“Old Meng!” Jiang Chao Ge supported his body and said impatiently: “Old Meng, we agreed.
Go quickly! Don’t worry about me!”

Meng Sheng held his shoulder with blood streaming down.
Red light appeared in his palm and the flow of blood was staunched, “It has nothing to do with you.
He will not let me go.”

Shen Yan Sui said coldly: “No wonder you’re so much worse than before.
You actually practise the techniques of a spirit priest? In any case, you were a rank 4 spirit weapon user, to actually give up halfway.
Don’t tell me it was just to live longer? Simply ridiculous.”

Jiang Chao Ge noticed that Meng Sheng’s shoulder was beginning to leak a thread of black blood.
He said angrily: “Poison?”

“Fei Yi was originally extremely poisonous……” The colour in Meng Sheng’s face completely receded.
He pushed away Jiang Chao Ge and attacked towards Shen Yan Sui once again.
At the same time, the rhinoceros once again appeared out of thin air, sharp horn stabbing towards Shen Yan Sui’s body.

Ying Ji who was ten metres away from the movement disappeared from his original place and in the next second was in front of Shen Yan Sui’s body, sharp claws grabbing the sharp horn of the rhinoceros.
The two rare beasts collided loudly.

Meng Sheng stabbed with his long sword, the tip grazing past Shen Yan Sui’s chest.
Shen Yan Sui leapt into midair, Ying Ji Claw emitting a cold white light, bringing an insidious energy.
It grabbed towards Meng Sheng’s chest as if it was alive.

Jiang Chao Ge lifted his sword to block, but he had yet to near Shen Yan Sui when he was fiercely knocked away by a vicious current.
He couldn’t even go near a Heaven grade spirit weapon without spiritual power to protect his body! This one strike felt as if a heavy fist had landed on his chest, making his internal organs heartrendingly hurt.
Zhi Xuan Sword also slipped out of his hand, dropping on the ground.
Suddenly as if a meteorite dropped from the highest heavens, the earth shook, even a huge hole was actually smashed into the ground.

Meng Sheng’s footsteps were unstable and he tumbled to the ground.
Ying Ji Claw attacked.
He rolled numerous times in succession, and a piece of flesh on his back was once again gorged out by the flying claw.
His spiritual power was of no use and had no choice but to once again return the rhinoceros.

Shen Yan Sui and Ying Ji pounced on Meng Sheng at the same time.

Jiang Chao Ge’s eyes widened in alarm, spitting out the blood in his mouth.
He grabbed Zhi Xuan Sword and exerted all the strength in his body and ferociously threw it!

As soon as Zhi Xuan Sword left his hand, it became as heavy as tens of thousands of Jin.
Jiang Chao Ge didn’t know how Zhi Xuan Sword was transported to Tian Ao City back then.
He only knew that the reason he was still alive, was because he was the only one that could hold it!

Shen Yan Sui’s flying claw was just about to strike Meng Sheng’s throat.
Now, seeing that sword being thrown at Ying Ji, he had no choice but to stop his offensive, wanting to recall Ying Ji.

But it was too late.
Ying Ji’s body was too big.
No matter how fast he was, he couldn’t completely avoid it.
Zhi Xuan Sword slammed ruthlessly into Ying Ji’s body.
Ying Ji let out a mournful scream, long snake body sliced in half at the middle!

Ying Ji was injured, Shen Yan Sui’s spiritual power consumed like overflowing water.
He hurriedly recalled Ying Ji back into the spirit weapon to heal, the flying claw flying towards Jiang Chao Ge at the same time.

That was a high class spirit weapon user matched with a Heaven grade spirit weapon.
Jiang Chao Ge couldn’t dodge at all and could only look on helplessly as the savage flying claw was about to grab his flesh and blood.

Meng Sheng flipped over and got up, throwing out Po Hun Sword.
Just as Ying Ji Claw was about to grab Jiang Chao Ge, it was knocked away with a clang.

Jiang Chao Ge was once again jolted to the ground by the impact force released by Ying Ji Claw.
He felt a sharp pain in his internal organs, both legs weak and soft.
He originally thought that his body was strong and healthy, able to battle ten against one with no problem.
In the end, after coming to this world, as soon as his originally weak spiritual power was consumed, he was as fragile as if he was running naked across the battlefield.
This kind of powerlessness made him feel full of discontentment and unwillingness.
He wanted formidable strength! Strength!

