After returning home, he saw Meng Sheng reading a book.
Other than <>, there were also many ancient books spread out in top of the table.
He didn’t know what he was studying.

“Old Meng, what are you doing?”

“Oh, I want to search for those scattered bones you guys found in these books.”

Zhi Xuan said arrogantly: “You don’t trust my nose?”

Meng Sheng said hurriedly: “No no.
I want to save Old Brother Xu some effort.
He’s quite old in age, letting him search through ancient books is also rather tiring.
It’s better if I find it and show it him.”

Jiang Chao Ge flipped through one of the mottled yellow books.
That book didn’t even have a front cover and looked like a book that would be used to prop table legs at home but the contents inside were somewhat interesting.
He casually flipped through it.
It talked about some mythical legends.
There are things about some rare beasts from ancient times, witch tribes from ancient times, celestial beings, ghosts and monsters, The War between The Yellow Emperor and Chi You, The Battle between the Gong Gong and Zhuan Xu. The part that he thought was most peculiar about this world, was the countless similarities and connections it had, yet it was still completely different.
But from these mystical legends, their ancestors should be the same group of people.
This made him more suspicious about the reason and meaning behind the existence of this world.

Meng Sheng said: “You have researched this before?”

Jiang Chao Ge shook his head, “No.
I’ve only heard of it before.”

“I also haven’t researched very deeply, but I still remember some.
This world and our world, have a completely identical collection of mythology.
If we calculate according to time, tens of thousands of years ago, these two worlds could’ve very possibly been the same one but for some unknown reason, they separated.
Since then, they have walked two completely opposite paths of evolution.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s eyebrows knitted tightly together.
It’s not like he had never thought about the connection between the two worlds and the reason behind this strange series of events that led to him transmigrating.
Only thinking about it was in vain, because he didn’t even have a basic outline.
Now, after hearing about this theory, he could not help but begin to think about the idea of fate.

One world being split into two, how could this be done? Why? Now, he and some other ‘Other World People’ have transmigrated here, allowing the two worlds to once again have a point of coincidence, why? He had a feeling, that fate was part of a long long train, unable to stop, thundering forwards.
Now the train has entered a tunnel, surrounded by pitch black.
He was utterly ignorant.
When the train exits the tunnel and the truth to appears before his eyes, he didn’t know whether he could bear it.

Meng Sheng sighed: “When I first came here, I also hoped to completely solve these mysteries.
Then, after discovering I was powerless, I gave up on it.”

Jiang Chao Ge didn’t know how to comfort him.
That sense of powerlessness he had also experienced deeply.
He picked up that heavy ancient book, wanting to shift away from this heavy topic, “This book is so old, there shouldn’t be records of those scattered bones I bought right?”

Meng Sheng shook his head, “What this book records, are legends from ancient times.” He paused and glanced at Zhi Xuan who was playing with bones, “Have you heard of the Twelve Rare Beasts of ancient times?”

Jiang Chao Ge thought about it, “I know some rare beats from ancient times, but which twelve are you referring to in particular?”

“This is recorded in the ancient books of Tian Ling continent.
The most reputable Twelve Rare Beasts of ancient times are divided into Four Divine Beasts: the Azure Dragon, the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird, the Black Tortoise, Four Spiritual Beasts: Qi Lin, the White Marsh, the Torch Dragon, Bi Fang and Four Evil Beasts: Tao Tie, Qiong Qi, Hun Dun, Tao Wu.”

“Those I have heard of.” Jiang Chao Ge felt that Meng Sheng wasn’t researching those scattered material of his at all, otherwise this range was a bit too large.
He smiled: “How come you are suddenly interested in these?”

“You remember those Divine grade spirit weapon from legends that I told you about?”

Jiang Chao Ge was surprised: “Its exactly these rare beasts…..?”

“Yes, the twelve Divine grade spirit weapons of legend.
Of course, no one can confirm the truth of these legends.
For example, one point does not make sense.
How did those rare beast that could summon the wind and rain die? And how were they made into spirit weapons by people?”

Zhi Xuan’s small hand that was playing with bones paused.
His fingernails became white because he used too much force.
His head hung low, bright golden pupils veiled, as if burning with a flame that swallowed everything.

