Nine Degrees

Content Summary: Ran Into Someone

Lin Fang wondered if he had also imbibed, otherwise, why was it that he suddenly couldn’t understand what Wei Congying was saying? Why was he suddenly buying socks?
Wei Congying didn’t explain.
He ignored Lin Fang’s confusion, and kindly reminded him: “Jiang Xuyang said to find him fifty, think about it carefully.”

Lin Fang was a little confused, find him fifty?
After registering his words, Lin Fang rushed into the men’s toilet again: “Jiang Xuyang, you’re the f**king 2501”
Immediately afterwards, the person inside was furious: “Stop pulling me, I’m in the middle of using the toilet.
Fine, if you shake me again, I’ll aim at you.”

There was a commotion in the men’s room, but it was very quiet in the corridor outside.

Shi Yun threw the paper used to dry her arms into the trash can, and the ball of paper landed accurately.
When she heard Wei Congying’s words, “The money, I’ll keep it to buy socks”, a slightly different emotion appeared in her heart, but Shi Yun snuffed it out.

Lin Fang mentioned that he was able to hear their conversation before entering the restroom, so he knew she could hear them as well.
Whether those words were purposely provocative or without thinking, only he knew the correct answer.
But Shi Yun was more inclined to the former.


Shi Yun looked in the mirror and adjusted her hair for the last time.
When she went out, he was alone.
His cheeks and neck were flushed from the alcohol.
He stood leaning against the wall and waited for Shi Yun to come over.
The canvas shoes stopped around thirty to forty centimeters away from his sneakers.
Shi Yun looked up at him and said, “You can’t drive back by yourself at night after drinking.”

It wasn’t a big deal.
There were no worries about not being able to find a ride in this era.
But Wei Congying changed his mind: “I’ll give you a chance to practice.”

There was no more noise from the men’s room, Shi Yun followed Wei Congying and walked back slowly towards the private room.
With the soles of his shoes treading on the soft carpet, Wei Congying asked her if she had a good time playing.

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They separated at the door, and drove away in their own cars.


Wei Congying threw the car keys to Shi Yun.
She looked at the car keys in her hand, feeling a little uneasy: “I can’t.”
“Any scuffs or bumps won’t be counted against you.” Wei Congying had already opened the door of the passenger side of the car as he said this, without the slightest bit of heartache.

He sat in the passenger seat and adjusted the seat slightly to give himself some more leg room.
Looking at Shi Yun in the driver’s seat, he suddenly felt like a driving school instructor.
His car was a manual transmission, and a manual transmission car could offer a very good driving experience.
This was what they called a man’s feelings.

The only manual transmission car that Shi Yun had ever come into contact with was the driving instructor’s.
She had almost forgotten how to start one.
He reached under the steering wheel, looked at Shi Yun who was sitting awkwardly, and told her that the buttons to adjust the steering wheel were underneath: “Step on the clutch and brake.”

Shi Yun adjusted the height and angle of the steering wheel.
Looking at the car logo on the steering wheel, she knew this car was not cheap.
As if the car didn’t belong to him, Wei Congying was very calm: “Don’t worry, it’s fine to start in second gear.
There are very few people who can turn off the engine when driving this car.”

Shi Yun slowly started the car according to his instructions.
Though it had been a while since she received her driver’s license, she didn’t drive often.
This was especially so after she went through the car accident with her mother.
She was somewhat traumatized about driving.

His car had a sensor for determining the distance between cars, and would make a beeping sound whenever an object appeared in the car’s vicinity.
The location of the object was reflected in real time on the central control display.

The road leading out was not very wide, and there was a row of cars parked by the side of the road.
She didn’t have a good grasp of the width of the car, and drove closer to her side.
Even so, the vehicle distance sensor still indicated that there was an object on the passenger seat side.

Shi Yun drove the car out at a snail’s pace, Wei Congying told her it would be all right to drive a little more in his direction, but she didn’t dare.
Wei Congying listened to the beeping of the radar alert in the car, and teased her: “You sending a telegram?”

Wei Congying sat calmly in the passenger seat and joked with her.
The driver ignored his words which were intended to help her relax, and reminded him to help watch the road conditions.
“What’s there to be afraid of?” Wei Congying raised his hands, interlocked his fingers together, and rested them between the back of the chair and his head.
“After the car accident, I became scared.” Shi Yun’s nerves were highly tense.

These words did not make Wei Congying give up the idea of ​​letting her drive.
He had had plenty of car accidents while driving.
In his opinion, once fear arose, running away could not solve the problem.
But he still sat up a little bit to make himself look a little more reliable: “Don’t be nervous, release the accelerator, and take the middle lane.”
Wei Congying kept one hand on the gear shift and watched the speed of the car.
He instructed her on when to step on the clutch, and helped her change gears.

The car stopped at the traffic light, and Shi Yun let out a sigh of relief when the car stopped.
She sighed quite loudly, and just as she relaxed, she heard laughter from the side.
Slightly angry, she asked: “What are you laughing at?”

He put away the smile and changed the expression on his face, a little serious: “How long has it been since Auntie passed away?”
After hearing this, Shi Yun lowered her eyes: “Three years.”


The red light remained lit for a little longer than usual.
Wei Congying watched her expression: “Is this the reason why you’re not going home during summer vacation?”
Wei Congying got it right.
Shi Yun looked at the green light and took her foot off the clutch: “I was going out to play at night.
My mom was worried about me and came to pick me up.
She got into a car accident on the way.”

She thought of that day again, when her mom asked them to save her first.
At that time, she sat helplessly on the side of the road and watched the car burn.
If it wasn’t because she was coming to pick her up at that time, mom would not have come out to drive.
And the subsequent tragedies would not have happened.

