“Wouldn’t it be nice if it hurt less?”

“No, it’s dangerous.
Pain is a warning from the body.
You have to be careful when it hurts, but since it doesn’t hurt, it’s easy to overdo it.”


“The last time I treated the wound on your arm, I didn’t even use an anesthetic, but you were calm.”

“…It didn’t hurt much.”

“It is normal to shed tears because it hurts when the wound is disinfected.
Even if you fell down this time, a normal person would have already been sick and lay down to rest before the nosebleed broke out.”

Looking back, it seemed plausible.
Unlike her previous life, where she was frightened by even a slight cut on paper, in her present life, she endured even more severe pain quite well.
Besides, if it hurted too much, she even ran away to the fantasy library… She wondered if that had something to do with it.
The cause of the abnormal pain sensation was also understandable.
Something must have broken during the experiment.

When I think about what I have to do in the future, being numb is honestly a blessing.’

Ariadne nodded, and Jayleen let out a deep sigh.

“My lady feels less pain.
Everyone should be careful, but the lady should keep this fact in mind, and always pay attention to your physical condition.”

“Yes, I will.”

“You will be comfortable in the future.
There won’t be anything as big a pain as this time.
Thanks to the divine power, most of the latter have disappeared.”

“Then can I go for a walk now?”


“Can I run?”

“You can run as much as you like.”

It was good news.
As Ariadne’s expression brightened, Jayleen looked at her with her salty eyes.

After the attending physician left, only the Countess and Ariadne were left.
The Countess opened her mouth.

“I was really surprised when you suddenly collapsed.
Do you know how worried I was?”


“How are you feeling?”

“It is very light.”

It was a sacred power that she had only seen in writings, but experiencing it in person was amazing.
Rather than waking up from illness, it felt like she had a sweet sleep and woke up in a good mood.
Ariadne thanked them politely.

“Thank you for calling the priest, auntie.”

“Of course, what should I do? I’m so glad you’re not sick.
All that remains is to become healthy.”

The Countess continued her words, gently running through Ariadne’s flowing hair.

“Anyway, Erich… He said she reflected, but he was so immature.
That guy could rain on you again, and he could have bad guys hiding like last time… Come in,” said the Countess, who was at the end of her words, looking outside her.

Then Veronica, who opened the door and came in, saluted her.

“This is Veronica Brante.”

“In many ways, I thought it would be necessary for you to get around comfortably and safely, so I decided to attach an escort knight to you.”

Ariadne opened her eyes wide.
Unlike her first meeting, which was covered in blood, the washed Veronica had the impression of a sleepy cat.

‘I didn’t expect Veronica to pop out.
Even as my escort.’

“My escort?”

Even though she looks young, her skills are unmistakable.
Nika, if Erich is rude to Aria, you know?”

“Injuries… I won’t tolerate them.”

As long as his bones don’t break, don’t be sorry and hit him.”

“Yes, Captain.”

She responded slowly, but it seemed like she was excited.
The Countess smiled knowingly and sent Veronica away.
Ariadne asked what had bothered her from earlier.

“Um, did Erich get scolded because of my fall?”


The Countess stroked her chin as if she was in trouble.
Ariadne added hastily.

“It wasn’t because of Erich.
Rather, my older brother helped me.”

“I heard you would say that.”


“Erich, he honestly told me everything he said to you.
He said that it was his fault that you collapsed.”

It was unexpected.
He didn’t seem to have that kind of personality.
She was speechless for a moment, then she quickly explained again.

“But not really.
It happened because I stayed in my room for a long time and then came out and wandered all the way to the garden.”

“That’s the main reason, but you can’t be blamed for that at all, right?”

“No, no.
I just wanted to talk.”

Ariadne resolutely denied it.
The Countess tilted her head.

“Well, we should let him reflect on himself.
This is a rare thing.”

The Countess laughed softly as she said that.
Ariadne quickly rose from her bed.
She was in a completely different physical condition from before her priest came.
As expected, a priest was essential for attacking the Great Labyrinth.
Let the priest to be a companion be the one with the most divine power.
She would have to invest quite a bit in the temple to recruit that person… As soon as she recovered, all she did was go to her manufacturing room.

‘He’s safe.’

The elixir was quietly placed in the pot.
She poured it into glass jars.
She made less for fear of failure, so even when she divided it into sips, only six bottles came out. 

