C23— Revealing One’s Identity

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But soon, He Yishu forced this excitement down, because the most important thing in writing was the state of mind.
If  he couldn’t calm down, his handwriting would be a little impetuous, which would make it difficult to express the charm of Chinese characters.




He Yishu sat in front of his desk and closed his eyes for a long time before opening his eyes again, the he started writing.




This time, he used cursive script, which was crazy and free and easy, with wild and uninhibited strokes.




However, in a short time, He Yishu had put down the rune pen, and then handed the rune card to Adrian.
The test results of this Rune card would give him the answer.




Adrian, who received the rune card, felt that the thin paper in his hand felt heavy.
He took a deep breath and carefully put the rune card into the detector.




Card grade: grade F



Rune card effect: Primary Defense



Card making difficulty: level F



Rune grade: low grade Rune



Type of symbol pen: ordinary rune pen



Character completion: 0.27%



Mental power injection level: F-level



Rune effect level: B +



Card quality: Rare



Card special attributes:

[primary card attack]: [normal card attack effect] level 1.


Attribute 2: [primary] mental power improvement, that is, in the process of making runes, it can permanently improve the maker’s mental power by a small amount.




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After seeing the special attributes of this Rune card, He Yishu made three other Rune cards. 




After detecting the attributes of these three Rune cards, He Yishu already knew the answer.




But at this time, his mood miraculously calmed down, which may be one of the charm of Chinese characters.
As long as he could focus on calligraphy, no matter how agitated and excited his previous mood was, he could slowly calm down with a brush and ink.




  He Yishu turned to look at Adrian, who was still in shock.
His voice subconsciously lightened: “I seem to have found the reason.”




“So?” Adrian asked He Yishu quietly.





He Yishu didn’t answer this question directly, but stared at Adrian’s expression and eyes for a while. 




He had indeed regarded this person as a friend and he saw him as his person.
However, when it came to the deepest secret in his heart, He Yishu still inevitably hesitated.




Even if he just transmigrated recently, He Yishu already knew something about the Rune Card division.
He knew how terrible his strength was now and how much influence it would have on the whole interstellar empire.




Powerful to terrible strength, in addition to bringing him great benefits, it also symbolized a terrible crisis.
If this matter was exposed at this time, He Yishu would face all kinds of dangers.




His current strength wasn’t enough to protect himself.




Seeing He Yishu’s hesitation, Adrian also realized his gaffe.
He immediately apologized: “Sorry, I was just too shocked, I wasn’t deliberately trying to find your secret.
Please don’t mind.
I’ll completely clear the data on this symbol card detector later.
In the future, it’d be better not take this kind of card to other rune card detectors to test the data.
Don’t even let others have a chance to see this rune card.”




As Adrian spoke, he had completely cleared the data of the rune card detector in front of He Yishu.




Seeing the other’s actions, He Yishu no longer hesitated.
Since he had started, why hesitate in the process? Since he had chosen trust, why raise doubt halfway?



What was more, when Adrian saw the test results just now, although he was very shocked, he didn’t show any greed at all.
This was enough to show that his character was absolutely reliable.




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In that case, why was he hesitating?



He Yishu took a deep breath and opened his mouth to reveal the answer: “It’s because of the font.
Because I use a different font, it makes the rune card activate different special attributes.”




He Yishu had made a total of six runes with special attributes, two of which were regular script, two were pure Song typeface, and the remaining two were cursive script.




  Because the fonts were different, the first special attribute activated was different.
When the fonts were the same, the effect of activating the attribute should be related to the mood of the producer, as well as the types of rune paper and pen.




The reason why He Yishu could determine that the special attribute was related to the state of mind was that he had previously regarded the lines on the rune card as infinitely close to normal Chinese characters, but at that time, he didn’t regard his behavior and his state of mind hadn’t been adjusted, so the Rune card didn’t have special attributes.




Last night, when he made the two runes, he made the runes with the thought of re appreciating the words he was familiar with, so the special attributes were stimulated.




Adrian’s eyes flashed with shock.
He didn’t expect He Yishu to tell him the answer so straightforwardly, which made the speed of his heart increase immediately: “He Yishu, you really don’t need to tell me…”




He Yishu directly interrupted Adrian and said with a smile, “I’ve made my choice.
If you don’t want to listen, refuse me again.”




