Three Degrees


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However, Wei Congying didn’t know how to reply to her; he already found a new girlfriend.
Although he was promiscuous, he had a bottom line.
Don’t cheat and don’t be greedy and insatiable.

After ignoring Shi Yun’s message, Wei Congying found the banquet to be boring and began swiping through his phone.
He clicked on Moments and the one at the top was from Shi Yun.

The timestamp was two minutes ago.


[I suffer from mental illness and infectious diseases.
If you want it, message me privately to make an offer.
By the way, my roommate’s ear, nose, and throat1 are also for sale.
The price of my conscience is only 6 yuan, which is but a cheap price to pay.]
Looking at this highly dangerous Moments, Wei Congying didn’t know why but he found it hilarious.
Even so, he didn’t give her a thumbs up and instead, casually swiped past this post.

Lin Fang didn’t know what he was laughing at, and was about to ask him what made him smile so happily, when his eyes flicked over, and he saw an unexpected person.

Lin Fang patted Wei Congying excitedly, put his hands in front of his mouth, and quietly reminded Wei Congying, “Your father and that woman are standing at three o’clock.” Wei Congying raised his head when he heard him, and looked in the direction of three o’clock.
Standing next to a kind looking middle-aged man was a woman who was about the same age as Wei Congying.
A man and woman with a generation’s age difference between them, were toasting to the people at the neighboring table.

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Seeing his girlfriend’s car parked downstairs, Wei Congying stood under the moonlight and made several phone calls, but no one answered.


Looking up at the lights in the house, he entered the code to open the door and entered.

There was no one in the living room, but the lights were on.

The bedroom door was also open, and looking over, there was no one on the bed.
There were two pairs of shoes in the entrance, one pair of high heels and one pair of canvas shoes.

Wei Congying raised his foot and compared it with the pair of canvas shoes.
They were much smaller than his own shoes, and they looked like girls’ shoes.

He heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom, and walked in without taking off his shoes.
Amidst the sound of water, he heard two female voices.

There were also familiar moans and bee-like humming sounds.

One woman was asking: Do you love me?
The other one answered: I love you.

Wei Congying pushed open the bathroom door and looked at the two girls who were hugging behind the glass door, one was rubbing the body of the other, but it was a pity that it was not the back, but the front.

He met the eyes of one of them.

The two people in the bathroom panicked when they noticed his appearance at the door.

Wei Congying didn’t say anything, turned around, and left expressionlessly.

He quickly made his way downstairs, and Wei Congying could hear her steps as she chased him down the stairs.
At the same time, she kept calling his name.


When he arrived downstairs, his girlfriend had also caught up.

Wei Congying stood still in front of his car, it was useless to run away now.
He was not a believer of escapism and this was a matter which had to be settled.

Straightfowardly Wei Congying asked her, “Lesbian? Bi?”
She lowered her head and said nothing.
Wei Congying went on to say: “Let’s break up.”

So this relationship that lasted less than half a month broke the record for Wei Congying’s fastest time to leave after breaking up.

Two extremely short sentences, less than half a minute.
Faster than fast food, it should be said to be ‘ready to eat’.

On the way back, the street lights were dappled by the leaves.
The greenery on this road were Chinese parasol trees, and after crossing the intersection, the trees which lined the streets turned into camphor trees.

Wei Congying kept his foot on the accelerator as he drove back to his apartment.
At the last intersection, he saw a road sign with white letters on a blue background.
He only got a fleeting glance of it, but his eyes still caught the white words on the road sign.

——”Capital University” Jiangling Campus.

The barbecue stall on the roadside was still open, and some of Wei Congying’s attention shifted from the road.
He thought of the time when he first saw Shi Yun here.

Taking advantage of the long traffic light, Wei Congying took out his mobile phone and clicked on the text message he had ignored before.

[Wei Congying]: You finished your exams? Shall we have a meal together then?



After seeing Wei Congying’s ‘breakup scene’ at school that day, Shi Yun hadn’t had time to think about how to start talking to him and had to begin preparing for her final exams.

There were four people in the dormitory, because their majors were different, the exam times and the amount of review materials were also different.

Sorrow and happiness are not the same.2

A roommate saw two exams were separated by a week and whined that the teachers who scheduled the tests were not human.

Shi Yuan was still playing with her mobile phone while feeling anxious: “Is one week’s review time not enough? Look at me and then look at Shi Yun, how pitiful are we?”

The roommate who was called out was called Yu Zhuyue; she was not convinced by her words: “I have more papers to write than you guys, so it’s just as miserable, okay? I’m even caught my academic advisor every day to do hard labor.”

Her roommate was flaunting her misery, but Shi Yun didn’t offer much of a reaction.
She put on headphones and took her tablet to study the materials seriously.

Yu Zhuyue was too lazy to continue competing with Shi Yuan about who was more miserable, and pointed to her materials: “If you are under a lot of pressure from studying, you should hurry to read your books and review.
What are you doing, playing on your phone?”

Shi Yuan was a little embarrassed after hearing her words, she stood up and walked into the aisle between Yu Zhuyue’s and Shi Yun’s tables: “The junior who had been pursuing me for a month confessed to me after knowing that I broke up, do you guys think I should agree?”

