling and unreasonable….”

“I understand, it’s ok.” Yu Ren Xiao said: “Follow me and take your seat.”

Jiang Chao Ge tugged at Zhi Xuan’s sleeve, “Zuzong, don’t glare at whoever you see.”

Zhi Xuan said angrily: “Why are they all looking at me?!”

“Because you are good looking.
They aren’t disrespectful to you whatsoever.
Don’t lose your temper tonight ok?”

Zhi Xuan took a deep breath, “I want to go back….take alcohol.”

“Bear with it until the banquet is over, you can take as much alcohol as you want.”

Zhi Xuan snorted heavily.

They saw the State Preceptor and that youth called You Zhun at the banquet.
Allegedly that was the adopted son of the State Preceptor, that is, the next State Preceptor.

Another silver haired youth walked over.
His body was tall and slim, appearance as beautiful as a woman.
That pair of phoenix eyes gleamed as it roamed about with somewhat of an evil bearing.

Yu Ren Shu bowed and said neither hastily nor humbly: “Second Brother.”

Yu Ren Kui smiled: “You’ve finally returned.
Big Brother was always talking about you.”

Yu Ren Shu pulled Jiang Chao Ge to the front without batting an eye, “Big Brother, Second Brother, I’ll formally introduce you.
He is Jiang Chao Ge, spirit weapon user of the Divine grade spirit weapon, Zhi Xuan Sword.”

Yu Ren Kui lifted an eyebrow, “Formed a contract yet?”

Yu Ren Shu wasn’t good at lying, hearing this, his breathe caught in his throat.

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Formed a contract already.” He knew that Yu Ren Kui wouldn’t be able to know if they formed a contract or not if he didn’t see the sword.
Apparently once a contract was formed, there would be a change to the spirit weapon.
Now with supporter like Yu Ren Shu, he was very safe and was also not afraid of someone murdering him for the sword.
Instead he needed to promote interest, so that people wouldn’t dare to seek his sword easily.

Yu Ren Kui looked at Jiang Chao Ge from the corner of his eye, “Your spiritual power is so weak, how can you master a Divine grade spirit weapon?”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t blunder at all and smiled lightly: “Although my spiritual power is weak, I’m the only one that is compatible with Zhi Xuan.
Just this point is enough.”

Yu Ren Kui laughed softly yet there was not a trace of a smile in his eyes, “Shu, congratulations, you found a good helper.”

Yu Ren Shu also put on a fake smile, “Thank you Second Brother.”

Yu Ren Xiao knitted his straight eyebrows slightly: “Lets take a seat.”

They sat down near the State Preceptor.

Zhi Xuan picked up alcohol and immediately drank without a trace of politeness, completely disregarding the absolute silence at the banquet.
Yu Ren Xiao held the wine cup and was just about to say something.
Now his face held a bit of awkwardness.

Jiang Chao Ge took the wine pot from Zhi Xuan’s hands and whispered: “You can’t drink now, bear with it a little.”

Zhi Xuan’s bright golden pupils burned with rage slightly but in the end, didn’t flare up.

Yu Ren Xiao gave a soft cough, “Today, I opened the palace to hold a banquet to celebrate Yu Ren Shu’s victory.
My Third Brother went through the trouble of travelling long distances to bring back a Heaven grade spirit weapon, adding another valiant general to our Yu Ren Clan.
It really is a very exultant event.
I hereby congratulate Yu Ren Shu with wine!”

Everyone raised their alcohol cup to Yu Ren Shu.
Yu Ren Shu held a big full cup of wine, got up, returned the salute and then swallowed it in one gulp.

Yu Ren Kui said in a clear loud voice: “Third Brother, everyone is very curious about what rare beast this Zhi Xuan really is.
Could you let us see it for ourselves?”

Yu Ren Shu said: “He is rare beast Bi Bian.”

“Oh? Bi Bian’s appearance is like a fierce tiger, vicious and valiant.
We really want to broaden our horizons.”

Other guests called in support.

Zhi Xuan narrowed his eyes, fists clenched so tight his knuckles cracked.

Yu Ren Shu said unflinchingly: “Rare beasts aren’t circus monkeys on the streets.
If he wants to appear, he will naturally appear if there is the right time and place.
You can’t force him.”

Yu Ren Kui gave a light laugh, and said coldly: “It wouldn’t be because the spirit weapon user’s spiritual power is too weak and cannot summon it right?”

Yu Ren Shu had yet to speak and Zhi Xuan had already flipped over a table with a kick.

Everyone present was greatly alarmed.

Yu Ren Kui froze for a moment then said angrily: “You dare!”

Zhi Xuan used a pair of fierce beast pupils to glare at him fiercely, “You’re such a low ignorant human, you don’t deserve to see my real body.
If I really appeared in my true form, I will eat all the people here!” After speaking, he kicked away the table and walked out with a swish of his sleeves.
No one actually dared block him.

Jiang Chao Ge hurried followed him out.

Yu Ren Shu stood up, and said cupping his hands: “Big Brother, Second Brother rare beasts don’t know the etiquette of humans.
I hope that you’ll be able to forgive his transgression.”

“Zhi Xuan!” Jiang Chao Ge caught up to him, “Zhi Xuan, don’t be angry.”

Zhi Xuan turned around, glaring daggers at him, “Why do you want to attend this kind of banquet, allowing everyone to mock you for having weak spiritual power?”

Jiang Chao Ge shrugged, “I’m giving Yu Ren Shu face.”

“Then who will give you face? I will not allow anyone to mock you! That ignorant fool, wait until I return to my true body, he will be the first one I eat.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled, “So what if other people taunt a few words? Yu Ren Kui is purposefully enraging us.
If we are really angered by him, then we are doing what he intended.”

