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Elisha asked me to pay visit to the Adventurers’ Guild a week later.

Is it actually possible for her to summon three S-class adventurers in a week? And do these S-class adventurers really have the ability to fulfill my need?

So, I paid a visit to the guild on the day Elisha asked me to with a feeling of doubt.


The Adventurers’ Guild was strangely quiet.
It was definitely a strange thing.
The guild is where all sorts of miscellaneous things gather to become famous adventurers.

It’s not uncommon to make fusses over low rating for a mission, or to get beaten up by other adventurers for yelling at a female employee, why is it so quiet today?

I shifted my eyesight and looked inside the guild properly.

Some guys looking for a favourable quest on the bulletin board.

Some guys sitting at the tables and waiting for their party members.

Some guys reporting the success of a quest to assigned staff members.

Even the guild staff working there.

Everyone was stealthily gazing at one group of people sitting at the same table.

There were three people sitting at that table.

A man who looked like a savage and had two large axes hung on his back.

A handsome, blond haired man donning an armor comparable to that of a knight, with a large shield on his back.

Lastly, the long pink-haired beauty with a spear on her back, wearing a lighter armor than the blonde…

Wait for a moment…


Confused, I immediately shook my thoughts.
A person should not be judged on the basis of one’s hair.
Because, that’s racism.
Was it that girl’s wish because of which she was born with pink hair?

She came into this world with pink hair, just because it was so, it was her fate and destiny, not something that she had control over.

Still, she was born with pink hair…

Poor girl…

Still, you shouldn’t show pity.
Because it can hurt the other person’s heart.
I made my way to the table where they were sitting with the most calm expression on my face.

Um, where…

Ah, the seat next to the barbarian-looking savage was empty.

I naturally sat down there.

The attention of the three people sitting at the same table was drawn to me.

‘In these type of cases, first impression is most important.’

How would a normal employer converse in these type of situations?

Just when I was still thinking while consuming my brain power.

– Look over there.
A new madman has appeared..!

– Didn’t he see Rex being thrown over the tables after he talked with them..?

– Nope, he didn’t.
That guy came after Rex was taken away.

– Hash… no one will be able to see that handsome face ever again… what a pity.

I could feel the adventurers gazes centered on me, while they stealthily chattered among themselves.

Someone was smashed over the tables for just saying some words..?

My worries turned into something else.

Is it alright to employ these iron-headed shotheads?

I won’t be wasting another of my remaining chances for nothing, right?


A thumping low-pitched voice interrupted my thoughts.

I can see why I saw him like that.

He’s not like a barbarian, he is a barbarian.

“I am an A-class adventurer, Cloud.
You are?”

The answer came from somewhere else.

“Are you Cloud? Umm, she said it was some twinny-tiny rich boy, but you are kinda handsome, aren’t you?”


“What, I just praised him for his handsomeness.
Why, are you annoyed? Oh, or, are you jealous?”


“Come on.
It was a joke.”

The pink-haired woman and the blond man bickered.

They seem to be couples.

As I watched the couple flirt while the barbarian looked at them, Elisa approached in her cat-like gaits.

“When did you arrive, Mr.
Cloud? I thought you’d come a little later.
Have you guys already finished introducing among yourselves?”

“No, we haven’t done it yet.
I was just about to do it.
Nice to meet you, Cloud.
My name is Graveliya.
As you can see, I’m a S-grade, I mostly use spears.
Next to me is my husband, Kyle.
He is also a S-grade like me, and uses a shield.
He can’t speak, so I hope you understand.”

“Nice to meet you.
This one?”

I turned my gaze to the barbarian.
The barbarian looked down at me with a contemptible gaze and grunted in reply.

S grade.

Okay…that was a very simple self-introduction.

“All right.
Please take good care of me, Mr.


Garuda turned his gaze away and did not reply.

“Oh, right! Mr Cloud.
I had something to tell you, I nearly forgot.
Can you please accompany me for a moment?”

Before the awkward silence could ensue, Elisha interrupted in between.
I followed her into one of the rooms in the guild.

Elisha unlocked the lock of her desk’s drawer and took out three pieces of paper and handed it to me.


“What I promised.”

The paper sheets she handed me had status written on it.

Strength: E (190)
Agility: E (160)
Durability: E (170)
Mana: F (49)

Strength: E (165)
Agility : E (150)+(15)
Durability: E (112)
Mana: E (105)

Strength: E (160)
Agility: E (130)
Durability: D (135)+(70)
Mana: F (97)

“In turn, these are the statuses of Garuda, Graveliya, and Kyle.”

I looked at their status sheets one by one.

At first glance, it wasn’t that bad.

Most of the stats were lower than mine, but in the first place, I’m a hero.
It goes without saying that the higher the level, higher the growing difference in stats.

So the stats of these guys are not bad.

But if there’s a problem…

“Are their personalities okay?”


“I heard the adventurers gossiping earlier.
Did a guy named Rex was thrown over the tables for saying a few words?”

“Oh, that? That was Rex’s fault.”

Elisha smiled.

“He spoke to Graveliya in an open, flirtatious manner.
And Graveliya didn’t like it.”

“But does she usually thrashes others, while throwing over the tables..?”

“…she does have a little bit of personality.
It’s alright, though.
You can believe me this time.
They are the people I have known for a long period of time.”

“Are you betting on your husband’s honesty?”

“…if you wish, I will show you their achievements which are recorded in the guild.”

“It was just a joke.
I’ve already seen the status sheets, then I will be going.”

“Before that, you should form a party, right?”

Elisha pulled out three small vials of blood from her drawer.
It was mostly probably the blood of those three adventurers waiting outside.

She had already prepared everything?

After I pulled over my shirt, she registered the party in the remaining space of my status.

After she finished registering the party, I left the room with Elisha.

The three S-class adventurers who were sitting at the table were already waiting at the guild’s entrance.

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