threw things like food waste and even instructed them to lie down and eat like a dog.

Beatings and insults.

It has become their daily routine.

It was natural to leave the party in face of such situation, but it was impossible.

Because Gis had no intention of letting them go.

When they would go to bed after such a painful day, Neria would often talk to Ophelia about her childhood.

She would recall the memories she had made with Cloud.


Neria’s face literally glowed when she talked about her memories with him.
In the middle of which, she would not have a dull face like normal times, but an expression full of longing, sadness, and joy.

Whenever she was in a good mood, she would pull out items containing her memories with Cloud and show them to Ophelia.

A wooden dolphin figurine.

An object that Cloud’s father had made for her and him before his disappearance.
A figurine that only two people in the world shared.
She regarded it as an irreplaceable treasure.

And that figurine was soon discovered by Gis and shattered by his foot.

Ophelia would never forget the expression Neria made that day.

Although she somehow joined it together with some adhesive, she didn’t get out of the gloom for a while.

Whenever she saw Neria like that, Ophelia would often fall in her own thinking.

Although she is a messenger of the Goddess, it is natural that she shall be punished for failing to overcome the temptation and desire.

But what about Neria?

What did she do to deserve this punishment, this suffering?

Is this reasonable?

She did not doubt the existence of the Goddess.

The existence of the Goddess has already been revealed and verified through various happenings.

However, is it really like the church says, is Goddess really just, and does she really gives retribution to the evil?

If not, is she just… throwing a tragic fate on nice people, for her own fun and enjoying it?

Such a blasphemous thought often arose in her mind.

“Ophelia, you saw it too.
How Cloud beat Gis.
Now we don’t have to worry anymore.
Now, we can go back to the old days..!”

Saying that, Neria had a desperately hopeful expression on her face.

Ophelia understood her feelings.
But she was skeptical of what Neria said.

‘Is it really possible?’

As Neria said, Ophelia also saw Cloud at the imperial banquet.

Even though it was a surprise attack and there were no weapons involved, Cloud overwhelmed Gis.

While armed, Gis may lead.
Still, Gis won’t be able to bully Cloud as blatantly as he used to.


Because now, Cloud is also capable of resistance.

But there is one thing more important than that.

‘Will Hero really accept us?’

If it was the Cloud Neria knew, then he would accept them unconditionally.

Without thinking about the wounds they inflicted?

The Cloud they knew was such a person.

Yet like it or not, Cloud has changed.

She could tell it just by looking at his brief appearance at the Imperial Social Banquet.

‘Because I’ve never seen Hero with such a scary expression…’

Cloud is a human, so, of course, he also gets angry.

Especially when innocent people were eaten by monsters or killed by bandits, he would get particularly enraged.

On the other hand, the behavior he showed at the imperial banquet was completely different from before.
He must have been angry, but it wasn’t like hot fire.
Rather, it was like a sharpened sword.

A razor-sharp sword that felt like it will split his opponent in two halves at any moment.

It was an emotion that they hadn’t seen in the past him.

‘Even if the Hero forgives us and accepts us…’

Can we really go back to the way we were before..?

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