‘I don’t understand that the world in the book actually exists.
How can a world that is only imagined by the author of the novel really exist?’

This world originally existed, and it might be possible if the author learned about this world in some way and wrote it as a novel.
Or, the author was a God.


She let out a laugh, then shook her head.

‘Well, to be honest, the problem starts with the fantasy library, and it’s ridiculous that I recalled the memories of my previous life.’

It’s enough to just accept that it’s always like that.
It’s actually all that happened, so what? What to do next was a much more important question than why this happened.
It was too much for that.

‘Let’s stop worrying about useless things.
This is also a habit.’

The golden liquid cooled completely.
Ariadne stopped her thoughts and poured the liquid into a bottle.

‘It looks like a success… I’ll have to check it out.’

She left the room and headed towards the backyard of the west tower.
In the backyard of the west tower was the Archmage’s Garden.
In an isolated space in the corner of the garden, there are several contaminated plants, to be precise, some plants that have turned into demonic plants due to contamination.
They were things that the great magician raised for research purposes.
Ariadne stood in front of the dark-purple grass that had sprouted octopus legs instead of leaves.

‘Before this was polluted, it was a daffodil.’

She gave a terrified look at the wobbling tentacle leaves before opening the lid of the vial.
She tipped the bottle, and golden liquid trickled out.
With a proper elixir, the tainted plants should turn back into daffodils.
Ariadne crouched down and watched the plant with bated breath.
The grass containing the elixir began to glow faintly.


The movement of the octopus legs stopped.
It shuddered, and the shell shattered.
A yellow and tender flower was visible through the gap where the dark purple shell had disappeared.
It was a daffodil.


Ariadne exclaimed excitedly.
It was then that a sharp voice flew into the back of her head and stuck.

“What are you doing here?”

She turned around in amazement and saw her silver-haired boy standing crookedly looking at her.
It was Erich who was sentenced to 3 months probation in the West Tower.

‘I was thinking of going back anyway.’

Ariadne took the hem of her skirt and greeted him.

“Hello, brother Erich.”

“Who is your brother?”

“Didn’t you hear about me?”

“I heard, so what?”

“Did you think that if I was told that you were my cousin, I would always love you? I don’t intend to do anything brother-like with you, so don’t call me friendly like that.

Erich replied nervously.
Ariadne stared blankly at him.

‘Why is he so hostile?’

Of course, if she was told that a strange cousin would live with her in the future, she may be embarrassed.
Still, if that cousin had about twice the age gap with her and their gender was different, most people wouldn’t bother fighting.

“What are you looking at? You want to go to my father? Come on, Skeleton.” Erich smirked.

‘He is a kid after all.
Even though he was scolded for treating me carelessly and even put on probation, he’s not careful at all.’

Ariadne stared at him and asked openly.

“Do you hate me?”

“Oh, yes.”


“You know what? Get out of here.”

Erich chined out of the garden.

“This is not a place for children to play.
It’s my father’s garden.
Do you know how precious these plants are? Get out now.”

“My grandfather gave me permission.”


“I heard that the Hemp Master personally gave permission to enter this garden.”

Erich’s face wrinkled.

“Are you a magic learner? Grandpa’s pupil?”


“Didn’t grandfather bring you to make you his disciple?”

“No… If it’s a lie, I won’t let it go.”

“There is no reason to lie.
Not really.”

“Well, my grandfather said I was the last disciple.”

Erich muttered a little relievedly and frowned.

“Did you come to study abroad to learn spirit skills from my parents?”


“You’re trying to become a spirit knight.”


“So what, why are you here? Not even an orphan.”

Erich didn’t seem to know why she ended up living in her castle during a blizzard.

‘It’s not something to say casually.’

“There are circumstances.”

“What circumstances?”

“Do you want to know? You said you didn’t want to do anything brother-like.”

When Ariadne asked back with a smile, Erich made a puzzled expression.

“What do you mean by this arrogantly? Dare talk back to Weaver’s successor!”

“I know, right.
That was Count Weaver so.” Ariadne stopped laughing and added calmly.
“Count Weaver so, I am the heir of Eldeer.
Keep an example for the Little Duke of Eldeer.”

Erich’s mouth fell open.
He looked Ariadne up and down in amazement.

“What now?”

“I was polite because you were my cousin, but if not, the little Count should be polite to me.
Isn’t it?”

