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I had fought on the front lines all my life.

I had reliable companions to whom I could entrust my back on, and could only focus on killing my enemies.

Is that why? The feeling of fighting while protecting something was unfamiliar to me.

Now me and my party are surrounded by big blue wolves.

If I was the only one here, it wouldn’t have been least of my problems.

As always, I just had have to hunt monsters.

But now I am not alone.

Behind me is Xenia and Chris, who is treating his injured leg.
The moment I move onto one side to kill a wolf, the other wolves will attack both of them.

So I had to stand still and contain the wolves until Chris’s treatment was over.

‘Kurba, what was that man thinking?’

It’s quite common for humans to be devoured by fear and to take crazy actions.

I’ve seen it a lot too.

But Kurba is a grade A adventurer.

He must have gone through the risks of facing death several times…

‘Had he never been through it?’

It…may be the case that he got promoted by accumulating his performances step by step, focusing on easy quests.

It’s like subjugating bandits.

The grade of an adventurer is not only about skill, but also about performance, so it’s a possible situation.

‘Should I have shown my real skills?’

If I had used them, Kurba might have believed in me and kept his position.
I shook my head as I thought about it.

‘Well, there is no meaning in insisting on using those skills now.’

There is a high possibility that the god or being who summoned me only thinks of me as a simple gamer.

Even if you are the ruler of one dimension, you can’t really know the affairs of another dimension.


Just like Cheol-su’s mother knows well about Cheol-su’s family, but she doesn’t know about Young-hee’s next door.

So I used the techniques and skills that exist in this game until now, to hide my underpinnings as much as possible.

Still… Well, by this time, it would may have realized that something was unusual.

Because the guy who used to play games in the corner of his room is having fun slicing monsters.

However, straight forwardly using a good sword and using a skill that contains the essence of a great hero are different stories.

Someday, when I really need it, I’ll use it.

Now there was no need to.

Like I said, I had the confidence to saving everyone.

Kurba… He doesn’t want to live.
What do I do?

“Hey there, Mr.
Chris’ treatment is over.”

“Can he walk?”

“No problem.”

Chris stood up and answered.

Looking at his frown, it seemed that the pain was still there.
But now, I couldn’t afford to worry about that.

“Don’t worry, both of you will be fine.”

The wolves won’t let us go.
Then we have to fight in the end, but Xenia and Chris are getting in the way of a fight with peace of mind.

It is necessary to move the two to a safe place and then engage in a fight.
And on the 6th floor, there was a suitable place to solve this problem.

I stepped forward.

– Whoo…

The wolves blocking the way lowered their posture and exposed their fangs.
I didn’t care and kept walking.
Chris and Xenia, who followed closely to my back, swallowed their saliva.

– Kunrrrr!

As the distance drew nearer, the wolves cried fiercely.

They threatened us with their large fangs exposed.

Nevertheless, I kept going.

Eventually, when the distance from the nearest wolf was about three steps away.

– Awoo…

The wolves blocking the way turned to the side.
Chris and Xenia sighed in relief.

We kept walking.
Go forward, turn right, and sometimes turn left.
The wolves chased after us, besieging us on either side and behind us.

Quite persistent, but it’s over now.

Because I got to where I need to.

Cloud? Did I heard it right?”

“Yes, you did.”

“…this is a dead end, isn’t it?”

“I know.
Would you two try walking over there once?”

“To the dead end?”

“Come on.”


At my prompt, Xenia tilted her head while supporting Chris as she walked towards the place I was pointing.


– Cluck.

The floor beneath their feet gave out.

Just before falling, the two of them opened their eyes wide and looked at me.

I waved to them.

There was a sense of betrayal on the two’s face.


“Ah, ah, ah!”

The two fell down the hole.

The screams lasted a bit, but that’s ok.
The fluffy leaves underneath will welcome them.

This trap is a device used while conducting an event scene in ‘The Tale Of A Knight’s Affair’.
When one falls, an enclosed room decorated like a forest welcomes you, but there are no monsters.

Talk about safety.

Instead, there is aphrodisiac…

‘It’ll be okay because the two of them are mother and child.’

I decided to stop worrying about unnecessary things and turned to the wolves.

“I want to ask, why are you guys so filial… even brought the boss from the 10th floor?”

Among the big blue wolves, there was a wolf that looked twice as tall as others.
It had sharp horns on its forehead, and sharp fangs protruding outward like mites.


Electricity snaked around the sharp horns.

“Anyway, it’s a joke.”

I swung my sword, then jumped and slipped through the wolves.




* * *

One has to visit to this dungeon to unlock the true ending of ‘The Tale Of A Knight’s Affair’.

There are several traps in the dungeon, and one of them is the one installed on the 6th floor.

The other traps are also f**king spams, but this 6th-floor trap is especially venomous.

If this trap is activated, one of the ntr man except Mars, with Isabelle will fall into the trap room on the 9th floor.

You have to go down to the 9th floor to save them.
In other words, it means that two people have to clear a field that would normally have to be cleared by four such people.

Of course it’s really tight.

You can only reach the trap room by using all kinds of consumables to make progress.

But while the player is going through such hardship, what are Isabelle and the ntr man doing?

Just waiting for the rescue?

No way.


This is an ntr game, chap.

There are no monsters in the trap room decorated like the center of a virgin forest.
Instead, there is aphrodisiac.
Of course, it’s not an ordinary aphrodisiac.

It is a special aphrodisiac that only works when you have a reasonable sexual affinity for the other person.

I don’t think I need to further explain anything after that, because I know it’s this kind of trap that I put the two of them into the this without hesitation.

It is safe because there are no monsters.

It’s between mother and child, so there’s no way they will be affected by the aphrodisiac.

Could there be a more perfect safe zone for them?

I swear they’ll be safe.

Thanks to which, I was able to move freely.
I ripped off the dead wolves’s bellies one by one, ate the inner cores, and cut off the boss monster’s horns.

I’ll grind it later and use it to make equipment.

After successful farming, I went down to the 9th floor.
Continuing to the east, I found a trap room.

‘Hash… but how do I close the mouths of those two?’

I have no intention of challenging the dungeon again with these two.
Because I realized that no matter how good I was, I couldn’t clear this dungeon with a lousy team.

If so, I need to take steps to prevent these two from talking about the dungeon outside.

‘There is a way I thought of.’

I’m just going to tie them up and leave it to the villagers who gave me grace before.

Wouldn’t it be better to leave it like that up to the time I have cleared the dungeon and pay for it financially later?

Yeah, a bit savage, but that’s probably the best one.

Having gathered my thoughts, I lowered the lever.

The stone door opened with a creaking sound and I went inside.

“Chris♡… Chris… Ugh♡”

“Mom, don’t do this.
P, Please come to your senses!”



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