“With this… I can live…”

Like this, I decided to live in this world.

* * *

After the meal, I asked the girl named Lina how she made these things.

Lina had a face that showed it was difficult to answer, but I was so curious that I rushed into her kitchen without Lina stopping my steps.

In the kitchen, there were not only cooking utensils, but also what appeared to be alchemy ingredients.



This little girl was not only a cook, but also an alchemist.


“Why are you, an alchemist, researching cooking in such a backward place?”

“What’s wrong about culinary research-! I’m going to get rich from this!”


I glanced around the inside of the store.
Would any visitor ever come to such a shabby place?

Previously, I almost thought that I was fooled, but I don’t think people will eat out in a place like this, atleast not for a while.

“If you want to become rich, you must first start with the interior design, right?”

“Interior… design..?”

“You have to fix the store.
Else, which fool would come to such a shabby place?”

Lina pointed her finger at me.

“…..Yes, I did come.
But, what about before that? How many people have come till now?”

Lina evaded my gaze dodgingly as I smirked at her.

“Not a single soul.”

“…! H, How did you know that?! Aaah! Do you think I also want to do business in a store like this?! I also have ambitions for my business, to have a better facilitated place! But what do I do if I don’t have that much money! Right now, I’m in a situation where I’m struggling with research funding alone! Because *hic* of which I’m *hic* only eating single meals a day!!”

Whether it was a tantrum or not, Lina poured out all the things I didn’t even wanted to know.

I stroked my chin while she was almost about to cry.

“So, it’s about money… So you’re saying that if you have money you can make something better than this?”


“I mean this one, the fizzling in this black water.
If you have money, can you increase that?”

“Well, I’ve never done it, but I think it’s possible.”

“Really? Then take it.”

I took out the money pouch I had from under my arm and threw it to Lina.


Receiving the pouch, Lina looked puzzled, then she slowly opened the slit and peeked inside.

“Hey, eh…?! Eeeeh?!”

Her eyes opened wide in astonishment.

“Hey, w-why are you giving me such a large amount of money…?”

“Where’s it large? It’s only 3000 gold.”

I haven’t adjusted to the price system of this world yet, but 3000 gold is not a huge amount.
Though it’s not even a small amount either.

“It’s all that I have right now.
I’ll send you more later when I have money, so for now, be satisfied with that.”

“Yes… uh…? No, wait a minute.
Why can’t I keep up with this conversation?..!”

“Don’t you need research funding? I’ll back you up.”

“W, Wow, sponsorship!”

Lina’s cheeks trembled.

“Are you really going to support me?”

However, there are conditions.”

“What, what is it..?”

“For now, let’s name—the black water becomes coke and the tingling thing will be called carbonic acid.
Make that carbonic acid stronger than it’s now.”

“Coke… Carbonic acid…!”

Lina took out her notebook and pen and started taking notes.

Wait, where did you bring that out from?

“And normally, you can research whatever you want to, but if there is anything I specifically ask for, give priority to that research.
That’s all.”


“Why? You have any complaints?”

“Um… Thank you for your support… but interfering with the research is a bit… I’m afraid it’s absurd from an alchemist’s point of view…”

Lina spoke with a submissive attitude like a business man persuading a treasured client.

“No? Then there’s no support…”

As I reached out for the 3000 golds that was resting in her bosom, Lina quickly hid the pouch behind her back.

“But I am a culinary researcher, not an alchemist! I will accept the offer!”


“Wise judgment.”

I and Lina shook hands.
The deal was sealed.

* * *

This world… is worth living.

So what I need to do from now on is simple.

A spec-up to defeat the Demon King.

I recalled the contents of the notebook that Cloud had left.

Since the Goblin Road has already been subjugated, the first half of the game is finished.

The three heroines have also been passed on to other heroes, so it can be said that we are almost halfway there.

‘No, this Cloud, how did this bastard usually lived to get totally NTRed already?’

To get NTR by all the three in just the middle course, it’s was almost impossible unless he possessed some kind of talent.

However, the original Cloud did it naturally like breathing.

He can’t be that great, right?


‘…that’s not what’s important right now.’

Putting aside how stupid the original Cloud was, what matters now is how much power this body has.

If I could exactly know that, I can properly decide whether to spec-up or farm equipments.

First of all, no doubt—this body is weak.

I can tell just by feeling this body.
But I’m not sure how weak it really is.

Just as people know that ants are weak, but they don’t know how weak they are, such was the case with me.

Therefore, it is necessary to know my status.

Because it will accurately quantify the level of this body.
As I’ve played this game about 3 times, just by looking at the status, I can even range how much of an idiot the Original Cloud was.

‘If I had known this would happen, I would have asked the butler about the status when the party was disbanded.’

In fact, it is written on the back inconveniently, so how to see?

After thinking for a while, I got up and left the inn.

It was somewhere I was going to go anyways, so I guess I could just ask there.

* * *


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