“…Aren’t you 8 years old?”

“That’s right.
But you keep talking short, little Count.”

“What, what? Short words…?”

“Aren’t you being too rude to the little Duke? Little Count emphasizes his own status, but doesn’t seem to know how to consider the other person’s.”

Erich’s mouth opened wider.

“You, you… you really…” He, who had been pointing with his finger, must have been quite embarrassed, and shouted out loud.
“You think this is cute? A nice and decent kid? How much did you flirt? Does father know what you’re doing? I will tell him the truth…”

“Um, earlier, when you asked me why I was going to tell uncle out of the blue, it seemed like it was his habit.
If something happens, you go and tell your father.”

When she said with a smile, she finished signing up for Erich.
The boy’s face turned red.

‘If I do more, he’ll be really angry.
It’s okay if he doesn’t look down on me, so let’s stop.’

There were three things she realized while re-watching the original work, centering on Erich Weaver.
The first was that Erich Weaver had an inferiority complex in his heart.
Although he was a magical genius of the century, he felt a complex about not having the qualifications to become a spirit knight.
Most of the Weaver family’s heirs dreamed of becoming spirit knights when they were young because of the tradition of being spirit knights who inherit ‘blizzard’ as a spirit beast, and that both of their parents are excellent spirit knights.
Then, around the age of seven or eight, he got frustrated.
Because Erich Weaver was not good at swordsmanship, his affinity with spirits was low, and he did not understand his spirit skills at all.
Afterwards, he was led by his grandfather’s hand and avoided flying as soon as he learned magic, but the frustration of his childhood was rooted deeper inside him than he thought.
But he wanted to become a spirit knight rather than a wizard.

‘That’s probably why he got annoyed as soon as he saw me riding in a snowstorm.’

The cousin who appeared out of nowhere might have seemed like a future spirit knight who would inherit his father’s blizzard.

‘I’m sure he still has that suspicion.’

That the daughter of a ducal family with a healthy father ended up living in Weaver, that would be the only reason Erich could guess.
His father brought her in while looking for a successor to replace him.
So he was acting hostile like this.

“…Again, I didn’t come here to become a spirit knight, nor did I come here to become a wizard.”

Ariadne looked straight up into Erich’s green eyes and spoke again.
She didn’t come to inherit his father’s spirit water, and she didn’t come to compete for the position of grandfather’s disciple.
When she emphasized that point, Erich’s momentum softened considerably.
Still, he narrowed his eyes suspiciously.

“Then why did you come here? Why are you living in our house when you have a ducal family?”

“Isn’t there any reason for me to tell someone who is not my older brother about my secret situation?”

“This is real! Hey, you skeleton…”

“Are you done talking? I will now step back as you wish.
Anyway, the experiment is over.”

She deliberately put the stress on the word experiment.
It’s a word she hated and wanted to forget, but a word wizards were very interested in.

Erich reacted to the word like a wizard.

“Experiment? What experiment? What kind of experiment is a kid like you doing here?”

“Do not worry.
It’s an experiment that grandfather also allowed.”

“Grandpa allowed you to experiment here? Aren’t you supposed to be learning magic?”

It couldn’t be.
The boy muttered in a bewildered voice and looked down at her with eyes that seemed to be looking at her grotesquely.
He was far from benevolent, but there was a definite mixture of curiosity in his gaze.

‘It’s easier than expected.’

The second thing she discovered was that Erich was fundamentally a natural-born wizard, no matter how he behaved on the outside.
While dreaming of becoming a spirit knight, he was a wizard who seemed to have painted his nature and way of thinking.
He couldn’t control his curiosity in the field he was interested in, and his curiosity precedes everything else.
Those whose intuition was solved only by digging into and interpreting what they were curious about.

‘I thought it would be worthwhile to stimulate curiosity even though it’s hard to get a good impression, but it really works.’

“Since he gave me permission, I did the experiment.
No way I would have done it without asking permission.”

“What kind of experiment is this?”

“Then, goodbye.”

“Hey! What an experiment!”

Ariadne ignored the fluttering Erich and moved on.

‘I don’t have to look good.’

The last thing she realized was that she didn’t have to look good for her future colleagues.
Because liking and trust were two different things.

‘The main character managed to lead his colleagues with that personality.’

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