Yu Zhuyue maintained a negative opinion, this move-on was too quick.

Shi Yuan wanted to agree, but she stubbornly wanted to ask someone else, and she clearly wanted an answer that was the same as the one she had in mind.

Shi Yun had her headphones on and pretended deaf.


Shi Yuan couldn’t get the answer she wanted from Yu Zhuyue’s mouth, and the two started a casual discussion on, “Has it been long since Shi Yuan broke up, is it long enough to start the next relationship?”

The verbal battle didn’t last long, Shi Yuan left the dormitory after answering a phone call, and Shi Yun happened to get up to pour water.

After taking off the headphones, she heard Yu Zhuyue who was lying on the bed calling her.
Shi Yun stood in the same spot with the hot water bottle in her hand, looking up at her, thinking that she was going to ask her to help deliver something.

Yu Zhuyue was a gossip.
She pointed to the door: “She asked for our opinion, but the alias was already changed to Darling.”

Shi Yun didn’t care about this, and didn’t want to speak out of turn, so she just shook her head to show that she didn’t know.

Before she reached the door of the dormitory with the hot water bottle, she heard her roommate lying on the bed, seemingly rueful, but also seemingly sarcastic: “It’s a skill for a person to move on so quickly.” 

When Shi Yun walked out the door, she thought of Yu Zhuyue’s words and lowered her eyes.
Yeah, it would be nice to be able to move on quickly.

After the exam month, the thesis that Shi Yun handed over to her academic advisor received praise.

By the time she and Shi Yuan finished their exams, their roommates had already been gone for two days because of the testing schedule differences between majors.

Now it was just the two of them left in the dormitory.

As soon as Shi Yuan finished the exam, she had to catch up on sleep, but before she began catching up, she didn’t forget to make a phone call to her new boyfriend who had been neglected for several days.

Shi Yun was not in a hurry to sleep, and re-cleaned the dormitory that hadn’t been cleaned carefully because of the exams.
This was probably because of her obsession with cleanliness.

While cleaning, she found two textbooks and helped Shi Yuan sell her otolaryngology book.

It was a female junior who contacted her to buy the books.
Among all the messages, she also saw the message that Wei Congying sent her a while ago.

She replied to him, saying that she had just finished her exams, and she had just read his message, which asked her if she wanted to have dinner together, under the pretext of returning her favor.

After Shi Yun packed up the books the junior needed, she waited in the dormitory for her to pick them up.

Shi Yuan came back to catch up on sleep after finishing her last class yesterday, and she didn’t wake up until noon the next day.
She had slept for a long time, but she was still exhausted.

Shi Yuan found her mobile phone under the pillow, looked at the time, poked her head out from the mosquito net, and saw that the two beds opposite were empty.
Shi Yuan’s eyelids were heavy, but she found the only person left in the dormitory.

She just woke up and her voice was still a little hoarse.
She called out to that person: “Shi Yun.”

Shi Yun was putting on makeup, and when she heard Shi Yuan calling herself, she raised her head: “What’s wrong?”

“You put on make-up?” After Shi Yuan saw the eyeshadow palette and brush in her hand, her eyes lit up, “Do you have a date today?”

Not only did she put on makeup, but she also didn’t have the usual outfit she wore to class, which consisted of casual pants and three basic tees that totaled one hundred yuan.
It looked simple but exquisite, and the seemingly inconspicuous accessories were expensive.

She had curled her hair, wore a skirt, matched accessories, and put on makeup.

Seeing that she didn’t say anything else, Shi Yun continued to put on makeup: “I have to go out at four o’clock.
Today, a younger female schoolmate said that she would come to pick up the book.
If I’m not here later, you can give it in my place.
They’re on my desk.
The money has already been paid for the three books under the tissue box.”

Shi Yuan responded with an “Oh”, a little perfunctory.
She was more curious about who Shi Yun was going out on a date with today: “With whom? The one in the upper grade? The one in the lower grade? The one from last time who was 1.8 meters? Or the one who played basketball? Who is it, who?”

The alarm clock on her phone rang, Shi Yun turned off the ringer: “None of them.”

No one would give up easily in the study of gossip and eating melons: “Could it be the boy you like that grew up with you? What’s his name? He something? He Sui? But didn’t you say he was dating someone?”

Shi Yun was taken aback when he heard the name He Sui, but she quickly covered up that moment of hesitation.
Putting the eye shadow brush back into the makeup brush storage tube, she replied similarly to before: “It’s not him.”

It was a headache to keep lying on the bed, so Shi Yuan climbed down from the upper bunk: “Okay, okay, I won’t ask who they are.
Anyway, bravely starting a new relationship deserves support.”

Shi Yuan went to the bathroom to wash up; she was not quiet.
Shi Yun put on lipstick and looked at the time on the phone, it was almost time.

After performing the last step of spraying on perfume, Shi Yun grabbed her bag and went out the door.

The phone in her hand vibrated just as the door opened, and she received a new message.

[Wei Congying]: Here.
Shi Yun replied with the word, ‘good’.

Leaving the chat dialog box, she saw a person who had sent her a message two months ago at the bottom of the list.

The alias was “He Sui”.

[He Sui]: My mother didn’t mean that, don’t think too much of it.

Up until now, she hadn’t responded to that message.

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