Adrian stared at He Yishu silently for a while, and finally succumbed to the rapid beat of his heart, “What’s the font?”




He Yishu glanced at Adrian and the smile on his face became more obvious, but his attitude was still serious: “Adrian, you should have seen my process of making runes? Have you ever seen others draw runes like this before?”




“No.” Because He Yishu didn’t try to hide, Adrian saw clearly, he had never seen the situation that anyone could draw the rune card at such a fast speed before.




He Yishu looked directly into Adrian’s eyes, “The reason why I can draw such a unique Rune card with such a fast speed is that this is the text I used to be very familiar with and have been using.”




Adrian’s eyes were serious and deep, and the shock in his eyes was obvious: “What you’re describing is a kind of text?”




“Yes, in fact, I think your runes here probably evolved from this kind of characters.
It’s only because they slowly lost their original form over time and were assimilated by your own language.”




The amount of information in these words was too large.
Adrian squeezed his eyebrows and pondered on his words for a long time before he correctly understood the meaning in He Yishu’s words.
Then, the shock that had just been barely suppressed sprang out once again: “So you…”

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He Yishu smiled and nodded calmly: “Yes, I’m from another world.”



Just when He Yishu was calm on the surface and confided his identity to Adrian with anxiety in his heart, the fast and convenient transportation network had sent the mail from here to all buyers.



After receiving the cards, all buyers reacted surprisingly in unison.
They immediately put down what they had in hand,, opened the card and ran to the rune card detector.




When they saw the results displayed on the rune card detector, their reactions were also surprisingly consistent.
They stared at it in disbelief, and their minds were crazily swaying from shock.




what the fu-ck! what the f-uck! what the f-uck! That shop didn’t cheat.
They actually bought such a magical Rune card!



Then, they did the same thing, they immediately ran to the virtual network, found the store and clicked to place an order!



However, this time, the results of their operation couldn’t be completely consistent, because they found that the store had put up an announcement.
From today on, the store only accepted the customization of 20 effect cross-level symbol cards every day.




In other words, only the first 20 of them could successfully customize such runes, and the others could only return empty handed.




The surprise of just getting the rune card was almost covered by the regret and helplessness at this time, so there was another bloody storm in the discussion area.




#Shock! The D-level Rune card I bought actually has the effect of B -! My little friend and I were stunned#



#With the boss’s Rune card, I don’t have to worry about being hanged and beaten in the arena anymore.
Ha ha#



#Does anyone know who is behind the scenes in the card shop? Kneeling down and asking for the information of the boss#




#Ha ha, I’m so smart.
I’m so happy I grabbed more cards~#




#Tearsrundown! Why were there forty yesterday and only twenty today? Why didn’t I grab today’s Rune card! Why, why, why#




#Note: those who have used the shop’s Rune card, come here to talk about the effect#


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#I can’t grab the customized character card, so I can only kneel down and beg the boss for more stock_ (: з ゝ∠)_, Boss, did you hear my cry? QAQ#]






He Yishu didn’t hear the pleas in the discussion area.
Now he was staring at Adrian’s light computer in a daze.
After revealing his identity to Adrian, He Yishu was actually very uneasy, but when this uneasiness was placed in front of the continuous flow of money, it seemed less important.




From the beginning to the present, Adrian’s light computer had been giving the prompt of receipt, almost without stopping.



[You have received 200 credit point transfer from account XXX, please pay attention to check!]



[You have received 1000 credit point transfer from account YYY, please pay attention to check!]



[You have received 2200 credit point transfer from account zzz, please pay attention to check!]






It was a great feeling.
He had money!




Of course, if the money was directly sent to him, he’d feel better.




Seeing that He Yishu has been staring at his light computer consistently, Adrian’s shocked mood eased.
He smiled helplessly: “Don’t read any more.
These are all yours.
I’ll transfer the credit points to you.”




He Yishu blinked and withdrew his dazed eyes: “What were we just talking about?”




Adrian replied, “We were talking about who who you are.”




He Yishu immediately choked on his saliva, and his expression became a little unnatural: “So what do you think?”




    “I believe you,” Adrian answered without hesitation.
“Although your experience is indeed strange, I believe you didn’t lied to me, you chose to trust me when you chose to tell me this.”




Trust was mutual.
Only by trusting each other could they go further together.

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