Meng Sheng wanted to go retrieve his sword.
Ying Ji Claw reached him from behind, chain winding around Meng Sheng’s arm at once, dragging Meng Sheng to the ground.
The wound on Meng Sheng’s shoulder opened once again, fresh blood dying through his grey robe.
Shen Yan Sui stepped on Meng Sheng’s chest with a foot, looking down at him from above, “Tell me where the other Other World People are.
I can let you die less painfully.”

Meng Sheng’s face was extremely pale, pupils full of darkened defeat, “They are in the north.
If you have the guts go find them.”

Jiang Chao Ge crawled up from the ground, gritted his teeth and said: “Mr Shen, release him.
I’ll go with you.”

Shen Yan Sui laughed coldly, “Don’t tell me you don’t know he has always been using you? The only reason he helped you is for the same goal as us, for the Heaven grade spirit weapon.
He doesn’t want to see a Heaven grade spirit weapon fall into the hands of someone with such weak spiritual power.
Wait until he finds another spirit weapon user whose spiritual energy matches with this sword.
You will have no value then.”

Jiang Chao Ge narrowed his eyes, “Don’t talk other nonsense to me.
I will go with you, you give him a way out, or else you carry Zhi Xuan Sword back yourself.” Even if Meng Sheng was really using him, he also saved him once before after all.
He lent a helping hand to a newcomer like him, taught him many things, allowed him to quickly adapt to this world rather than allowing him feel isolated and powerless.
Moreover he believed that perhaps Meng Sheng tried something, but did not have any malice.
In any case, he couldn’t just helplessly watch Meng Sheng die.

Shen Yan Sui said heavily: “You don’t believe? Then you ask him yourself, why didn’t he let you form a contract.
After forming a contract, your cultivation speed will increase a lot.
Perhaps he didn’t even tell you this.”

Jiang Chao Ge tightened his hands into fists, gaze drifting towards Meng Sheng.
Forming a contract? Cultivation speed will increase a lot? Meng Sheng really never told him about these.

Meng Sheng gritted his teeth: “It was for your own good….”

Shen Yan Sui tightened the chain of Ying Ji Claw.
Meng Sheng gave a pained cry, blood gushing out of the hollow of his shoulder.

Jiang Chao Ge said sternly: “Release him.”

Shen Yan Sui revealed a hideous grin, “I can’t possibly let traitors go.
Whether you come with me or not also isn’t something you can decide.” He drew the chain back, the flying claw grabbing towards Meng Sheng’s neck.

Jiang Chao Ge gave a loud roar, throwing himself towards Shen Yan Sui.

Just then, the roar of a wild beast sounded from not far away.
That sound was similar to that of a leopard but it was deeper and resounded, like a heavy hammer striking stone, reverberating around the entire wooded mountain, making ones hair stand on end.

Shen Yan Sui lifted his head abruptly, expression changing suddenly.

Then amber coloured lightning passed through the wooded mountain, ‘floating’ in their direction.
Yes, floating.
The speed of that thing was too fast, Jiang Chao Ge could only faintly make out the huge shape of beast.

In the blink of an eye, the huge amber beast arrived in front of them.
Jiang Chao Ge’s eyes widened, looking at this beast that was hundreds of metres tall.
It’s form was similar to a leopard, amber fur draped over it, black spots, a single horn at the top of its head, five long tails swinging behind it.
It was fierce and powerful, with a awe inspiring presence, making people feel terrified simply by looking.
Yu Ren Shu sat on the body of the giant creature, looking down at them from above, a head of silver hair appearing ice cold in the moonlight.

This was a Zheng?!

Shen Yan Sui kicked Meng Sheng away with a foot, looking at Yu Ren Shu coldly, “Your Third Prince Highness, it’s an honour to meet you at last.”

Yu Ren Shu said coldly: “Scoundrel, not even kneeling when you see me.”

With a wave of Shen Yan Sui’s hand, Ying Ji appeared beneath his body, flying him into the air, looking directly at Yu Ren Shu, “Third Prince also came here for the Heaven grade spirit weapon right?”

He flung the flying claw in his hands, “Finders keepers, let’s see who is capable of taking him away today.”

Yu Ren Shu took out the Jian on his back, Tian Rong uttered a long loud cry, throwing himself towards Ying Ji.
Two Heaven grade rare beasts collided in midair, sharp claws scratching at each other.

At the same time, Shen Yan Sui’s flying claw was thrown out.
Yu Ren Shu waved the Jian to block.
Tremendous impact burst forth the instant weapons crossed on the battlefield, sweeping across the entire wooded mountain, startling innumerable birds and beasts.

Two rare beasts frantically bit and tore.
Yu Ren Shu and Shen Yan Sui fought inseparably.
For a moment sand flew stones hurtled through the air, heaven and earth changed colour slightly.