Jiang Chao Ge shrugged his shoulders, “That really doesn’t make sense.
But in our world, they are only legends.
Not many people believe in legends.
But in this world, a lot of rare beasts recorded in The Classics of Mountains and Rivers have already appeared.
This proves that these rare beasts from the ancient times most likely also really existed once.
Only, our world was separated from it.
It became they only existed in this world before.”

Meng Sheng sighed once again, “No, even if they are in this world, the truth of their existence still hasn’t been made official.
A lot of people think that they are only a fabricated symbol of strength.

“I’m also more inclined to this type of theory.
Those rare beasts are so powerful, easily able to live for tens of thousands of years.
It’s impossible that they would all collectively die.”

Meng Sheng nodded his head forcefully, not knowing if he was agreeing with Jiang Chao Ge or comforting himself, “What you say is right.
These Divine grade spirit weapons that do not make sense are only fabricated rare beasts based on legends.”

Jiang Chao Ge said jokingly: “If there really was Divine grade spirit weapons, then how much money would it be worth.
You probably can’t even buy it with a gold mountain.”

Zhi Xuan snorted heavily, “Ignorant person, you can’t even bring out the function of an Earth grade spirit weapon and you still dare think about Divine grade.”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Its only a thought.” He got up and stretched lazily, “I’m going to cultivate.
You don’t need to call me for dinner.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s achievement in cultivation in this short period of time can still be considered pretty good.
He could feel improvement everyday.
Looks like what Meng Sheng said about him being talented wasn’t a lie.
Now, he could already control the little mouse to run everywhere in the room as he pleased.
He could also summon Yellow grade spirit weapons made from ordinary wild beasts.
This meant that he could summon Zhi Xuan alone, only the time he could sustain it was short.

Other than cultivating spiritual power, he would also take time everyday to practise sword skills.
After he makes some money, he must find a martial arts master to teach him.
He didn’t know whether other people who got Heaven grade spirit weapons needed to make some sacrifices in order to adapt to the new weapon.
He thought that if there was someone who was good at using the bow and in the end, rather than matching with the Heaven grade spirit weapon, it would be like a hammer to them.
Perhaps that would be even more painful than him.
He felt much more comfortable in his heart at that thought.


After three days, the largest scale morning market of Hu An City began.
Originally, this morning market was no different than normal, but people quickly discovered something wrong.
Those stalls that sold Ming Ling grass that they would habitually see everywhere in the past actually disappeared into thin air.
You could only find two miserable stalls after searching the entire street and the stocks were very low.
It was very quickly sold out.

At first, people did not take it seriously.
However each day passed and when they discovered that they couldn’t buy Ming Ling Grass even after wandering everywhere in Hu An City and asking around, only then did they realise the matter was somewhat serious.
Ming Ling grass was one of the essential materials required in making spirit weapons.
The entire Hu An City consumed enormous amounts of it everyday.
Without Ming Ling Grass, one had to pay a high price to buy other herbs to replace it.
Some people could not afford it.
Even if they could bear the burden, the price of spirit weapons would all of a sudden be increased significantly, making it also unfavourable to spend that much.
Just like that, Hu An City sank quietly into the Ming Ling Grass shortage crisis.

Some quick minded people immediately organised people to go up the mountain to pick Ming Ling Grass.
But it must be sun dried before it could be used.
In this short period of time, they still could not find a solution.
A lot of people all began to inquire about who actually bought so much Ming Ling Grass.

After five days, the demand for Ming Ling Grass reached unprecedented heights.
Some people have already gone to other cities to procure some but no matter if it was through the water route or land route, it would not be possible to return after just a few days even from the closest city.

Exactly at this time, on the streets of the most lively morning market in Hu An City, a new shop opened.
That shop was obviously newly rented out.
It didn’t have any renovations and only set up many tables selling only one thing ——Ming Ling Grass!

The people of Hu An City all understood.
This was a move played by a observant and conscientious person in a cruel business.
Now, one couldn’t find Ming Ling Grass in the whole of Hu An City, this shop naturally had a commodity worth hoarding.
Faced with the price of thirty copper coins a bundle, everybody resented it to the point their teeth itched.
Yet they had no choice but to buy it to resolve this desperate situation otherwise they’ll be too rushed to make a start and delay the production of spirit weapons.
That would definitely be trying to save a little only to lose a lot.

