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Shi Yun pretended to think, “Not quite.”
As she spoke, she raised her hands to remove the helmet.
Luckily, she didn’t fake her face, otherwise her face would change every time she took off a helmet.


Her hair was messed up.
Shi Yun stroked her hair, and checked the makeup on her face through the front visor of her helmet.
Fortunately, it was not messed up.
There wasn’t any powder on the inside of the helmet either.

However her legs were not as tenacious as her makeup.
The tingling feeling hadn’t faded from Shi Yun’s legs yet.
She had just taken a step when all the strength went out of her legs and she nearly fell over.

The sight of her legs going limp and nearly kneeling down was seen by Wei Congying, and he waited until Shi Yun’s knees were just about to hit the floor before stretching out a hand to pull her up.

And she reached out to instinctively grab the person next to her.
Holding Wei Congying’s arm, Shi Yun walked forward slowly, her legs seemingly boneless.
Wei Congying allowed her to hold onto him but teased her: “Wasn’t I lacking some feeling of security?”

Shi Yun made a noise of agreement, turned to look at him, and behaved a bit: “This makes up for the lack.”

Before leaving, Wei Congying put the key back at Cheng Ge’s area.
Shi Yun sat on the sofa in the rest area and waited for him.
He and Cheng Ge chatted about the driving experience after the test run just now.
Regarding the things about cars that the two were talking about, Shi Yun did not understand much.

Originally, she thought that they could leave soon, but the two insisted on chatting for over half an hour.
In the end, after all the other staff in the repair shop were off work, the two were still discussing something about an engine and rpm.

Shi Yun sat on the armrest of the sofa, gradually getting tired.
After lowering her head and yawning, Shi Yun suddenly seemed to hear a girl’s voice, she seemed to be Cheng Ge’s girlfriend.

She looked a little angry: “It’s already off work hours.
Can you stop occupying my boyfriend’s time all the time? He is making your money, but you don’t need to squeeze him like this, keeping him always on call, and having to work overtime for a few weeks because of a small request from you.”

The sleepiness in Shi Yun’s body suddenly disappeared, but when she was curious, she saw that Wei Congying didn’t say anything, and gave a light glance at Cheng Ge.
Cheng Ge pulled his girlfriend over and first apologized to Wei Congying before leading his girlfriend a few steps away.
The two young lovers talked to each other.
When Cheng Ge turned around and walked back, the girl threw the bag in Cheng Ge’s direction, and then ran away while covering her face.

Cheng Ge wanted to pick up the bag on the ground, but seeing that his hands were covered in motor oil, he wiped his hands over his coat back and forth several times.
When he was about to bend down to pick it up, he saw a pair of canvas shoes.
It was Shi Yun.

Shi Yun picked up the bag, and gently patted off the dust on it: “Is it okay if I put it down on the sofa for you?”
Cheng Ge didn’t speak to her immediately.
He looked past her, first glancing at Wei Congying, and then thanked Shi Yun.

Shi Yun put the bag on the sofa; Cheng Ge was apologizing to Wei Congying: “I’m really sorry, continue talking about what you want to modify.”
Wei Congying shook his head: “Forget it.”
Cheng Ge was nervous: “No, don’t be angry with Fang Qian, I apologize for her, I…”


“No need.” Wei Congying patted him on the shoulder, “You should leave earlier today.”
Cheng Ge was nervous: “It’s okay, I can work overtime.”

Wei Congying still waved his hands: “You can work overtime, but we are leaving.
The one I brought is tired.
Let’s end it here today.
Go and coax your girlfriend.”

The author has something to say:
Hahahahaha no one focused on the mandarin duck socks.
The white moonlight was not Cheng Ge either!!! This guess was too outrageous!!
But you all sure are good at imagining!

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