Jiang Chao Ge exerted a great deal of effort and crawled to Meng Sheng’s side, “Old Meng, Old Meng!”

Meng Sheng violently coughed twice, spitting out a mouthful of black blood.

Jiang Chao Ge gritted his teeth, “How do you remove this poison?”

Meng Shen shook his head, “My cultivation is not enough, I can’t remove it.”

“I’ll take you to find a powerful spirit priest!”

Meng Sheng grabbed Jiang Chao Ge’s arm, strength so strong it was astonishing, “Little Jiang, it’s no use.
Only a rank 3 spirit priest can remove the poison of a Fei Yi.
I’m not even up to rank 1……Even if you search with hundred Li radius, you can find a rank 3 spirit priest.”

Jian Chao Ge’s eyes are bloodshot, lips trembling so much he could not speak.

Meng Sheng said softly: “You listen to me….
I’m not intentionally using you, only your spiritual power is too weak, it really is too hard to bear.
So I thought to give Zhi Xuan Sword to someone who can really bring out its true strength, but I….
cough cough….
definitely won’t harm you.
The reason why I didn’t tell you about forming a contract is because once you form a contract with Zhi Xuan, unless you die, no one else can ever use Zhi Xuan Sword.
Your life will be in even more danger then.”

Jiang Chao Ge choked with sobs: “Old Meng, I believe you.”

“I originally…..” Meng Sheng had a coughing fit, black blood continuously gushing out of his mouth, it was a horrible sight to see.
Greyish white beard had long since been dyed a purplish black colour by the blood.
His gaze was cloudy, it seemed that he didn’t have much longer to live.

Jiang Chao Ge lips were even bleeding from biting on them.
His eyes were full of crimson.
He hated that he was powerless.
Zhi Xuan was right, he really was trash.
He couldn’t even protect the only person in this world that was kind to him!

“I originally….
wanted to take you to the north.
There are companions there that come from the same world as us….
cough cough cough cough…..
if you can escape this disaster, go find them.”

“Old Meng…..” Jiang Chao Ge held his hand, “Old Meng, I only know you.
Don’t die and leave me behind.
I really…..” He didn’t want to become a person that was so useless.
Unable to protect himself, unable to protect the people he wanted to protect.
This world was so unfamiliar, so fierce.
Him bringing Zhi Xuan Sword was like someone without the strength to truss a chicken bringing a chest of treasures.
Everyone glared at him like a tiger watching its prey.
If Meng Sheng died, he really didn’t know who else to trust.

Meng Sheng grasped his hand, “You definitely have to….
think of a way to go to Da Liang City in the north.
Find a spirit weapon master called Wang Qin.
cough cough….
will help you.”

Jiang Chao Ge nodded his head stiffly.

Meng Sheng grasped Jiang Chao Ge’s hand tighter and tighter, nails practically sinking into flesh.
Suddenly, Jiang Chao Ge felt threads of spiritual energy entering his body.
He said surprisedly: “Old Meng?!”

Meng Sheng said weakly, “I’ll….
give all my spiritual power to you.
You will at least have the strength of a grade 3 spirit weapon user.
This may not necessarily save your life, but it’s better than nothing.”

“You can’t.
Right now you are supported only by spiritual power…..”

Meng Sheng shook his head, “Fei Yi’s poison has already entered the heart.
I can’t live for much longer.
Summon Zhi Xuan.
Although you haven’t formed a contract with him, perhaps he is willing to help you.
Remember, Zhi Xuan Sword will continuously attract fatal disasters, but it’s also your only hope.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s vision was blurred with tears.
He couldn’t remember the last time he cried.
Tears were an unnecessary thing for him.
He never expected there could still be someone that made him shed tears.

He gritted his teeth, “Old Meng, I will definitely avenge you.”

Meng Sheng’s spiritual power flowed steadily into Jiang Chao Ge’s body.
He felt the previous pain in his organs ease a lot.
Strength also returned to his tired hands and feet.

Yu Ren Shu was currently fighting to the death with Shen Yan Sui.
The battling sounds of the two Heaven grade spirit weapons reverberated even more through the night.
In this chaotic situation, Meng Sheng used his last bit of strength, transferring all of his hard cultivated spiritual power into Jiang Chao Ge’s body.

Meng Sheng’s face withered rapidly like a wilting flower.
Greyish white hair instantly becoming completely white, seemingly as if he aged 20 or 30 years at once.
Jiang Chao Ge was full of grief and anger, lips bleeding from forcibly biting on them.
He clenched his fists tightly, hatred surging in his chest.

