The Weaver family’s castle was halfway up the mountain.
Behind the castle, Larashua, the highest mountain on the continent, looked down with ice caps like a crown.
All around the castle was full of wind sliding down the hillside.
In the winter, the wind brings snowflakes, turning the walls of the castle into ice and snow.
They were decorated with flowers, and they used to put layers of snow curtains around the castle.
That’s why it got its nickname, Blizzard Castle.

Its nickname was more famous than its official name, Weaver Castle.
And true to its nickname, the blizzard castle was wrapped around a rough blizzard like a cape that day.

‘There must be no guests today.’

With that thought in mind, the butler looked out the white window.

“Give me last year’s budget.”

Marquis Weaver, who was looking at the papers, gestured.

“Yes, I will bring…”

The butler, who was about to stoop, saw a black carriage cutting through the blizzard as it approached.
The guards, who recognized whose carriage it was, quickly opened the gate.
The wagon that ran like flying stopped only after entering the castle.
Dark-blue robes from the door that was opened before the wagon even came to a complete stop.
And an old man in a suit got off.

The butler who saw the old man immediately reported.

“Master, the Archmage has returned.”

“He came back earlier than expected.
I didn’t believe that I had already done all the research, so I dared to go.”

Marquis Weaver replied without raising his head.
His green eyes were fixed on the papers.

The butler checked out the window again.
The Archmage reached into the wagon and picked up the little figure wrapped in a blanket.

“…It seems the Archmage has brought guests.”

“Guests? What guest?”

The Marquis finally raised his eyes.
He followed the butler’s gaze and looked back at the large glass window behind him.
He saw the Archmage carrying a small bundle of blankets and running into the castle.

“That little one is a guest? It must be something like new research material.”

Before the butler could respond to the Marquis’ words, a loud voice resounded from the lobby on the first floor.

“Son! Come out right now! Your nephew is going to die!”

“My nephew?”

Marquis Weaver was taken aback.
Did he have any nephews?

‘The second has no children, and the youngest…’

The youngest brother of Marquis had a daughter.
A child he only regarded as the only daughter of the Duke of Eldeer, but he did not recognize her as his own nephew.

“…Could it be that my father didn’t bring Princess Eldeer? The only heir to the ducal family that the duke doesn’t even show around?”

He threw away the papers and jumped up.

“Isn’t it? Huh? Do I have another nephew? Say so, butler.”

“If it’s the master’s niece, then it can only be Princess Eldeer.”

“My God, father, are you finally senile!”

The Marquis cursed and ran down to the lobby.
It felt like his body was floating around.

Ariadne sleeps unconsciously.
She burrowed into the arms of her grandfather that smelled like the sun.

“Oh my, she is so cute.”

A small laugh was heard.
A friendly hand caressing the forehead that she could feel behind.

“Look at the sweat.
You have a lot of fever.”

“What about the bath water?”

“I am ready.
Bring the lady.”

“My lady, let me help you take a bath.”

Drenched in sweat with a gentle whisper, the clothes that were clinging to it came off.
There was no cold, since something comfortable and warm embraced her body.

‘Good mood.’

Ariadne fell into a deeper sleep.

“…oh my God.”

“What is this…?”

The maids were horrified as they undressed the sleeping child.
A bloody bandage wais wrapped around the right arm.
It was wrapped, so when they unwrapped it, numerous open wounds were revealed.

“Isn’t this an injury? No matter how you look at it, it looks like a knife cut.”

“He kept scarring the baby arm until it got to this point? Why?”

The maids who met their gaze swallowed their saliva.
That wasn’t normal.
The weak-minded maid even shed tears.

“She must be sick… What should we do? It’s so awful.”

“You must not be aware of the lady’s wounds, right, Marquis Baek?”

“If I knew, I would have warned you to be careful.
You almost dipped her wounds in soapy water.”

“I don’t think even the Archmage knows.”

“He can’t.
I’ll report him.”

One of the maids got up and left the bathroom.
The rest of the maids began to wash her child more carefully than before.

* ♦ ♦ ♦ *

Ariadne suddenly opened her eyes.
She was an unfamiliar ceiling.
It was not her bedroom, nor was it a hellish study room.

