I was the only one he was close to. Then whos this other person?

Jackson, being jealous at thirty doesn suit you. He said calmly and I composed my expressions.


He started laughing. I was kidding, son. When had there been an age to express emotions?

Grandpa. I muttered.

Okay, lets do this. Since you
e curious to know who this person is, Ill ask her to join us. Was he serious? He was going to call her here? Wait a second, he said, Her. He knows some woman? I hope this is not one of those gold-diggers who
e ready to empty his bank accounts.

I didn know you were dating someone.

My comment made him press his lips in a thin line. Holy Shit….did I offend him?

I meant…..

But he laughed harder this time. Oh Jackson, why would you think that?

We haven seen each other since past seven years and have had minimal contact. Maybe you started seeing someone…

Im afraid my ship had gone long past that harbor. But it was nice that someone thinks Ive still got it that a woman would be kind enough to see me as a romantic partner.

If its not someone you
e seeing, then?

Its my granddaughter. The breath was knocked out of my body. Mr. Takahashi has a family. He has his own blood running into other people. I closed my eyes and it was barely tolerable fact. For years even when he didn contact me I still thought I was his only family and felt….safe. There was always a comfy blanket to fall on even when I never intended to fall on it. Now that hes mentioned he has a granddaughter, what does that makes of me?

I see. How come you didn mention her before?

I, myself, wasn aware of her existence up until now. He met my eyes and then continued, About two months ago I got a call from this girl who claimed to be my granddaughter. For obvious reason I didn believe her. But she kept on insisting and I finally decided to run a DNA test.

So its confirmed. She is related to you. He nodded. If you knew about her since two months then why are you coming here only now?

Jackson, Im sorry I didn tell you before but Ive been in L.A. for past one month. I came here to meet her immediately after the test confirmed our relationship. Something pierced in my heart. He flew down from Japan to meet her the every moment he realized she is his own flesh and blood but didn bother to return my calls when I asked for his help while facing difficulties with the Star-Dream project.

Looks like shes your new favorite.

Mr. Takahashi chuckled. She must be here anytime soon. You should decide after meeting her if you want to be jealous of such a beautiful lady or not. The moment he said that, I had a feeling he was trying to set us up. I sighed hoping desperately he does not ask me to date her or anything because Im not made for this. Casual has always been my style. This was TMI for grandpa and he didn need to know this. Maybe I should just tell his granddaughter when we
e alone that she can reject me, that I wouldn mind…..

I was busy in my own head that I didn realize that some had entered the private section. It was when a familiar voice hit my ears that I knew there was no escaping from this hot mess.

Grandpa, Im here. I didn dare to look. No, this cannot be true. Please no, this is not happening to me again.

Mr. Takahashis introduction left no space for introspection. This is my beautiful granddaughter Cordelia Rosette. My ears were on fire to hear the name I hated. If Satan had a synonym it was Cordelia. The very girl who turned out to be the granddaughter of the man I respected the most. Oh, god definitely has his ways. And Delia, this is the young and dashing Jackson Carter.

I swear I wasn going to look at her even if Mr. Takahashi had thought of me to be a psycho but then she snorted. Young and dashing? Her questioning my looks made me turn my head and glare at her. Her brow shot up but she had the look of amusement and not that of shock. She knew I was going to be here!

Cordelia. Thats it. This was my greeting to her.

Instead she crossed her arms in front and smirked. Hello there Jackson. A strong stare game began, leaving Mr. Takahashi in confusion.

You guys know each other already? He asked.

I scoffed. I wish I didn .

The feeling is mutual. Satanic princess remarked.

Well, it seems you two aren on the best terms. But what to do, this has to change. After all, I plan on getting you two married.

Married? Both I and the one-whose-name-I-hate shouted together.

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