Naturally, the difficulty increases as you go down the dungeon.

From the 5th to 10th floors, even an S-class party that easily hunted down monsters—

—on the 10th to 15th floors, there was no choice for them but to suffer.

“Die, you bastard!”

The spear of Graveliya pierced through the kobold’s face.


A dog-like monster that walks on two legs, it is characterized like a old dog with a hunched back.

Their level is about 20-25, so if you are an S-class with your average level in 30s, you do have to give effort…

– Knock, Kung, Krrrr!

– Kung, Kung!

– Kung, krrrr!

“Noisy motherf**kers!!”

They were too many in numbers.

At first, there were only two or three kobolds, but as they barked, more kobolds began to appear from everywhere.

As it continued, we ended up getting chased by dozens of kobolds, just like now.


A crossbow shot by a kobold passed by Graveliya’s cheek.

“Hey! Hey, Kyle! Can’t you stop it properly!? Wanna be a widower?!”


“Shut up! Don’t reply, just block it properly! Are the shields you received as loot decorations? You should carry one shield in each hand!”


“Don’t make the expression that you just realized, just do it quickly!”

Many more.
Warrior’s blood, boil!”


“This bloody lunatic! Hey you, savage bastard!! Run you hot-head, don’t drag us! Ugggh, this is really killing me! Oh really, why am I doing this? Yes! Order, Cloud, you give him one… What.
Are you smiling now, smiling?! Really?! Is the situation so funny, really?!”

Graveliya looked at my face and frowned and cursed.

It seems that I just failed in managing my facial expressions.

But what do I do when I’m having fun?

‘How long has it been since I was chased like this?’

The most memorable one is being chased by the extermination unit directly under the 3rd Corps commander.
After running around for a whole week in Eliath Forest, I barely managed to get rid of them, right..?

“Hey, fuck you! Don’t laugh and tell me what to do now! You said you would be the leader, be responsible!”

“Let’s go all the way to the boss room.”

“…Did I hear it wrong? Can you tell me once again..?”

“Let’s go to the boss room, damn straight.”

“Huh… heh heh… heh heh heh heh…!”

Graveliya giggled in surprise, then pointed her finger at the kobolds that were chasing us.

“To the boss room? With these bastards? Why are you making it so difficult for everyone, leader?”

“Come on, we won’t die.
Trust me, come follow me.”

“What dog-”

“Break the block.
Garuda, go with Graveliya!”



Graveliya and Garuda broke through the kobolds that stood in their way.
Graveliya delicately gave her own finishing touch while Garuda slashed through roughly with his axe.

While they tore through like that, I deflected the crossbow arrows Kyle couldn’t stop with my sword.

Each of us were faithful to our roles, and thanks to the hours of running, we were able to get right in front of the boss’ room on the 15th floor.

From the 11th to the 15th floor, in just a few hours!

What a wonderful record!

“I know it’s hard, but just a little bit more.
See that big stone gate over there? If we open it and then lock it, the kobolds won’t be able to get in.”

No answer was heard.

Maybe it was because they were too tired to even answer.

We arrived in front of the boss room and opened the stone door and went inside.

“What? Why isn’t it getting locked? It can still be opened from outside.
Hey, Cloud! What happened? Are you sure about what you said?!”

Graveliya, who had closed the stone door and tried to lock it, was perplexed.

“Oh? Of course I’m, I’m not sleeping.
It is supposed to be locked the moment intruders enter.”

Graveliya continued to push the stone gate with a strange expression on her face.

But the gate didn’t budge.

“So now what? Imprisoned from both sides?”

“To be precise, it hadn’t locked up.”


Now, it did.

The 15th floor boss room is in the form of a round corridor.

A heavy, heaving sound was heard from inside the corridor.
Through the darkness that the torch light could not reach, a large figure began to appear, and then it appeared.

– Crer…

What appeared was a strange kobold.

About 3m tall, with muscles that fit his size.
In his four arms, he was brandishing weapons like blunt hammers, axes, and swords.

Just by looking at it, it seemed to be way stronger than any normal kobold.

This is the boss of the 15th floor, King Kobold.

