Two Degrees


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Content Summary: Another Encounter

An hour ago, Wei Congying was still in a bar.

This time, Lin Fang was the one who asked him to come out.
He had been traumatized since the last time when Wei Congying tricked him into taking him out and ended up going racing.

During the month when he didn’t go out with Lin Fang to go play, Wei Congying’s life was very simple.
He played games at home or went to the gym to exercise.
More often than not, he went to the repair shop to modify his car, and chatted with the technician about modification tips.


Wei Congying was quite surprised when he received a text message from Lin Fang asking him to come out to play today.

The location was a bar.

The house band in the bar brightened up the atmosphere.
Subjected to the loud music and dazzling lights, Wei Congying walked in and found Lin Fang.

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“He sang it eight times in total.” Wei Congying rolled his eyes.


Lin Fang didn’t expect that he would actually answer him, and let out a curse: “Damn, how bored were you, you didn’t skip the opening song and you even counted.”

However, Wei Congying still helped him run this errand, but it was not for free.
Next time, Lin Fang would need to cover for him.

Half an hour later, Wei Congying drove Lin Fang’s car into the dormitory area of ​​the old campus of Capital University.
The headlights illuminated an area ahead, and moths flew around in front of the headlights.

The person waiting for him was already standing at the intersection of the supermarket in the dormitory area.

Wei Congying took the paper bag that Lin Fang had mentioned and got out of the car.
He didn’t like to procrastinate when doing things, and he was straightforward when breaking up for Lin Fang.

“This is Lin Fang’s breakup gift for you.” Wei Congying handed over the paper bag, “He asked me to tell you that the two of you have broken up.” 

As expected, the girl in front of him covered her face and wept.

Wei Congying found this scene very familiar.
He had several girlfriends and been the one to bring up breaking up several times.
The probability of them crying after breaking up was as high as 75%.
There was one exception, he remembered that person cursed him out like a shrew.

Hearing the sound of crying, Wei Congying suddenly missed the only girl who called him a scumbag.

A super efficient breakup, three minutes of scolding and it was over.

Unlike now, it felt like even half an hour wouldn’t be enough to solve it.

If crying was really useful, Lin Fang wouldn’t have bothered having him notify her of their break up.


Hearing that cry, Wei Congying had a headache.

He took out half a pack of cigarettes from his pocket and let the person on the other side continue to cry.
He leaned against the lamppost and lit a cigarette.

Looking up at the street lamp, he exhaled a small ring of smoke which curled through the air.
He put the cigarette butt to his mouth again, and the smoke filled his vision.

He looked at the person who came out of the cafeteria through the white smoke; she seemed to look familiar.

She was barefaced, and her hair was put up with a shark clip.
The volume of her hair seemed to be a bit too much, and it wasn’t entirely possible to put it up.
Pretty people were more or less similar, but she was very unique, and the random moles were like a few random dots of ink that appeared when you flick a fountain pen over a white piece of paper, very recognizable.

She didn’t wear earrings today.
She was wearing a loose thin sweater with suspenders inside, and a pair of light-colored wide-leg jeans.
The heels of her canvas shoes were probably chafing against the back of her heels, so she stepped on the heels of her shoes.

Wei Congying recognized her.
She was the drunk he met at the barbecue stall in April.
There was a difference between her bare face and her made up face at the time.
He even felt that her makeup skill wasn’t quite up to par.

She walked over slowly and recognized him: “Do you need help?”

That would be best.

The gray ash was blown away by the wind.
Wei Congying saw that she took a tissue from her school bag and passed it to the girl.

Lin Fang called him while he was still taking care of the situation, and Wei Congying walked a little further away with his phone before answering.

The call was to ask him how things were going.


Wei Congying took a final puff of his cigarette: “Working on it.”

The phone call ended in less than a minute, and he walked back.
On the other end, the two were having a very intense discussion on the specific manifestations of men’s lowlife genes in the process of biological evolution.

To put it bluntly, it was ‘men were not good things’.

She seemed to be concluding the discussion: “Put your finger under your nose, as long as you can feel their breath, those men usually have cruel and unscrupulous genes in him.
If he doesn’t knock over a boat of people with a stick, then it’s just a matter of concentration.”

Shi Yun patted her on the shoulder, and continued to persuade her: “At any rate, he gave you the latest Fendi.
He was perfunctory in action, but sincere in wallet, so it’s not as if you’re coming out empty-handed.” 

As she spoke, Shi Yun heard a very light laugh.

Looking up at the person who left to take a call and then returned, he didn’t avoid looking at her, nor did he hide his smile.

Aftter the moon shifted by two degrees, the girl left.
The moon was still pale, hanging high in the sky.

Shi Yun felt that the fried rice in her hand had gone cold.
Watching the yellow paper bag and the person disappearing into the night, Shi Yun spoke, “Thank you for last time.”

She had drunk a little too much at the time, and the consequences would have been unimaginable if someone had taken advantage and sexually assaulted her.

As she said that, the person in front of her was slightly taken aback, but his expression quickly recovered, with a faint smile: “Thank you for this time.”

Shi Yun: “You’re welcome.”


He continued imitating her: “You’re welcome as well for last time.”

Once a person talks like this twice in a row, it gives a strong signal that they don’t want to continue communicating.
Shi Yun knew when to stop, and as she was about to say goodbye, he took out his phone from his pocket and asked to add each other in WeChat.

She noted his name when the friend request was sent.

If you were to ask Wei Congying why he added Shi Yun’s WeChat, he had to think for a moment, the cruel and unscrupulous genes and lecherous genes of a man existed similtaneously, and were also a matter of concentration.

Some people love beauty, some people love beautiful women.

He just found beauty more easily than others.

