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Like Count Lykel had said, there was an ogre by the lake inside the forest.
It was chomping on a large deer like a chicken leg.

‘The size, around 5 meter, and uses a thick wooden club as weapon.’

When it comes to fantasy world ogres, it is the kind of guy that normally comes to mind.

“It is no joke.
Even one mistake can be fatal.”

Lorian swallowed his dry saliva and commented in a wobbly tone.

He and his party members looked tense.
Looking at that big club, it was worth it.
If you are hit by it authentically, you’ll be crushed like a fly swatted by a fly stick.

“It would be better to plan the operation properly.”

Lorian, his party members, and Frillite began to plan on how to subjugate the ogre.

The plan was nothing special.

The sorcerers in Lorian’s party will apply debuffs on the ogre.

Warriors standing on the vanguard will stop the ogre from using its size to its advantage, and meanwhile, the sorcerers will shoot out magic spells to inflict damage.

Then, when the exhausted ogre shows a gap, Frillite will complete it’s burial with one great skill.

It is a common strategy, mainly used when there are several personals and the goal is to catch one strong dog.

After the planning was finished, Frillite came to my side.

She spoke to me in a cautious tone.

“I know you also want to be active as a Hero.
So, sorry.
I also want to give you that kind of experience if possible.
But this time it’s impossible.
It’s too dangerous for you.
I’m sorry, but I hope you understand.”

She was coaxing me like a child, while I was stunned and at a loss for words.

‘I wonder how much I sinned to be treated like this…’

Meanwhile, Frillite smiled a little as she thought of my silence as acceptance.

“Usually you act playful, but you also get serious when necessary.
I like that thought of view.”

Though I only kept my mouth shut and simply stayed still, Frillite’s favorability escalated by second.

This is all possible because of a handsome face.

‘Really, this Cloud guy, I don’t understand the least how this bastard gets ntred with a face like this.
Does he has some kind of hidden talent for that?’

It was when I was admiring myself.

The sorcerer scattered the magical ingredients in the air and uttered an incomprehensible spell.

As the spell continued, the magical ingredients began to disappear.
Eventually, when the spell was completed, it totally disappeared.

Instead, something like a black gas appeared in front of the sorcerer.

“Curse of Cognitive Ruination!”

As the sorcerer hollored, the black gas wave flew towards the ogre.
The ogre was chewing and gnawing the deer, unaware of the curse flying towards him.
Black gas poured into the Ogre’s body like a sponge adsorbing water.


The cursed Ogre rubbed his eyelids.
But something like rubbing the eyes will not break the spell.

The ogre continued to rub his eyes for a while, and then he began to look around to see if something was wrong.

“Curse of Weakness!”

Taking advantage of the opportunity, a new curse flew upon the ogre.

The black gas wave was clearly visible even in it’s blurred vision, the ogre swung his club towards the black gas wave.

However, there is no way that magic can be ruled out by pure brute force.
The black gas, which was dispersed in two by the club, gathered again and poured into the Ogre’s body.


After two consecutive debuffs, the ogre finally understood the situation.

The herculean guy who grasped our location jumped off the ground and ran.

Thud! Thud! Thud!

The ground shook with its every step.


The first one to strike out was Frillite.
She drew out her sword and ran leaning sideways.
The large wooden club wielded by the ogre tried to smash her.

She jumped, dodging the hulkish weapon by a tip’s distance, and swung her sword in the air.

A crimson sword aura flew coursing through the wind.


There was a long scar added on the ogre’s waist.


The ogre let out a painful groan.
He’s the part of a race that lives with a 50% physical damage immunity.
They are mostly not used to deep pain.

“We go too!”

Taking the ogre’s groan as the signal, Lorian and his party members began to move.

They moved around the ogre, spliting into different directions and moving according to their presets.


Like Frillite, Lorian also raised his sword.

In the game, when using the sword aura, a portion of the attack is converted into magical damage.

Therefore, it can be said that it is a wise decision to use sword aura while playing against the ogres.

As the blue sword danced, the wounds on the ogre’s legs increased.
But none of them were fatal.

‘So, he’s unable to shoot out sword aura from a distance like Frillite?’

If that’s the case, it would be better to cut off the tendons present in the Ogre’s heel first, rather than just making scars.

I thought about it and then ditched down the thought.

Because the subjugation itself was going smoothly.

“Curse of Cognitive Ruination!”

“Curse of Weakness!”

A sorceress was constantly adding debuffs on the ogre.
Making the ogre bewildered, maybe it was the first time it had experienced the bluntness present inside his own body, his movements became as simple as a child holding a sword for the first time.

No matter how strong an attack is, it is useless if the movement is monotonous.

Lorian and two of his party members attacked while leisurely dodging the ogre’s rampage.

In Frillite’s case, she was peering at the ogre’s neck and aimed for the perfect timing to kill the ogre in one shot.

As the vanguard held up well, the sorcerers at the rearguard were able to chant magic safely.

Intermediate level magic spells like flame spears and wind blades flooded onto the ogre’s side.

The tough skin of the ogre was pierced by a flame spear and then torn by a wind blade.

‘If they keep going on like this, the ogre can be subjugated easily.’

When the ogre dies, all I need to do is to absorb its soul and make the glyph blossom.
So, I watched the ogre’s subjugation with a relaxed expression.

Until it took a deep breath.

It took a deep breath and his stomach swelled up like a balloon.

‘Maybe something like that? No, it had never used that kind of skill in the game.’

Contrary to my expectations, its body heaved and the Ogre took another deeper breath.

And soon after, the Ogre breathed it out all in one go.

A great roar thundered in the centre of the forest.

* * *

[The Ogre used Tearing Scream.]

[Frillite is in a confused state.]

[Lorian is in a confused state.]

[Lorraine is in a confused state.]

[Lisbeth is in a confused state.]

[Eri is in a confused state.]

[Cloud used a sound barrier.
Cloud successfully avoided the confused state.]

[The ogre swung its club wildly.]

[Critical Hit! Lisbeth took 1785 damage.]

[Lisbeth is incapacitated in battle.]

[Marietta is under divine protection.]

[Marietta took 550 damage.]

[Marietta faints.]

[Critical Hit! Lorraine took 857 damage.]

[Lorraine faints.]

[Critical Hit! Halberd took 1129 damage.]

[Halberd is in a paralyzed state.]

[Critical Hit! Lorian took 200 damage.]

[Critical Hit! Lorian took 189 damage.]

[Critical Hit! Lorian took 257 damage.]

[Lorian fainted.]

[Frillite dodged the attack.]

[Frillite dodged the attack.]

[Frlilite dodged the attack.]

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