January 1-2nd 1961

Mary lead me all over the facility and we stopped in the engineering department where she introduced me to the woman that she worked with and dropped me back off at one of the main building where Kurt had finished his phone calls to DC.

Kurt- ”First the head of the CIA, FBI and the President thank you for your assistance their have already been arrests of some of the Soviet spies which have proven your knowledge.

So I have been tasked with helping you settle in till more agents from DC arrive tomorrow to provide you with Documents of who you are and to further negotiate your contract with the US government.

So before they arrive what things will you not back down off and what demands do you have. ”

Cole- ”Not that many but they may be hard to accomplish, First desegregation of NASA as you are refusing 1,000s of highly skilled workers from helping, next increase the cooperation between Sexes.

That are my major demands that I won back down from, now for my technical demands first is any technology will be patented under mine and NASAs name meaning I will receive 30% of the revenue, 30% to NASA, to the 30% the Government and the last 10% to charities I or my family chooses.

Finally to eventually be allowed to go back to space when its proven that we have a safe and reliable way to orbit. As I know if/when I become to valuable to the government they won want to engage myself to much. ”

Kurt nodded and wrote down my demands.

Kurt- ”For tonight you will have to stay here at the facility but by tomorrow we should have you a home or something. Now Ill have someone guide you to your room for the night Ill speak to you in the morning Srgt Cole. ”

After eating dinner in the cafeteria with Mary who was king enough to join me with a couple of her friends I decided to head to the engineering department as I wanted to go ahead and try and build a small rocket engine.

Once I started to work on the Rocket engine I realized I had created a new series of problems. One the fuel used by the current Mercury program used Solid-Fuel rather than a liquid engine which become the norm for the future. Two large scale Hydrogen and Oxygen production as the current rate would bottle neck the system. Last is the stress it would cause on the rocket, which means Ill have to introduce a new rocket design using stronger materials.

So before I can even use my new engine which at base with now no side boosters is 480 kN of thrust using pure Hydrogen while the current Little Joe rockets is 668 kN of thrust which only last a couple of seconds.

I would spend the night in the engineering room working on my tablet writing a lot of papers on technical theories on the O2 H2 Generator and the Oxygen Farm as both are crucial in long term habitation on celestial bodies. Then finally I actually building a simple version of the Hydrogen Rocket engine after using most of the materials in the room and promptly fell asleep on the rocket.

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