She completed Elixir for the first time.
She proudly looked at the tiny glass jars and counted them one by one with her fingers.

‘I’ll give one to my grandfather, one to auntie, and one to uncle.’

Then there were 3 left.
After thinking about it for a while, she decided to give one to Erich.

‘There are two left.
Give Veronica one too.
Maybe it can help.’

She still didn’t know how or when Veronica would die in the original story.
She didn’t have a search function in the fantasy library, and since the original work was vast, it took time to find the information she wanted.

‘There may be no relevant information at all.’

So she asked Pi to find it for her.
In return, she agreed to bring a bunch of sweets.

‘Should I give the last one to Pi then?’

The fantasy library seemed far from the threat of contamination, but it would be nice to have it just in case.

‘If Pi is a real spirit, it’s a useless potion…’

Spirits were unaffected by contamination.
Of course, he didn’t even need an elixir.
It was not the spirits that were affected by the pollution, but nature inhabited by the spirits.
Spirits were immortal as long as the nature they dwell in was maintained, but when the nature disappeared, they couldn’t endure and disappear.
When the river dries up, all the spirits born in that river would disappear.
That was the spirit’s death.
Therefore, whenever a labyrinth was created and contamination spreads, many spirits die.
No matter how strong the spirits were, there were no exceptions.
It was for this reason that spirit beasts actively signed contracts with humans, and even the great spirits who were struggling were looking for spiritists who could handle them. 

‘Even if Pi doesn’t need it because it’s a spirit… It’s my first time making it, so I want to give it to Pi.’

Ariadne attached ribbons with names written on each of the elixir bottles.
Seeing them side by side made her feel excited.
It was a happy thing to be able to give someone a present.
She first took the elixir bottle for the Pi and sat back in an armchair in the manufacturing room.
She was going to ask her about what had summoned her to her fantasy library the other day, and she was going to give her present to her uncle and cousin first.

She closed her eyes and called her name.


When she opened her eyes, she saw a familiar fantasy library.
However, there was one thing that was different from usual.


When she came in, there was no sight of her white-haired little boy embracing her, shouting, ‘Wait!’

“Pi? I’m here.”

Ariadne was perplexed and searched the study.
It used to be a room with only a golden bookshelf, but since she learned that she could bring things there, she often brought them, so it wasn’t empty.
If so, it was clearly inside the library.
There was nowhere to hide there.

She searched, but she couldn’t find Pi.
She was terrified when the kid who was always there disappeared.

“Pi! Pi! Where are you?”

Could it be that he disappeared just like when he suddenly appeared? She looked around hastily.


“Pi! Where were you…?”

Ariadne was glad to hear a familiar voice and suddenly her words faded.

“Aria! Look at this, look at this! Aria please! Discovery! Big discovery! Found it!”

Pi excitedly shook what she was holding in her hand.
Her torso pierced halfway through the glass wall.
The lower body was in another room beyond the study.

Ariadne raised her eyes.

“Pi, you…”

“Here! Here! What Aria was looking for! Request item, search item! Booty!”

Pi, who had run all the way through the glass wall, held out the leather-bound book to her. 

Instead of accepting it, she approached the glass wall she had broken through as if Pi was not there.
She could only feel the touch of the cold glass, but she could not pass it.
Same as before.
But that kid just got over this?

“…Pi, you can’t be in another study.
Can you go too?”

“Another study? Another room? Any other memories?”

Pi, tilting her head, climbed the glass wall in front of her.
At the moment of her touch, her little body shimmered and passed through the glass like a ghost.
Pi grinned at her from beyond the wall.
She couldn’t hear her, so she pointed to her ear and shook her head, and Pi came back.

“Aria, is it impossible?”

“Yeah, I can’t.
You can cross the wall but… Were you there?”

Her little head nodded even more than she did. 

‘Oh my God.’

Ariadne’s voice suddenly rose.

“Why are you saying that now!”

“Aria, I didn’t ask.
No cause, no question.
No results, no answers.
Are you mad about that? aggro? anger? Do I have to be scolded?”

Pi looked up with tears in his eyes.
She sighed and shook her head.

“No… I’m not mad.”

Because she didn’t ask… she understood.
Pi could call her over, and she could go to the other room… She never imagined she would be able to go to another room other than the study in her previous life.
Ariadne asked after barely recovering from her shock.

“Is the other room in the fantasy library like this one, someone’s library?”

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