However, the next day, under the pretext of her having helped him comfort the girl who was crying from her breakup with Lin Fang, Wei Congying invited Shi Yun for a meal.
The outcome? His message elicted no response and within two days, Wei Congying forgot about this matter and the person called Shi Yun.

When he recalled Shi Yun again, it was half a month later.
In that half month, he once ran into the granddaughter of his grandmother’s neighbor while playing at a bar.

After Wei Congying blew through two bottles that day, he got up to go to the bathroom.
Bar toilets were not difficult to find, but they were for people who had too much to drink.

He was dizzy.

When he walked to the door of the toilet, there were two women arguing.

When he walked over, he saw that the short girl was about to lose.

Adhering to the fine tradition of when the women quarrel, men don’t interrupt, Wei Congying passed them from the side.
When he finished using the toilet and came out with a cigarette in his mouth, only the short girl was left crying on one side of the corridor.

The person who was squatting and crying could only see a pair of shoes passing by her.
She stopped Wei Congying, saw the cigarette in his mouth, and asked him for one.

The lighter was ignited, and her clothes were a little messed up during the quarrel because of the pushing and shoving just now.
She asked Wei Congying to teach her how to blow smoke rings.

Wei Congying was curious about the person in front of him who he didn’t know but who called him by his name accurately.
She seemed to have noticed it, and introduced herself with a sigh: “We’ve met, our grandmas are neighbors.
We played together when we were young, around the first and second grades.
Later, after my parents divorced, I didn’t visit my grandmother as often.”

Wei Congying had no impression of this person, but after keeping in touch for a few days, the girl confessed to him, and soon after, the two began dating.

He was a fickle lover.

Regardless of his appearance or genetics, his feelings were mass-produced online products in the fast food era.

This was because he easily recieved love signals from many females.
Realizing that he could benefit from his appearance and his conditions as a bonus, he found that boys always liked to invite him when they went out, because it would make it easier to ask the girls out when he was there.

Although he couldn’t understand the behavior of girls wanting to fall in love with a rotten guy like him, he understood what was going on in their minds.

A familiar hypothesis—— “One Thousand and One Nights”.

‘Scheherazade complex’ had become more common than colds in modern times.

During this period, Wei Congying’s grandfather happened to be celebrating his 80th birthday.
The girlfriend he just made was not qualified enough to bring over.

Wei Congying was the only grandson of the old man, and furthermore, he had a good relationship with him.
As such, he could be regarded as a protagonist of this birthday party.

He got up early in the morning and went to the old house, and delivered a gift to the old man who was dressed in a red Tang suit.
The old man looked at the gift in Wei Congying’s hand; he was happy from the bottom of his heart, but he didn’t say it aloud: “It’s fine if you come in person, why bring a gift?”

Grandpa took advantage of the opportunity to let him stay tonight, and Wei Congying adjusted the pillows to his liking and sat lazily on the sofa, sitting in an unseemly manner: “If I stay here, I’m going to fight with my dad again.”

Grandpa was his blood-related grandpa, and he waved his hand and promised him: “Then let your dad live outside today.”

“Didn’t he even bring back the daughter of that woman?” Wei Congying didn’t care, but he still heard what Lin Fang said.
He heard that his father asked someone to find Lin Fang’s father to ask for help, “He didn’t bring anyone to parade in front of you? And have you give them formal approval?”

Grandpa snorted, like a child: “They came here once, but were driven away by your grandma.”

Wei Congying clasped his fists together: “I feel the support from Comrade Wei Zhenlin and Ms.
Mei Ruolan.”

Grandpa Wei Zhenlin asked back: “I support you so much, when will you come to the company to support grandpa’s blood, sweat, and tears?”

Wei Congying pretended to be deaf.
The cell phone in his hand rang very timely.
He took the cell phone, got up, and walked towards the balcony, letting his grandfather know: “I’ll take this call.”

It was the repair shop technician who he had been working with to modify his cars.
After the call was connected, the person on the other end of the phone gave a greeting: “Hey, I have disassembled all the parts that are still usable from your car, A’Cong.”

Wei Congying took the phone and walked to the balcony, and caught the sliding door with his foot to separate the atmosphere of the surroundings from the living room.
He listened to the words on the other end of the phone and wondered: “Which one?”

The person on the other end of the phone was a little speechless: “At the beginning of this year, in February.
Remember? The one you crashed in Zhouzuo.”

 “Oh.” Wei Congying remembered, he didn’t think too much of it.
He had originally planned to scrap it in Zhouzuo, but the person on the other end of the phone said he would save him some money and requested for him to ship it back, saying there would be some usable parts.

The person on the other end of the phone continued: “The problem you mentioned last time was a problem with the ground wire.
I fixed it for you.
When will you try it again?

Wei Congying was half-hearted: “Let’s talk about it later, I have some pressing matters to attend to today.”

Wei Congying’s family was rich, and Wei Congying’s father was in charge of the old man’s birthday banquet.
One of the biggest characteristics of rich people was that they always wanted to socialize and make connections to gain bigger benefits.

They all had an ability to turn a boring meeting into a business benefit.
Wei Congying had seen how his father’s second secretary used an ordinary golf game to help his father win a huge deal.

 Wei Congying couldn’t be regarded as literati, but he didn’t like a group of beasts, dressed in clothes, vain and false.

He sat with Lin Fang, and Lin Fang asked about the matter of him asking him to help deliver news of his breakup.
It was only then that Wei Congying remembered Shi Yun.

He also thought of the message that Shi Yun hadn’t responded to.

It had almost been a little over half a month.

It was quite a coincidence, just as he thought this, his phone vibrated, and it was from the person who had disappeared for a little over half a month.

[Shi Yun]: I just finished my exams today.

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