Gis couldn’t comprehend the current situation.

He was about to inflict terrible despair on that cheeky Cloud bastard.

Suddenly, Frilite appeared, ignored him, and got busy talking with Cloud.

The attitude of completely disregarding him made Gis feel incensed, and a twisted ‘tic’ appeared on his forehead.

“You bastards…!”

As soon as the swear word was spit out, the eyes of the two Heroes turned to him.

Tell me, why are you doing this? There is nothing good for you in this, if you try to do more than what has already happened, you will make the situation worse.”

“There’s nothing good? Why not? Watching that bastard get f**ked makes me feel damn good.”

“But I won’t let that happen.
My meaning is simple, if you don’t want to get in trouble, go back.”

“If I don’t want to get in trouble, I should go back..huh? I know why you’re behaving like this.
You’re trying to strike a balance between us Heroes in order to continue that old tradition.
Normally, I would have been forced to step back even though I was displeased.
But now I feel like…”

Gis let out a sly smile.

“I don’t wanna!”

Whirlik! Whirlik!

The chain scythes spinned with his arm movement and flew towards Frillite.

Frillite observed the flying chain scythe and added strength to her hand gripping the bayonet.

“I thought that one day, I will have to strengthen the discipline of the Heroes who would become lax in their behavior, but to think that… today will be the day.”

Frillite swung her sword horizontally.

She swung it while wielding it in one hand at unbelievable speed.


The flying chain scythe bounced off.
Gis used the snap of his wrist to flick the chain movement.
The waves moved along the chain.

The chain scythe, which was bounced off, once again aimed at Frillite.

Gis placed his hands between his arms and pulled out daggers through the gap between his knuckles.
As he swung his arms, eight daggers walloped towards Frillite.

Of course, the daggers were laced with a highly venomous poison.

Frillite marked the chain scythe and daggers coming towards her.

Hah… She took a deep breath.

She lowered the tip of her sword.
Then, she simultaneously oscillated the mana inside her body.

Her mana, which began to oscillate inside her, soon affected her surroundings as well.

A famous skill of the Perdiac family.

[Radiant Wave]-!

A red river of energy with ginormous churns.


The ground Frillite stood on was hollowed.
With that, the ground around her proximity began to rupture.

Daggers, which were aiming at her, were splintered and scattered everywhere by force.
The chain scythe, made of a special material, bounced off without suffering the same fate.
However, it could not escape the fate of being severely damaged.

“…After all, it’s Frillite.
I’m not lucky, but I’m not going to get defeated by just one skill.”

Gis scrutinized at the chain scythe’s broken blade with a disappointed expression.

Soon, a hippie smile returned to his face.

“Because I’m not who I used to be!”


The chain scythes intertwined with each other and whizzed in a straight line towards Frillite.

The entangled chains imbued with green mana looked like two menacing snakes.

Frillite raised her sword upwards.
A reddish black energy coated her sword.
As she swung her sword down, the crescent-shaped crimson sword wave severed the two snakes apart.

With the snakes severed to their tail ends in a snap, the figure of Gis was nowhere to be seen.

“Didn’t I tell you? It will be different from before.”

Frillite heard Gis’ voice from her own lower right direction.

She tilted her head backwards by an inch .

A colorful dagger of orange and black pierced through the spot where her cheek had been.

“It’s a dagger crafted from Wyvern’s teeth.
Even iron can be easily ripped apart.
Not to mention a human’s body… Oh, don’t worry.
I’m not going to kill you.”

[Reaper’s Strike]-!

A blow intertwined with malice struck her.

* * *

[Gis used Reaper’s Strike.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Gis used 4 consecutive Reaper’s Strike.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Gis accumulated to use 44 consecutive Reaper’s Strike.]

[Gis’ attack power has greatly increased.]

[Gis’ accuracy has greatly increased.]

[Half of Gis’ HP has been consumed.]

[All of Gis’ MP has been consumed.]

[Gis used 44 consecutive Reaper’s Strike.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Frillite evaded the attack.]

[Gis fell into Weakness State.]

* * *

As expected by Gis, Frillite was strong.

She avoided him easily, as if she knew where he would attack.

All upto the next 4 consecutive attacks.

Just like in the past, she was a woman against whom they weren’t capable of winning even if he, Lorian, and Cloud attacked together.

‘Yes, she has to be of this level to give a meaning of defeating her.’

Only if Frillite is defeated, will he become the greatest Hero on the continent, in both name and reality.

Then, no one will be able to meddle in what he does.

The smile did not disappear from Gis’ face.

Even though his attacks couldn’t even touch Frilite’s figure right now, it was okay.

Because he had a trump card on him.

44 consecutive Reaper’s Strike.

It was a skill he had learned from a now retired, legendary assassin.

Gis might not have been able to see even his shadow in this lifetime, but he had the strong support of his adoptive mother and the Zarakh Society to which she belonged.


‘Even if it’s Frillite, as long as she is human, she won’t be able to dodge this.’

Because this skill was created by the legendary assassin only to kill humans.

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