It’s Billionaire Vs Ex Heiress Now

Everything has a price tag

wanted me to marry that asshole! Never!

Mr. Jackass decided to speak, Grandpa, this cannot happen. We…are….we

I stared at him. Did he call my grandfather, his? Since when is he your grandpa?

Since always. He sneered while getting up to face me.

What is he saying? I turned toward the old man who had more grandkids than he let people know.

He smiled. Jackson is like my grandson only.

I scoffed and turned back to the imposter grandkid. Oh, so he is LIKE a grandson. I get it. It means he is not! Jackass winced. Looks like Id touched a nerve.

Grandpa, can we talk in private about this? I don want to talk with you in front of a two-month-old granddaughter! My jaw twitched. Did he just say that? He knows Mr. Takahashi found out about me only two months ago.

No! I will talk to him first! Grandpa, whats happening? I asked in anxiousness.

Silence! Grandpa raised his hand in the air to bring peace to the table. Both I and the one I hated shut our mouths. Now, I know this is surprising news for both of you because you weren expecting this.

This more of a shock! I muttered only to receive a sharp look from Grandpa. Sorry.

Cordelia, you set out to find me because you needed my help. Jackson, you wanted to meet me this time because I suppose you too need something from me.

No, I don …..

Jackson, hear me out first, son. He called him a son. Why? How did they even know each other? After putting a lot of thought into it, I have decided that will help the two of you who are my family but only if you fulfill my condition. Get married.

I can marry someone else. Anyone you want me to, but not her. Jackass spoke quickly. Huh! As if Im dying to be with him!

Same here. If you want me to settle down, so be it. But the guy has to be someone else. Not this pauper!

You! Jackass pointed his finger at me and I smirked.

Sit down both of you! Now! Reluctantly we followed Grandpas order. I have made it very clear. Now it is up to you two to decide whether you will accept it or not.

I had to reason him out so I said, But why do you want us to get married?

Same question. Cheater! I snapped in my head at the guy who was full of himself.

Grandpa looked from me to him and then at his hands. I was left in an orphanage when I was two. No one knew who dropped me there, why they did it. I craved family all my life. It was not until I was an adult that a family claimed I was their heir and gave me all of their wealth. There was money but no one to call my own because my parents had passed away by then. My father was the only child and his aunt had found me to make sure the Takahashi family was not left behind without an heir. When I met Jackson, there was a connection between us two. Ive always considered him like my grandson. Then Cordelia entered my life, my granddaughter. I realized both of you lacked something, family. To give you that, to make sure you both whom I love dearly are never left unloved, I have decided that both of you should get married to each other. This way my family stays complete.

He was genuinely concerned. This could be because of what happened in my family. When I told him how my father refused to give me the family business, he was upset with me. I guess that made him decide to arrange a marriage alliance for me so that theres always someone to take care of me. But he has to know that someone cannot be, this jackass. Jackson Carter was the last person Cordelia Rosette will get married to.

Grandpa stood up. I have spoken my heart. Now it is up to you two to decide. And then before the two of us could begin to talk again he left us in that room alone.

I breathed loudly. This will never happen.

You think I will let it happen? Keep dreaming Cordelia!

I turned to him. What did you say? Im dreaming to marry you. Only a jerk like you would think that!

Who do you think you
e abusing? Do you even know who I am?

Don care. never have, never will. Loser! I was about to walk out of the room too when he grabbed my hand and pushed me toward the wall. What are you doing?

Im not a loser.

You always were and from the way it looks, you still are. I chortled. He hated it, his dark eyes were telling me. His head moved close to me, looks like he was in the mood for a head-butt. Bring it on! I was ready. But the moment I smirked inviting him for a fight he moved his face to my right ear.

He whispered. The one who scores the pricy queen of high school is never a loser, brat! I gasped and pushed him away. He was grinning. Argh! Why did he have to bring the past right now? I was breathing heavily now. I hated him without a doubt!

Stop making lies! You never scored anything loser! I spat.

He came at me again and this time pinned my hands to the sides of my head. To hide from his staring eyes I looked away but his hot breath made sure to continuously make me feel his presence. Suddenly his hand shifted to hold both of my hands together above my head. I tried to resist but to no avail.

You moron! I shouted. By this time his hand was moving to the back of my dress slowly traveling upwards. When he was at the shoulder he slid the sides to expose my shoulder and then went on to move his hand inside the fabric. My eyes widened. Jackson, stop it!

So now you know my name. He smirked and I closed my eyes as the tingle his touch was creating in my stomach was too much to bear. When do you hate your body? The moment it decides to betray you.

His hand now had direct contact with my back and I could feel the goosebumps. I collected all my willpower and pushed him away. This seemed easy, or maybe he let go himself. I looked at him to check what happened.

A small plastic cutout hanging from the string was dangling in his hand. Price tag? Id forgotten to remove it in a hurry.

He scoffed. I guess they you went broke as I had hoped for. He could barely contain his laughter, leaving me fuming. He threw the price tag at my feet and said, Miss Rosette, if you ever need tips on how to manage the life of a pauper, please don feel free to contact me because I only talk to people of my standard.

I gritted my teeth. He buttoned his suit jacket and left me there to pick up my price tag.

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