“I don’t know this act of you humans.
In any case there can’t be anyone that bullies you.”

That type of moved feeling in Jiang Chao Ge’s heart, had the gratification of an unfilial son finally growing up and becoming sensible.
Perhaps it was only because of Zhi Xuan’s animal instinct that gave rise to this attitude of protecting the weak and was not at all related to any feelings towards himself in particular.
However thinking that in this world there was still someone who truly cared for him, that feeling that he and Zhi Xuan were mutually dependant on each other for survival grew stronger.
This world was so big, the only one he could truly trust was this not very reliable Qi Lin.
He patted Zhi Xuan’s shoulder, and smiled: “Wait until I’m stronger, there naturally won’t be anyone who would dare look down on us.
So I need to cooperate with Yu Ren Shu, gain spirit pills and even advanced cultivation techniques.”

The anger rising in Zhi Xuan’s chest had yet to disappear.
His pupils flashed, almost as if there was a flame dancing in it.

Jiang Chao Ge patted his head, “Don’t be angry anymore.
I’ll let you drink to your heart’s content tonight.”

Zhi Xuan became quiet for a while, “Don’t want to drink anymore.
Let’s go back.
I hate humans.
I hate those humans looking at me.”

“The banquet isn’t over yet, it’s not suitable to leave now.
How about you wait here for me, I’ll go see Yu Ren Shu?”

Zhi Xuan grabbed his arm, “No, stay with me.” Zhi Xuan seemed have a trace of panic in his eyes and although transient, it was still caught by Jiang Chao Ge.

Jiang Chao Ge was shaken in his heart and suddenly thought, for Zhi Xuan, this world was also completely foreign and also lost his immense power.
He was actually the same as him, always being surrounded by an immense feeling of powerlessness.
Even more so because he wasn’t a human, he was guarded against everything around him, and found it even harder than him to adapt to this world.
It turned out that so called depending on each other for survival didn’t only apply to him.
Perhaps Zhi Xuan was also relying on him and because of his extremely arrogant disposition, he was unwillingly to reveal it.

It was the first time and Jiang Chao Ge somewhat pitied and felt guilty for letting a ancient rare beast fall to this point no different from a tiger falling flat, a dragon swimming in shallow stream.
He said reassuringly: “Ok, I’ll stay and wait with you.”

Zhi Xuan suddenly hugged Jiang Chao Ge’s waist, resting his head on Jiang Chao Ge’s shoulder like when a child was formed.
This position made him feel very comfortable.

Yet Jiang Chao Ge only felt awkward.
Hugging a three year old child and being hugged by a youth that was taller and stronger than him were two completely different things after all.
He sighed in his heart but also had no way out.
To him, no matter how big Zhi Xuan grew, his character always seemed to be that of a child.

Zhi Xuan suddenly muttered beside his ear: “If only we could find him.”

“Hm? Who?”

“Yin Chuan.”

“Yin Chuan?”

“You humans call him the White Marsh.
We still have an unfinished duel between us.”

Jiang Chao Ge froze.
Ancient rare beast the White Marsh?

“He has possibly read all the books in the heavens.
Regarding things in the human world, there is almost nothing he doesn’t know.
I want to find him.
He can definitely help you increase spiritual power quicker.”

“How can we find him?”

“I remember his smell.”

isn’t there any other clues to finding Divine grade spirit weapons?”

“There is.
If I regain my true body, I can see thousands miles, travel thousands of miles search through the whole world.
I will eventually be able to find the spirit weapon he transformed into.”

Jiang Chao Ge sighed: “After all that is said, we still need spiritual power.”

Zhi Xuan straightened his body and said gloomily: “Lets go back.
Go back to the banquet.”


“Don’t you want spirit pills? We must get spirit pills.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled, “You’re becoming more and more aware of the overall situation.”

Zhi Xuan gave a soft snort, “Isn’t that because you’re too trash.”

The two returned to the banquet.
The table that’d been kicked over by Zhi Xuan had already uprighted.
There was only a trace of wine on the floor.
The banquet was full of song and dance.
The guests’ expressions were normal as if what happened before never happened.
Only Yu Ren Kui’s expression was somewhat cold as he looked at them.

Returning to their original seats, the State Preceptor gave them a glance, wanting to say something but then hesitating.

Yu Ren Shu whispered by Jiang Chao Ge’s ear: “Keep him under control.”

Jiang Chao Ge said coldly: “This was caused by the grudge between you and your brother.
You should control that Second Brother of yours.”

“You…..” Yu Ren Shu glared at him.

Jiang Chao Ge drank a mouthful of wine, “Your Majesty, you can’t be too honest as a person.
People like your Second Brother that’s not very good at concealing themselves is actually very easy to deal with.
You Big Brother is actually smarter than the two of you.”

Yu Ren Shu froze, “What do you mean?”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled, “Let me observe a bit more.”

Qiu Niu/囚牛- fifth son of the dragon king.
Said to be a mix between a cow and a dragon.
It is said that he loves music and plays it well.

Ming Yao/明摇- found nothing on this… literally translates to bright shake?

Flying Serpent/腾蛇- remember that tortoise Xuan Wu? I think this is like the snake that’s always depicted with it.

Qie Zhi/窃脂- also found nothing on this… literally translates to fat thief?

Bi Bian/狴犴- one of the nine dragon gods.
A hybrid between a tiger and a dragon and a creature that likes litigation.
Often placed over prison gates to keep guard.

Like when a child is formed/像豆丁形态时那样- this phrase really threw me for a loop.
豆丁 is colloquial for child and in this instance, it seems to be talking about how when a child is formed in the womb, it’s in this kind of fetal and curled up position.
I think that’s what it means but I may be wrong.

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