The dark cloud that lingered in Shi Yun’s heart after her mother’s death rained glass on her heart; each piece of glass cut at her painfully.

It was guilt and remorse.

This growing emotion was suddenly interrupted by his arm that had been resting on hers.
Wei Congying looked ahead and told her, “Concentrate on driving.”

However, Shi Yun still missed the turn at the intersection, and Wei Congying reassured her.
He told her she could turn right at the next intersection.

There were no noisy nightlife bars on this road and there weren’t many cars coming and going.
Occasionally, a few taxis passed by.
In the far off distance, there were many residential buildings along the street with their lights on.
There weren’t any stars to be seen in the dark skies; half of the moon was blocked by tall buildings not far away.
The street lamp was around the same height as the camphor trees, and some of its faint light shone through from the gaps in the leaves.

Wei Congying reminded her to turn: “Turn on the blinker.”
Shi Yun drove closer to the curb, and there was no car to be seen in the rearview mirror.
She wasn’t driving fast, but her hands were behind the steering wheel, which had only the windshield wiper switch and no turn signal switch.

After a moment of confusion, Wei Congying reached out and helped her hit the turn signal switch that looked like a paddle shift2: “Like this.”
Shi Yun took the opportunity to turn, but in the next second, she saw a electric scooter coming out from the side, out of the corner of her eye.

” Boom——”
Shi Yun’s heart skipped a beat.
The sound of the impact and the shaking of the vehicle caused the scene of the car accident to flash before Shi Yun’s eyes.
Hidden in the depths of her memory, the forgotten scene came to mind again.
Wei Congying’s alcohol-fogged mind cleared in an instant, he was the first to react, and got out of the car to check the electric scooter.
It was a food delivery driver.

He had fallen to the ground, and the delivery was spilled all over the floor.
The skin on his elbows and cheeks was torn, and his pants were also ripped.
When he got up, he grimaced in pain.
Upon seeing Wei Congying, who got out of the car, he said in a slightly aggressive tone, “What’s the matter with you? If you wanted to turn then you should have turned, since you took the turn, why didn’t you check your mirrors?”

Wei Congying took out his phone from his pocket.
He called to report the accident, and also contacted his insurance company: “I have already called the police, and I am fully responsible, so it’ll come out of my insurance.
Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? I have also called for the ambulance.”


Once he finished speaking, he heard the sound of the car door opening and closing, and turned around to find Shi Yun walking over.
She looked at the driver with a pale face, her nerves were on edge because of the collision, and she felt weak in the knees.
But as a medical student, she still instinctively wanted to step forward and help him check his wounds.

In the trunk of Wei Congying’s car, there was a safety vest and an emergency first aid kit that came with the car when he purchased it.
The first aid kit contained gauze and cotton swabs, but no iodine.

Shi Yun brought over the mineral water from the delivery, and made to unscrew the bottle cap, but the delivery driver stopped her: “This is the customer’s.”

“Do you not care about your wounds?” Shi Yun continued to unscrew the bottle cap, She flushed his wound with mineral water.
Her hands seemed to be meticulous, but her hands were shaking the entire time.

The food delivery driver was in so much pain that he was unable to control his facial expression, but he still thought of calling the customer first and explaining the situation.
The customer was also reasonable.
Shi Yun saw that hands holding the phone were hurt, and also saw a small card stuck in his phone case, which looked like it was drawn by a child.

Shi Yun treated the wound and told him, “I’m sorry.”
The food delivery driver looked at the torn skin on his hand: “Really, the way you drove.
If you want to turn, then just turn.
It seemed to me that you were hesitating, so I thought, “Well, then I’ll just go.”” When you turn right, you have to see if there is any traffic coming.
It’s not as if the road was paved by your family.”

Shi Yun listened, raised his hand slightly, and wrapped it in gauze: “I’m sorry.”
It didn’t seem like any of his limbs were fractured, and she had no way of detecting any possible internal injuries.
After scolding her with a few words, the delivery driver stopped talking, and sat quietly on the side of the road, waiting for the police and ambulance.

During this period, he also received a call, which seemed to be from his wife.
Before answering the call, he coughed twice and cleared his throat: “Hey… I will go back after a few more orders… You and Mengmeng should go to bed first …I know, I’ve been driving slowly all this time, all right, I can’t talk much longer.
I’m going to call the customer to ask him to open the door…”

The fear gradually faded away, and guilt and shame came to the forefront.
Shi Yun thought and walked back to the car.
She took out her bag from the car.
Wei Congying saw this, and didn’t let her continue: “It’s on me.”

Shi Yun didn’t speak, but she continued to pull out her phone.
Wei Congying pressed her hand down, stuffed the phone back into the bag, threw the bag back into the car, and raised his hand to close the car door.

Wei Congying saw the tears in her eyes: “Were you scared?”
Shi Yun stood beside him, and the evening breeze blew away the smell of smoke from their bodies.
She stood a little close to Wei Congying, and after she nodded, he gently raised his hand and took her into his arms.

A Herculean arm rested on her shoulder.
Shi Yun staggered a step, then leaned against his chest There was still a faint smell on the cotton fabric, but when she leaned closer, she could still smell a smoky pine aroma.


His big palms touched her shoulders, and their warmth was transmitted to her skin through the fabric of the jacket.
His voice came from above her head.
His voice was a little hoarse after drinking, but his tone was gentle and not loud: “It’s all my fault.
It was me who insisted that you drive.
Blame me.
Now there, don’t cry.”

The author has something to say:
The daughter’s trauma runs somewhat deep, so it looks like she cries easily.

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