William and Alistair went to the giant royal looking weird hawk door thingy and knocked…it felt awkward for them to stand at a weird door thingy to come to her party because they just met. ”Hey guys, whats up? ” she said answering the door. Her eyes were a brown-gold mix and her hair was a shining brown, she wore a black and red dress that looked like it had human blood splattered on it. William felt his face turn red because she looked so very attractively insanely hot. Alistair felt his heart skip a beat when she said ”Soo do you wanna come to my place when the party is over? ” he replied/screamed yes. She raised an eyebrow at him as she hysterically laughed at his face. ”You good bro? ” asked William sounding super weirded out. ”Your mom, William. ”

”Actually your father. ” said the girl. ”We should hurry up and get inside before they eat all the blood cakes willastair. ” they both slapped each other in the face because they were laughing so hard. During the party there was a six- foot man who walked up to William and shook his head back and forth while Williams eyes popped out of his head. The man stopped shaking his head and slapped him in the face so that his eyes went back into the sockets. Alistair went up to the man and slapped him in the face and yelled ” SLAPPING FRENZY!!!! ” everyone then started hitting each other in the face with a bunch of chairs and tossing each other out the windows. While all of the knuckle heads threw each other out windows and what not the girls had arm wrestling matches while some of them went up to the dudes throwing everyone out the window and punched them then threw them out the window.

Victoria (the girl who is friends with willastair) yeated William out the window after he lost a wrestling match. Before William was chucked out the window, Alistair lit a tree on fire and William was chucked into the fire. A crazy vampire lit the fan on fire and started throwing knives at everybody. ”WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON IN MY HOUSE!!!!?!!! ” yelled a woman coming in with a rather handsome man. It felt as if the world stopped when the man screamed ”GET OUT OF F****** HOUSE RIGHT NOW YOU INSANE B****S!!!! ” they all jumped out the windows like there was a killer clown on the loose. Alistair went looking for William outside when Victoria ditched him after throwing him in a hole and smiling devilishly at him. She came back about fifteen minutes later with a small boulder that she dropped on top of Williams head making him go unconscious. She went to go get her parents who were putting the fires out that were in the house they followed her out to the ditch and they took the boulder off of his head. His head was bleeding when they did, then they threw him into the black van while she put the fires out. Alistair met up with Victoria inside the smoking house. He asked if she knew where William was, she replied with ”I don know. I thought he was with you? ” he shook his head no. ”Do you wanna come search with me for him? ” he sounded worried about him. ”You sound quite worried about him…are you two close? ” he replied with ”HELL YEAH WERE CLOSE WEVE KNOWN EACH OTHER OUR ENTIRE LIVES!!! ” he started crying because he was scared he had gone somewhere without him.

She started laughing at him and told him to man up.

He yelled at her to stop laughing because she was scaring him and that he loved William. She got serious again and told him to go kill himself. He looked surprised as she walked away, and he yelled at her ”WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SUPPOSED TO MEAN !!?!!!! ” she flicked him off as she walked away. Victoria smiled at his pain because she had an ear piece in hearing them both scream made her feel good. He got down on his knees and screamed his head off, William woke up crying because they started electrocuting him.

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