The starting point of the anomaly

Duke Franz Eldier looked young for his age.
Gorgeous platinum hair, blue eyes like the clear sky, and well-balanced eyes.
Even though he was closer to 40 than 30, his beauty has not faded at all to the extent that he was said to be a work of art.
He was said to have a beautiful smile that even made the viewer feel better.

“Welcome, Archmage.”

Archmage Solan Garcia thought while watching the Duke smile.

‘I want to burn his face with fire.’

The old Archmage did not hide his true feelings.
He frowned and let out his words.

“Don’t laugh.”

” Yes?”

“Seeing you smile makes me feel like I’m making a mistake.
Maybe it’s because I’m older, but my patience isn’t what it used to be.”

“… Ah, yes.”

The Duke stopped laughing and cleared his throat.

“I repeat, the death of my wife was also a sudden accident for me.
You know that she was originally a weak person, don’t you?”

“The guy who impregnated a weak child and took her away sure speaks well.”

“We loved each other! It wasn’t even because of her pregnancy that she died!”

The Duke burst into anger.
The Archmage crossed his arms, hoping to hear what his damn son-in-law was talking about.
The Duke took a deep breath and continued.

“My daughter is already seven years old, so how could she collapse now because of her childbirth seven years ago?”

“Then what did she do that killed my daughter before she was thirty?”

“Didn’t I tell you? Not because of me, but because of pollution.”

“Gloria was an Elementalist.
An Elementalists dying from pollution? Say something that make sense.”

“She has never really fought pollution because her body was weak.
Do you know how shocked I was to be like that because the Elementalist entered the contaminated area?”

The Duke beat his chest as if frustrated and unfair.
The Archmage gave him a chin.

“Then now explain why you suddenly sent your wife to the polluted area.
You know very well that Gloria has never been to a polluted area in her life, so why?”

“She said she was going.”

“Even if she said she would go, you should have stopped her.”

“I thought so too many times.
I should have dried it.
Why couldn’t I stop her?”

The Duke paused for a moment.
Tears welled up in his blue eyes.
He cried and cried.

“But Gloria… She was also an Elementalist herself, but she asked why I couldn’t believe it.
Shouldn’t her husband trust and support his wife, she begged me, that she could do it… Her, only her, for her sake, her… I hope that such a result would come out…”

The Duke bowed his head and he began to sob.
It was like a model husband who lost his wife in an unexpected accident and was lost in her grief.
The Archmage stared at him like that and then said as if tossing it.

“Hey, you laughed a lot earlier, but now you seem to be in tears.”

“I thought it got better with time… When I think of my wife I just… Excuse me.”

The Duke answered while wiping away tears.
His facial expression and tone were desperate.
He looked even more desperate because he had a beautiful appearance like a prince in a fairy tale.
However, the Archmage only felt uncomfortable.

‘A guy I hate to see.’

No matter how Duke he was, he wanted to kill him from the moment he married his late youngest daughter, who was only 18 years old.
He told her he would disown her if she was going to marry him, but her youngest daughter cut off real contact with him.
After entering the Duchy of Eldeer, the Archmage had not heard from his daughter at all.
Once she made a decision, the stubbornness to not look back was very similar, fearing that it was someone’s daughter.

‘Even if she didn’t, he, the son-in-law, should have contacted me!’

No matter how, it was 8 years of no contact.
He didn’t like it very much.
If she left like that, she would have lived well as if to show off, but dying before thirty was nothing like that.

‘To hear the news after the funeral is over… Because she became a mother, she couldn’t even look at the way to the end…’

It felt like his heart had turned into a stone thorn and poked his insides.
The Archmage turned the pain into anger and screamed.

“Why did you give the news so late? I didn’t even see my daughter’s funeral!”

“I called right away! I just didn’t know that the messenger would be annihilated by the monsters on the way.”

“If that’s the case, send another one, what if I could have helped her!”

“I sent a new messenger as soon as I understood the situation, but it was already too late…”

“If you don’t receive a reply, shouldn’t you send it again and check the situation? Or, postpone the funeral until we can contact you!”

“I’ve never contacted you, so it’s a little late to figure out if you heard the news and ignored it.”

The Archmage, who had nothing to say, fell silent for a moment.

18-year-old Gloria asked sadly.

‘Are you not coming to my wedding?’

The Archmage did not even look back while he answered.

‘I’m not going to a wedding with a guy li

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