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After eating, Wei Congying sent Shi Yun to the bottom floor of the dormitory as usual.
The car lights kept shining on the road in front of her from behind, and her shadow was stretched out in the car lights.

There were moths and small flying insects lingering in the light, and she kept going as before, without looking back.

Alone, she could be a little more relaxed in the dormitory.
She walked around with her legs bare in a suspender top.

Wei Congying quickly arrived home.

When she received the message that he had gotten home safely, Shi Yun was washing clothes on the balcony while wrapped in a bath towel, her hands were covered with water and foam, and she was not in a hurry to reply.


After hanging her clothes while suffering the heat of the summer night, she returned to the air-conditioned room.
However, while she had been hanging up her clothes, there was not only a message from Wei Congying on her phone, but also a new message from someone whose last message to her was from two months ago.

[He Sui]: I seem to have seen you in Huijin Plaza today.
Did I see wrong? Was that you?
[He Sui]: Why did you turn around and leave without saying hello? Damn, are you still angry because I didn’t allow you to steal mulberries last time?

Like before, Shi Yun didn’t reply to him.
Instead, she returned to the message list and clicked on Wei Congying’s chat box.

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The man had an attitude of flattering him, and his tone was a little strange: “No, I’m not as hard-working as Cheng Ge.
Brother, if you want to modify your car, you can find me next time.
I saw the maintenance details he sent you last time.
They practically had the word, “greedy” all over it.”


Wei Congying didn’t answer, but just said perfunctorily: “He’s in there, right? I have something to do with him, you guys rest.”
As he spoke, he turned his head and whispered to Shi Yun, “Let’s go.”

Shi Yun followed Wei Congying, and he kicked aside a few wires that could be tripping hazards, reminding her to be careful when walking.

She was led to walk a certain distance, and a shirtless man with earphones was squatting next to a motorcycle that had been dismantled to its skeleton.
Wei Congying called him from behind.
The man probably thought he was hallucinating, but after taking off the earphones, he turned his head and looked back, and found that there were people behind him.
He was a little surprised: “You came?”

Wei Congying introduced Cheng Ge, who usually modified cars with him in the repair shop, and then he reached out and picked up a coat with the repair shop logo on the shelf and threw it to Cheng Ge.
Cheng Ge’s eyes didn’t linger when they landed on Shi Yun, but he nodded towards her, then put down the things in his hands, caught the clothes from Wei Congying, and put them on.

Wei Congying put his hands on the handlebars of the motorcycle that had been dismantled to only its frame, telling Cheng Ge not to mind them and to continue working on the motorcycle.
Cheng Ge pointed to the rest area before putting on his earphones: “The keys are over there.”

The key was set on a ring, and a small tag was attached to the ring to distinguish it, with Wei Congying’s name written on it .

Wei Congying walked over, bent slightly, fished it out with his hand, and picked up the key.

When trying to pick up a girl, it’s useless to explain engine knowledge to a girl who doesn’t understand it at all.
It’s like giving girls gifts on various festivals, and giving them some strangely colored lipsticks or eyeshadow palettes which are more colorful than elementary school color marker sets.
They were all useless and extra steps.
Instead of telling Shi Yun about this, it was better to take her out for a ride.

Wei Congying looked at the person wearing the mask and asked her, “Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?”
She shook her head.
Wei Congying put his fingers into the keychain and spun the key: “Let’s go for a ride?”

Instead of taking the key, leading her to the bike, helping her onto it, and twisting the throttle, he found a set of protective gear for her.
They were even pink wrist and knee pads.
Wei Congying helped her put them on one by one, and finally the helmet.

Holding the helmet with one hand, one hand went around the back of her head and released the shark clip that held her hair.
He pinned Shi Yun’s hair on both sides behind her ears with his pinkies, and then helped her put on the helmet.

Shi Yun felt like a bobblehead, flipping up the goggles on the front of the helmet with extremely uncoordinated hands.

After Wei Congying finished dressing her, he quickly put on his protective gear and led the way.
Looking at her, who looked like a cat wearing shoes for the first time, the protective gear seeming to seal her joints, Wei Congying found it amusing to watch her as she walked.
He threw the keys into the helmet, and freed one hand to lead her.

The palm of the hand stretched out towards her was very broad.
There were calluses on his palm from car racing, and the color of the calluses was different from the original color of the skin on his palm.


Shi Yun hesitated for a moment and stretched out her hand.
The pads of her fingertips brushed against his palm, and in the next second her whole hand was wrapped in his.
It was clearly summer, but there was no sweat on his palms.

He came here often, so he knew where his vehicle was normally parked.
Slowly, he led Shi Yun to the back of the repair shop.
Shi Yun followed him and saw that there weren’t many vehicles.

After passing by several cars, they finally stopped in front of a black motorcycle.
It was the kind of bike that, due to being banned in the capital, would be taken to the suburbs to tear up the roads in the middle of the night.
The body paint was mainly black, and the embellishing color was a fluorescent-ish green.
He took the car keys out of the helmet and put the helmet on right after.
After getting in the car, he patted the back seat: “Experience a different means of transportation.”

Regarding two-wheeled vehicles, in the past, she had only sat in the back seat of the bicycle.
At that time, He Sui bought a new bicycle and took her with him.
She sat on the back seat and ate ice cream, but because of the car coming out of the corner, they accidentally fell.
Shi Yun’s chin, elbows and knees all broke skin, but the ice cream was unscathed.
In the end, she sat on the ground eating ice cream and waited for He Sui’s brother to come and carry her home with her bloody scraped knee.

After that, Shi Yun was more or less traumatized.

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