Meng Sheng used his trembling hands to take off a pocket watch from around his own neck.
His voice was aged as if it’d been polished with sand paper, “Little Jiang, one day….
when you return to our world, take me….
take me to find my family.”

Jiang Chao Ge clasped Meng Sheng’s hand and said hoarsely: “Definitely….

Meng Sheng’s breathing became extremely difficult.
He opened his mouth, “Be careful of Zhi Xuan….
I’m afraid…..
he…..” There were tears in Meng Sheng’s eyes.
Before he finished speaking, his pupils had already slowly lost their focus.

Jiang Chao Ge took a deep breath, gently closing Meng Sheng’s eyes.
He hugged Meng Sheng’s body, howling towards the heavens.
That sound was full of sorrow and anger.
He hated! Hated that he inexplicably came to this world, hated Shen Yan Sui for killing Meng Sheng, hated that he wasn’t strong enough!

He gently placed Meng Sheng’s body on the ground, standing and walking towards Zhi Xuan Sword.
The abundant spiritual power he never had before, flowed in every part of his body, adding to his boiling anger.

Shen Yan Sui was already obviously in a disadvantageous position, but still persistently fought.
Yu Ren Shu’s Tian Rong Jian generated formidable strength when used, pressuring Shen Yan Sui without a way of retreat.

Jiang Chao Ge picked up Zhi Xuan Sword.
That sword that was originally somewhat heavy was now as light as a sticker in his hands.
He looked at Shen Yan Sui in midair, gaze venomous, like wolves and tigers.

Tian Rong, who was tearing at Ying Ji, showed a slight sluggishness in strength because he was poisoned, allowing Shen Yan Sui to take advantage of an opportunity.
Ying Ji Claw flew past, scratching towards Yu Ren Shu’s chest.

Yu Ren Shu waved the Jian and blocked, his whole person soaring high into the air, treading strange steps in midair, attacking Shen Yan Sui.
Shen Yan Sui swung his flying claw, grabbing a tree branch above his head, body swinging ten metres away then landing on the ground.

And Jiang Chao Ge, was a short distance away from him.

“Shen, Yan, Sui.” Jiang Chao Ge fumed with rage between gritted teeth, “I’m going to make you die without a place for burial.”

Shen Yan Sui looked at him surprisedly, “Old man gave his spiritual power to you?!”

Yu Ren Shu yelled: “You are not his match, retreat.”

Jiang Chao Ge roared: “Don’t even think about snatching away my sword——“ He poured spiritual power into Zhi Xuan Sword.
The blade of the sword gave out a strong white light.
A tremendous force spread out with Jiang Chao Ge at its centre.

Two Heaven grade spirit beasts stopped their battle.
Their huge bodies suddenly shivered violently, a flash of fear crossing their eyes at the same time.
Yu Ren Shu and Shen Yan Sui also felt that something was wrong.
What was that oppressive feeling that made one feel they couldn’t breathe!

“Zhi Xuan——“ Jiang Chao Ge shouted: “Help me——“

Black clouds suddenly covered the originally cloudless night sky, thunder flashed abruptly, heaven and earth changed colour in an instant.
The mournful howl of the chilly wind reverberated around the wooded mountain.
Birds and beasts fled frantically.
The next second, thick turbid air engulfed the earth, huge sky high trees were uprooted, the land split open, sod filled the whole sky.
It seemed like doomsday had arrived on the entire wooded mountain.

Yu Ren Shu roared: “Other World Person, stop!”

Tian Rong rushed forwards, grabbing Yu Ren Shu’s collar in his mouth, “Lets go!”

“Tian Rong, what is that!”

Tian Rong had no time to explain, running as soon as he grabbed him.

Jiang Chao Ge’s body trembled violently.
If felt that he was going to be sucked dry by that sword! Not only spiritual power but also blood, bones, skin and flesh all seemed about to be absorbed by the sword.
His heart was full of fear, unable to imagine what he actually summoned! He also wanted to ‘stop’, but he couldn’t stop.
Now, it wasn’t him pouring in spiritual power, rather it was the sword that wanted to suck him dry!

A loud rumbling like a thunderbolt, struck the hearts of everyone, the earth shaking beneath their feet.
Under the faint moonlight, Jiang Chao Ge saw that he was shrouded in a shadow as big as a small mountain.
He knew, that behind him, there was a huge monster.
Under that tremendous oppressive feeling, he could barely breathe.

Yu Ren Shu and Shen Yan Sui looked behind him with faces full of fear.

A arrogant voice sounded, “You finally have some use, trash.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s body trembled beyond recognition.
He slowly and stiffly twisted his head around.

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