‘Where is this place?’

She barely rolled her dazed head.

‘My last memory…’

After being guided by the archmage’s hand and riding in his carriage, she burst into tears.
Her memory after that was hazy.

‘Could it be that I just fell asleep while crying?’

When she tried to get up, she fell down.
There was no strength in her whole body, as if she had been ill for a long time.

‘How long have I slept?’

Suddenly, her heart sank.
Far from convincing the hemp master, she sleeps.

‘What kind of opportunity is this, and I just sleep? If they send me back…!’

Ariadne turned blue and tried to get up.
Her trembling arms barely supported her body and raised her upper body.
No matter how long she hadn’t moved, she was tired of getting under her bed.
She sat down on the bed, took a break, and looked out the large window in front of her.

‘It’s pure white.’

Her blizzard was so strong that she couldn’t see anything outside.
It was just as white as drawing paper.
Despite the weather outside, the inside of the bedroom was warm enough to be a little hot.
Looking around, she saw a fireplace burning roaring on one side.
There were many beautiful decorations everywhere.
It was a luxurious room.

‘Here… It’s too fancy to be an inn on the way.’

Even her bedroom in Eldeer was splendid compared to the one she lived in in her previous life, but the room wasn’t even like that.

‘Could that be real gold?’

She was looking suspiciously at the gleaming golden fence of the fireplace when the door burst open.

“Oh, my lady!”

The maid, who had come in with a basin, saw her and was startled.

“My Lord, little lady is awake!”

The maid shouted out of the door.

Ariadne tried to get up and walk, but the carpet was so soft that she lost her balance.
Just as she was about to fall down, the maid, who ran to her feet, lifted her up.

“Oh my God, are you okay? You can’t get up in that state!”

The maid stacked the pillows and cushions on the bed to make her back and sat her down.

“Aren’t you cold? Shall we turn up the lights? If you catch a cold, it’ll be a big deal.”

“Excuse me.”

She caught the maid’s sleeve as she tried to roll herself up into the quilt.
Even with her weak and slow hands, the maid stopped and looked at her.

“Yes, little lady.
Do you need anything?”

Ariadne was momentarily speechless.
She didn’t know how long it’s been since the last time someone was so kind to her.
Eldeer’s employees hadn’t even made eye contact with her.
Yes, all the hired servants left behind by her Duke were people who could have turned a blind eye if they found evidence of his abuse on the princess.

“Are you hungry? Or are you thirsty? Say anything.”, asked the maid in a friendly and kind manner.

Ariadne looked at her blankly and asked in a small voice.

“What is your name?”

“Yes? What name?”

“Your name.”

The maid’s eyes widened and her eyes curled.

“My name is Lucy.”


“Yes, Miss Ariadne.”

Lucy replied with a wide smile.
It’s been a long time since anybody smiled and answered when she called their name.
When she smiled at her joy, Lucy was moved.

“I’m so happy to see the lady get up and smile.
For three days, I watched her get sick.”

“Three days’?”

Had she been sleeping for three days? As Ariadne was shocked, her hasty footsteps approached and the door slammed open again.

“Is she awake?”

The first one to open the door was a silver-haired middle-aged man.
His height was enormous.
His strong chin, silvery beard, broad shoulders, and fur-trimmed coat made it look like a white bear standing there.

“Sir, please step aside.
What are you going to do by going in before the doctor?”

A woman in a bright green gown and glasses arrived next, whimpering and trying to push the Marquis away.

“Oh, yes.
Go in first.”

Marquis belatedly opened the way.
The doctor quickly entered the room.
A bright green gown embroidered with branches of gold fluttered.
Upon seeing the gown, Ariadne reflexively grabbed the blanket and hardened her body

‘That’s just the symbol of a formal doctor.
You know.’

Her head knew, but her body didn’t listen.
Her fingertips got cold with tension.
The memory of the previous life of 28 years was in the past.
Recalling a previous life was similar to going through a photo album and searching for old memories.
In contrast, the memories of being born and raised in this world were directly embedded in her body.

It was an engraved reality.
In that reality, the situation in which Ariadne Eldeer faced the doctor was always the same.

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