Thud. Thud. Thud. My ears heard the noise and my brain understood there was someone at the door but still it refused to command my body to get up. I didn want to. There was hardly any joy left in my life but there was no way I was compromising on my beauty sleep. I needed it to put up a show in front of some friends I was meeting later in the evening.

But just because I didn want to, doesn mean I didn have to. When the banging on the door grew I shot up from bed because of the fear of garnering unwanted attention. After the great fallout with my father, I occupied this small space that people called the apartment. I wish I could tell them they were fooling themselves by calling it so but keeping my mouth shut was the only way off making sure there was a roof over my head.

Removing the covers after a sigh I went to open the door only to find an old lady with extra wrinkles and lots of hope in her eyes at my doorstep. Mrs. Parker, how are you? I faked a smile.

Cordelia, what to say I am not at all good but will be once you pay the rent. She said faster than the warnings in the commercials. A sports commentator wouldve suited her better. But unfortunately, she was the owner of the apartment I lived in and there was nothing I can do about it.

I licked my lips and cleared my throat. You see….

I will not see anything other than the green paper.

The rent Im aware is due today but….

Uh no darling its been due since last month.

I was talking about this months rent.

She crossed her arms in front and narrowed her eyes at me. Last months rent is due too.

I haven forgotten that. I will pay you both the months rent but if you could give me some time.

She shook her head slowly. Not happening. I want it right now.

But I still haven got a job and…..

Mrs. Parker gasped. You
e jobless!

I…mean…..yes but don worry.

Don worry! How can I not worry?

When you came here three months ago you had said you would pay on time, that you were some elite and now theres no money! Do you want me to call the cops?

Mrs. Parker! My mouth remained open. How could she threaten me like that?! Only if she knew I was an heiress….

Taking a deep breath I tried to pacify her by saying, Just give me a week more. I promise I will pay you.

Im not listening to any more of your lies. Pay me last months rent by tomorrow morning, only then will I give you time to pay for this month, or else 911 it is.

Mrs. Parker….. My voice trailed off as she left without hearing another word from me.

I shut the door loudly. Im sure the neighbors minded but I didn care. This was the first time in my life someone had bugged me for not paying. Best were the times when the V.I.P. card solved almost every problem in my life. Only if I was still the Rosette familys heiress I couldve bought both this building and this entire neighborhood. Why did you do it, dad? Why did you take everything away from me?

When I got back to my room, my cell phone was ringing. What is it, Stacy? I said in a low voice.

Why do you sound like that? She asked.

Nothing just woke up. There was no point in telling her what happened. The moment she knew I was sure she would come here and clear my dues. I had already let her help me a lot, a little more and I wouldve found it hard to face her.

Are you sure? You sound dejected.

I can decide what to wear for todays dinner.

Oh, so this was it. Cmon why fear when your best friend is here. Her cheerful voice could bring joy to anyones life.

Help me find something nice.

Sure. Ill get the best dresses for us from the latest designer collection.

Um, Stacy, Im a little low on budget so….

I heard her sigh over the phone. When will you keep stressing about it? Delia, Im your best friend. The least I could do for you is get you a dress!


No buts, Im getting there in an hour. Wait for me. Bye. She ended the call before I could try and convince her otherwise.

I bathed and had breakfast by the time Stacy arrived with lots of shopping bags at my place. I thought you were getting us a dress each. My eyes traveled to the bags which were in all sizes and occupied my bed completely. Shed barged straight into the room and threw them there.

She replied innocently. Well, with dresses we needed matching accessories and footwear too.


Delia, please now don start how you don have money and all that because as Ive said before I am your friend and I want to do this for you.

But Stacy I can keep taking favors from you like this!

Do I need to remind you of the countless times youve helped me? When I was getting bullied, when my parents were fighting, my brother was giving me cold shoulder, and when… know. I did. The touché topic wed decided not to talk about again.

I hugged her. Fine. This time Im accepting it.

And you will again.


Before I could protest she picked up the dress and handed it over to me. Now check if this fits or not.

We tried our dresses and everything. Even though this was a simple dinner with some friends, Stacy knew how important it was for me. This was because no one knew what had happened. People out there in the world still thought I was the rich heiress that was going to take over the Rosette Co. Only if they knew that my so-called father had kicked me out for the worst reason possible.

Stacy stayed for a while until she got a call for another one of her acting classes. I have to leave.

How many of these classes do you have exactly? I gave her a look of pity.

Even I don remember. Its hard to keep a tab on them. She seemed stressed.

Are you okay though? If you want a break, you can always take it, you know?

She smiled warmly. Don worry about me.

When she left I was left alone again. With still some time left to kill, I decided to do something I was thinking of doing since yesterday. I sat on the chair in front of the study table and switched on the laptop. Theres nothing that cannot be found on the search engine. Jackson Carter, I typed his name and as soon as I pressed enter, I was taken to his world.

There was a news article about his growing business, new acquisitions, mergers, and whatnot. Since when did he get so wealthy? The Jackson that I remembered was the scholarship student of both Vaughn High School and College. The guy who didn have a place to stay once, lived in….wait….he lived in Trent Paradise…the place where only the one percent elite of the city lived! Holy mother of…huh!