A lot of people wanted to know who was behind the scenes in this matter, but that person never showed themselves.
A few people were hired to work in the shop and was all managed by the poor guy that used to sell pearl head ornaments on the streets of the morning market.
Money flowed in continuously like running water.

Jiang Chao Ge not only bought the ready made Ming Ling Grass, he also bought all the Ming Ling grass currently in the process of sun drying, while continuing to purchase from the other end.
Just by doing things like this for half a month, he had already made five gold coins.
Not only had he long since redeemed his own ring back, he actually also booked an entire wine cellar for Zhi Xuan, letting the devilish brat live as if drunk all day long, never again having the opportunity to annoy him.

After a period of 49 days, Jiang Chao Ge no longer bought more and only sought to get rid of the existing stock as soon as possible.
Because at that time, the batch of Ming Ling Grass that was picked and sun dried by those that first saw the shortage would soon mature.
If he continued to do this, 1.
He would no longer be the only shop and 2.
He was afraid of being met with the envy and hate of people and ask for trouble.

After staying in Hu An City for not even three months, Jiang Chao Ge made thirteen pure gold coins.
From penniless to having a small wealth.
Even Meng Sheng and Su An who witnessed him making bigger and bigger moves came to admire him endlessly.

Zhi Xuan followed him eating tasty food and drinking strong drinks, his temper was somewhat better.
For the majority of the time, he began to call him by his name.

Jiang Chao Ge gave a heavy gold coin to Su An.

Su An was scared out of his wits, “Big Brother, you don’t need to give me so much…”

Jiang Chao Ge patted his shoulder, “You have worked hard with me in this short period of time.
I never treat brothers unfairly.
This is what you deserve.”

Su An was moved, his eyes brimming with tears.
For the record, to a normal person a gold coin was enough to spend for a lifetime.
Two months ago, he was still an unfortunate man who could not sell pearl head ornaments.
If he did not run into Jiang Chao Ge, how could there be today? Jiang Chao Ge was not only a person of eminence, he was practically his god.

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Take it.
Don’t publicise it.
In this short period of time, you have also learnt a lot by following me.
If you seek security, this gold coin is enough for you to spend for a lifetime but if you still have a bit of ambition, then use your head and do something.”

Su An hastily nodded, “I don’t want to sit idle and wait for my fortune to be used up.
I still want to do something.
If there is something I don’t know, I ask Big Brother to guide me.”

“No problem.”

“What does Big Brother plan to do next?”

“I want to rest for a while.” With money, Jiang Chao Ge planned to buy the thing he needed most——spirit medicine.
And then go into seclusion to cultivate.

“Big Brother, so long as you find me useful, come find me at any time.
Su An will definitely spare no effort!”

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “I will remember.”

After Su An left, Meng Sheng sighed: “You are really generous, giving out a gold coin.”

“This guy is pretty good.
Although he’s not very bright, he’s dependable and hardworking.
If we want to stay in Hu An City for while, we will still need his help.” Jiang Chao Ge said: “Just like you said, spirit medicine is so expensive.
These 12 gold coins will probably be spent very quickly.”

“I’m going to go buy you spirit medicine.
One medium grade spirit medicine will also need one gold coin.
High grade is then priceless.
I suggest if we are going to buy it we buy the best one we can afford.
One pill for one gold coin, no matter how much you eat, the effect still won’t be as good as one really good quality pill.”

“I also think so.” Jiang Chao Ge gave all the gold coins to Meng Sheng.

After Meng Sheng left, Jiang Chao Ge wanted to go in the house to cultivate.
Zhi Xuan stopped him, “How is your sword practise?”

Jiang Chao Ge said: “Do you want to see?” Although he still didn’t have a martial arts master, he had always only been practising the foundation, hacking, slashing, picking and stabbing.
Although he didn’t know sword arts, he knew that these four moves were definitely the basics of sword art.
No matter how constantly sword art changed, it will nevertheless be derived from these four moves.
The methods may vary but the principle remains the same.
If he learned these four basic moves well, then later it would be easier to integrate into advanced sword art.

“Let me see.”

