Mr. Carter theres a phone call for you. My secretarys voice told me through the phone.

Who is it?

The London client who we wanted to invest in our Star-Dream Project.

My eyebrows furrowed. Weren talks with them already done and dealt with?

Um…..They want to renegotiate.

Tell them its not possible.

Sir, their investment is important for the project.

And so is my opinion on this.

But sir…. She was about to say something when my phone beeped. I unlocked it to check the message.


Yes, Sir?

Cancel the deal.

But….all of a sudden.

Things are always uncertain in business. Just make sure the London client know we
e no longer interested.

I pressed the button to end the call to not give her a chance to pursue me. Claire had been my secretary for nine years and I was sure she was going to be for more because she was the only one whod got the guts to reason with me. No one in this office said anything against my word. It was almost as if they didn have an opinion. But she didn shy away from doing so. It was mostly because of her strong and independent nature but also because of the little something that we had in common, the scars of the past.

Buttoning the suit when I got up, I looked out the window. My companys building matched the one in front. Pride filled my chest. Ive made progress, some phenomenal progress in past nine years. So much so that Ive become what boys from the place that I come from only dream about. L.A. had become my home now but I craved for more. I wanted to rule it. Lets just say Im one step away from achieving my dream. Then, the building in front of me would seem small.

As I walked out I was met with Claires hawking eyes. What? I asked.

She scoffed. Sir, London clients are important.

What if I tell you, theres even a bigger client?

Is there? Now she wanted to listen.

I chuckled. There is and we
e going to meet them right now.

Right now?! But I didn get a chance to prepare myself…..

Theres no preparation required. Its a done deal.

Have you met them before?

I have.

I see.

The drive to the restaurant was quick. I wouldve asked Claire to book this same place but my guests secretary had beaten me to it. You see, both me and my guest had a history with this place. Our story together had progressed greatly right here from this restaurant ten years ago.

I found myself opening the door to the private section booked especially for this meeting, as I was told. He was sitting in there quietly staring at the empty glass in front of him. Id received a text from his secretary that he wanted to meet and there was no way I was going to say no. I can never say no to him. For hes the reason Im well and alive today, not to mention the successful business Im running.

His head turned and a warm smile formed on his face when he saw me approaching. Its been long, Jackson. His low but clear voice greeted me.

Very Long, Mr. Takahashi. Tears were to their brim in my eyes. It felt hell to cry as a grown ass man but that Id got a chance to see him again was nothing but emotional.

He got up to embrace me. When we separated he said, Call me Grandpa. Ive told you this before.

I nodded shyly. Im too old to call you that now especially when….

Blood ties are not always important Jackson. If they were I wouldn have come here only now.

What do you mean?

Placing a hand on my shoulder he said, Sit. Lets eat first. I obliged happily. Sushi was the first thing I had in mind when we were to order but instead he ordered steak. What? Ive not travelled all the way from Japan to have sushi again. I eat that plenty in my home.

And you don eat steak? I asked playfully.

Ah…now I eat that too. Both of us laughed.

So, Mr. Taka….I mean…Grandpa….do you mind if I ask about the reason for your visit this time? He usually stayed in his family home in Japan and rarely came to America. Last time he was here was seven years ago probably which is why the wrinkles on his face seem more evident to me now.

He nodded. Of course not. There is someone I have to help.

Someone? I thought you came to see me. Jealously hit me like the corner of a table, it doesn bleed but hurts a lot.

His wrinkled skin lifted up from the corner of his lips. I did. I came to see both of you.

So do I know this someone? Now I was curious. He was here to meet someone else too. I thought the old man had no family and

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