Maybe it’s because he has four arms, in the game, he was a boss with double chances of action.

The damage was great too, so it wasn’t a easy boss.

But this isn’t a game.

‘Um, so one person per arm?’

With that thought, I turned to the party members.

They had been chased for hours by the kobolds, and their form was a mess.

They had wounds all over their body, and blood was dripping from the wounds.
But even so, it wasn’t that everyone was totally exhausted or the sound of breathing was low.

‘…I think a party raid would be overkill.’

That would be of course—fun.
Unfortunately, not now.
I coughed and said to the three.

“You guys rest for now.
I will take care of this one.”

I swung my sword and walked towards the King Kobold.

* * *

“…wanna just ask one thing.”

Kobold meat was being grilled over the bonfire, when Graveliya suddenly asked.

“You finally decided to open your mouth.
I’ve been feeling lonely, it’s too quiet ever since without your bla-bla and chirps.”

“…You, if you had that level of skill, why did you stay still when we were chased by kobolds?”

“I didn’t stand still… but I know what you’re trying to say.
The reason is simple.
I feared one of you would die.”


Graveliya narrowed her brows as if she didn’t understand.

“I said, I feared that one of you would die.
No matter how strong I am, there’s only one sword I hold.
And there were too many kobolds to count.
Is there any guarantee one of you won’t die while I kill them?”


“Yeah, now you get it.
So stop asking strange things and eat meat.
You must have spent a lot of energy running around.”

I handed the meat skewers to Graveliya.
These delicious skewers that have just been grilled nicely, with juices dripping down.

She accepted it and asked one more thing, still not eating her food.

“I’m just asking, do you have any intention of leaving just after this?”


I answered firmly.

If I was going to quit here, I wouldn’t have come in the first place.
Because every try consumes a chance.
There is a lot of potential in this party.
There was no reason to quit.

“Yeah… I see.”


Graveliya nodded her head.
Then she placed the meat skewers back on the fire that I had just given to her.

“Isn’t it already cooked?”

“I will eat in a little while.
I still have some energy left to spend.”

“For what?”

“I’m going to have sex with Kyle.”


I beg your pardon?

Did I hear it wrong?

“Sex in the dungeon…? No, I understand that you guys are a married couple… But, anyway, isn’t this a bit too much?”

“Why? It’s safe here.
And if I don’t have sex, I don’t think this f**king stress will go away soon.”

“Are you two going to do it in the corridors? What about Garuda and me?”

“Of course you two should go.”

“…what if there are still kobolds left out here? It’s risky.”

“Well, how about it? You guys are adults, or would you like to do it all together? I’m fine with that.”


“You are crazy…”

“It’s interesting.
Hey, barbo guy, how about you? You agree?”

Graveliya laid her hands on her bulging breasts, showcasing her sex appeal.

I frowned.

“Hey, no matter what, Garuda has a family…”


“Is this bastard crazy?”

I looked at Garuda with a puzzled expression.
He confidently looked into my eyes.

“You…too? Really?”

“To make things go, smoothly.
Rest and entertainment, needed.”

“It’s true about rest and entertainment… but your family? You have a family, dude.
Don’t you think if you do this, that sweet family would crumble?”

“Opposite, also true.
Has to be done, to keep our party, this new family together.”

Garuda said with a very serious face, without stuttering in a single word of his.

To keep the family together like this?

What kind of bullshit is that…

“…Hey, isn’t your pretty wife still waiting for you? How would you meet her eyes after this, would you really have no guilt in your heart… so, let’s not, right? I believe not.”

Garuda avoided my gaze.

Hey, why avoiding it, you punk?!

Look straight into my eyes!

“…I don’t know anymore.
Do what you guys wanna do.”

I sighed and stood up from my seat.

I huffed and walked out of the corridor.

Before closing the stone gate, I heard Graveliya’s shout.

“Don’t come in before I say we are done! Don’t dare to peek either~! You missed the chance!”

I closed the door without answering.
Leaning my back against the stone door, I sat down on the floor as if sliding on it.

“Orgy… Orgy in the dungeon…”

This is an insult to the dungeon!

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