Jiang Chao Ge picked up Zhi Xuan Sword, both hands holding the hilt, squatting in a horse riding stance.
The edge of the sword pointed towards the ground, held at a 50 degree angle.
He gave a low shout.
The sword rose and fell, slashing forcefully.
The sound of the wind followed it, cutting through the air.
It was somewhat powerful.
He stabilised himself and took a step forward.
The blade slashed sideways, wiping out numerous enemy troops.
He stepped forward again, the blade cut upwards, cold air permeating the whole place.
Another step forward, the blade stabbed forwards, like splitting bamboo.

These four moves were done in one go.
Although these were all the most basic moves, the speed, power and that confidence when the blade fell were all quite remarkable.
The sword bore impressive strength.
Only, after completing these four sword strikes, Jiang Chao Ge’s arm felt numb.
Swear immediately appeared.

Zhi Xuan frowned slightly, “You barely have some skill, but your sword art doesn’t have a system.”

“I will go find people to enquire about a good sword art.
If I can acknowledge a famous master that’ll be even better.”

“You are using my horn.
It’s fine if your spiritual power is weak, but if even your sword art is useless…..” Zhi Xuan snorted heavily.

Jiang Chao Ge smiled: “Isn’t that why I’m working hard right now Little Zu Zong? But your sword is really quite heavy.”

“No kidding, I am….” Zhi Xuan paused and glared and Jiang Chao Ge.

Jiang Chao Ge could not help but say: “You still don’t plan on telling us what you are?”

“When you are qualified, you will naturally know.”

Jiang Chao Ge still wanted to discuss, yet he saw Meng Sheng who went out not long ago hurriedly come back.
As soon as he saw Meng Sheng’s expression, he knew something had definitely happened.

Sure enough, Meng Sheng said heavily: “Prince Shu has pursued to Hu An City.
Right now, they are currently investigating the city.”

Jiang Chao Ge’s expression changed.
He knew that perhaps it was not possible to stay here any longer.

The War between The Yellow Emperor and Chi You/黄帝战蚩尤- oh god I did have to do a bit of research for this one.
So basically this Chi You guy was a warlord who decided to fight the Yellow Emperor in order to steal grains so that his tribe could make it through winter.
The resulting battle is also called the Battle of Zhuo Lu and is considered one of the most significant in the unification of the tribes said to have happened around 5000 years ago.
Long story short, while this Chi You guy had very good weapons he was beaten by the strategy and courage of the Yellow Emperor army.
Chinese mythology is very complex so this is like the bare bare bones.

The Yellow Emperor- mythological emperor of ancient China, commonly thought to have unified the nation

Chi You- a fierce warlord and legendary creator of metalworking and weapons

The Battle between Gong Gong and Zhuan Xu/共工斗颛顼- there are many versions of this legend but the most common one seems to be that Gong Gong wanted to supersede Zhuan Xu as emperor and thus began a war with him.
It was a long war that ended in his defeat and in his anger, he ran into Mountain Bu Zhou, one of the pillars of heaven and kinda…..
broke it.
Talk about anger management issues lol.

Gong Gong- ancient water god in charge of flooding and said to have a head of a human with read hair and the body of a snake.
Often portrayed as cruel and irritable.

Zhuan Xu- one of the mythological emperors of ancient China

Divine beasts: the author has kinda twisted this around a bit but these four beasts are technically the four mythological creatures in Chinese constellations.
Each of them represents a direction and a season

The Azure Dragon/青龙– the Azure dragon of the east represents spring and is one of the dragon gods.

The White Tiger/白虎– the White Tiger of the west represents autumn.
Tigers are considered kings in Chinese culture and according to legend, a tiger’s tail will turn white after its 500 years old.
It is also said that white tigers would only appear if an emperor ruled with absolute virtue.

The Vermillion Bird/朱雀– the Vermillion Bird of the south represents summer.
Appearance is often said to be that of a red pheasant like bird with a five coloured plumage that is perpetually covered in flames.
It’s appearance and personality is considered elegant and noble and similar to an extremely spoiled kid, it is selective in everything.

The Black Tortoise/玄武– the Black Tortoise also known as the Black Warrior of the North represents winter.
Appearance is often depicted as a turtle intertwined with a snack which symbolises longevity.
There is reference to this creature in the classic Chinese novel ‘Journey to the West’.

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