I searched for some more about his personal life. A lot of women, and by a lot I mean a LOT of them were seen linking their arms with his at parties, events, premieres, etc. Casanova! The way he behaved with me in the restaurant, I bet hes become a high-class flirt! Who cares! I threw the hair coming in front, to the back of my shoulder.

After a good hour-long search I didn find what I wanted. How in the name of god is Jackson Carter related to Akira Takahashi, my grandfather? There is no news about them being related or knowing each other or even meeting each other. There was something that I didn know.

I looked at the clock, it was time for me to get ready. I closed the laptop and got up with disappointment. I need to talk about this to grandpa.

Blue suits you. I received the first compliment as soon as I entered the private room booked for us in the restaurant. It had taken me an hour to reach here by cab which by the way was told to stop a little away in case someone saw me. The girls eyed me with envy and the guys well, let it be. I walked with confidence in my blue off-shoulder dress, the money might be gone but I was still me. There was no way anyone could guess what had happened and tonight will pass smoothly. Stacy arrived after I and relief washed over me.

Thank god you
e here. I told her.

Are you nervous? She asked. Her eyeliner made a fantastic job of outlining her big eyes. The dress shed chosen for herself was no less gorgeous than mine, the full-sleeved classic black mini dress was given a beautiful look with the addition of a big white bow on the shoulder.

I shook my head. Im just glad you
e here. She held my hand and I was good to go until someone decided they wanted to fish into my business.

So Delia, I heard it will take some more time for you to join the family business. That was Spencer, the brat who hated other brats when they get more popular than her. Since there was a time when the tabloids wouldn stop printing articles about me almost every day, I had been always on her radar. Only I didn know today she was out for blood.

Spencer, I didn know you were so interested in my family business. I said trying to maintain my calm.

Who wouldn be? All youve ever talked about since college is taking over your fathers business. I was just wondering when we will get to see you accomplish your dream. Her raised brows and smirk on her face were all I had to see to want to slap her but I held back. Being violent meant agreeing with her.

Soon darling. Very soon. I said with confidence.

She gave me a sly smile. Since its going to happen soon and all of us are here, why not celebrate you reaching your goal.

Sure. I said unsure of what she meant by that exactly.

Then how about this dinner being on you? What say, guys, don we deserve a celebration from Delia? She laughed evilly but everyone appreciated her suggestion and soon things like, Sure, thats a great idea! Hell yes, to Delia! Perfect. I remember the dinners Delia treated us to. Nows the time girl, lets celebrate.

Guys, first let her become the CEO, and then shell throw us a party. Stacy tried to handle the situation but there was only little that someone can do when the gasoline has already been spilled in the fire.

Everyone started looking at me weirdly when I didn respond. A few more seconds and they will know Im no longer worthy of being their friend. A…guys….I will….

Oh cmon Delia, don you have money? Spencer said and then gave me an evil smirk. She knew! That could be the only reason she would do this all of a sudden.

Fine. I said and Stacy nudged me.

What are you doing?

Help me this time. I said and looked into her eyes. She sighed.

Of course, I will. But shes doing wrong. You don have to listen to her.

Stacy, let it be.

She pressed her lips together. Fine.

The dinner was chatty as usual. The only two people who didn speak much were me and Stacy. She was upset that I had given in to Spencer and I was worried about how I was going to pay her back when I still had my house rent to worry about.

When the dinner was finally over Stacy and I got up. Ill go pay the bill. I said and started to leave when Spencer said….

Why does Stacy have to go with you? In fact, why do you have to leave at all? Have you forgotten you
e an heiress Delia? The waiter would get the check here. Oh no!

My face turned red the moment the waiter came in. I looked at Stacy and she was equally worried as me. Check please. Spencer said smiling as if shed asked him to marry her! This girl!!

Maam the bill has already been paid. As soon as I heard those words I turned to Stacy. Did she already? But her expression said otherwise. She was shocked too. I glanced over to other people but no one seems to know who did.

Devil Spencer decided to speak again. Cordelia, when did you pay the bill?

The waiter answered her for me. Maams fiancé did. All of us looked at him as if hed announced that we were to wash the dishes.

I got up from my seat. What did you say?

Before the waiter could repeat his words, someone else entered the room and said, Your fiancé, I mean, I paid for it. I gawked at the guest. What in the hell was he doing here now?


Before I could say his name, Spencer did. Jackson Carter! Oh my god! Is that you? Without thinking she threw herself at him for a hug he surely didn want. I noticed his hands remained in his pockets until Spencer separated herself from him.

What are you doing here? I asked.

He grinned at me. Babe, did you forget you promised me we would have dessert together.

Dessert? My face scrunched up. What was he on about?

Babe? Are you and Cordelia dating? Spencer asked. There were two of us who did not like this.

Jackson smiled at her. Well be soon getting married. My mouth fell to the ground. If it could dig a hole and go to the basement it wouldve, trust me.

I scoffed and took Jacksons arm trying to lead him out of the room but he didn move from his place. We need to talk. I glared at him.

Sure, darling, as you say. He smiled and out of nowhere did something unthinkable and not required at all! He pressed his lips to mine. It was a peck, just a small little kiss on the lips but why MY LIPS! When he was back to smiling at me again I looked at him in shock. Just, what is going on in your head Jackson?

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