Cloud was confident of winning the bet.
It’s because he’s never got drunk in his entire life.
After rolling around several years in the battlefield, his body was capable of fighting even in state of intoxication.

But there was one thing he had forgotten.

—that his present body was not his original one.

And that getting drunk is a question of body’s tensity, and not that of mind.

No matter how strong Cloud’s mind was, he couldn’t overcome the chemical reactions that took place inside his fragile body.

From the point when Cloud’s tongue began to waver, Frillite suggested him to quit.

However, the half-drunk Cloud completely refused, and in the end he got drunk and fell to the floor.

“A little foolish…”

Tsk tsk, Frilite clicked her tongue and gazed at the fallen Cloud.
Then she got out of her seat and sat down on her buttocks next to Cloud, who had fallen on the floor.

She took a deep breath as she looked at Cloud’s lucid sleeping face.

“What should I do with this guy…”


Cloud refused her help and left the Imperial Capital on his own.

After that, even though his track record became obscure, Frillite didn’t worry too much.

It was because the way he looked at her while they were drinking wine in that bar was strangely calm.
There was also the though that he was a Hero, so he will do well on his own.

But why?

From what she heard today, it wasn’t.
He was on an absurdly reckless strike throughout the journey.
He might have just died if luck had been a bit bitter for him.

When she thought of that, she felt a chill coursing through her spine and the worries that came over rushing like a mountain of load were an extra.

How can she get this stubborn man to listen to her? What should she say to convince him to make normal companions and travel safely?

It was when she was immersed in such troubles.


Cloud, who stretched out in drunken stupor, suddenly groaned.

Frillite let out a smirk.

“You sleep so comfortably without knowing how worried others are for you.”

Feeling exasperated for no reason, she pinched Cloud’s cheek.


She lightly giggled at the sound of him groaning strangely.
Soon she closely looked at Cloud’s face without erasing her smile.


Frillite is the only daughter of Duke Perdiac, and the heir of one of the most prominent families in the Empire.

Since she was the only child, it seemed that she grew up receiving all kinds of comfort, but it wasn’t the truth in the least.

There were two reasons.

The family’s style was too strict to grow up being loved and cared like a normal noble family’s lady.

Second, because of her natural talent, she was a unique Hero candidate from birth.

When she was born, she only contacted with her servants.
Her attendants and maids, even her exclusive attendants, all treated her with restrained eyes, voice, and attitude.

The case with her escort knights was a little better.

As her escort knights, they were also in charge of teaching Frillite along with their escort work.
They lavished praised on her when she did well.

But that was to it.

They didn’t bring up their personal stories or expressed their emotions.

This was because they represented a noble family, the Perdiac family, who regarded moderation as a virtue.

She also took it for granted.

Until she overheard about the Imperial Social Banquet.

The words she heard were beautiful.

Young gentlemen and ladies having a pleasant conversation in front of a fancy garden accompanied with luxurious cuisine, with melodious giggles blooming the environment.

Something like a heart-tickling fate felt right that instant.

Having lived her entire life in an restrained environment, everything about Imperial Social Banquet was like a fairy tale to her.

Until one day, she got an invitation to participate in the Imperial Social Banquet.

No matter how busy she was with training, she needed to get acquainted with other fellow nobles as long as she was also a noble.

Frillite waited for the social banquet with great anticipation.

But her disappointment was just as great as her expectations.

The Imperial Social Banquet was not a beautiful place to make friends.

It was just a dirty political game pool for adults.

Of course, there were still some innocent nobles of her age.

But they were reluctant to approach her.
It hit the wall of her heart and pushed her so far away that now even she could notice it.

In fact, it was a matter of course, it was very natural.

Frillite herself was unaware at the start, but unravelling one layer after another—she was the only child of the Perdiac family, and also a unique Hero candidate.

She is a person who will rise to the peak of power on the continent in the future.

What if you make a mistake with such a personality and get remembered..?

She can blow both you and your whole family away form the face of earth.

It’s always the case for lower nobles to tie a string to a higher noble, but if the opponent is too overwhelming, they will be scared and run away.

Of course, in the midst of that, there were many who tried to somehow attach their straps with her, or to take advantage of her.

But those people were all smitten under Frillite’s sword.

Although she had her fantasies, she was not stupid.
The degree of intent of approaching her was easily discernible.

And thanks to that, until now she had no one to call her friend.

Except for her just-made friend.

‘It’s amazing.’

When he saw her, he suddenly began to be friendly, and now he outright became her friend too.
That was a really stupid act, and he knew it too.

But why?

She didn’t feel bad about it.
Rather, she enjoyed it quite a lot.

‘Is it because there’s no malice?’

There didn’t seem to be much reason for Cloud to ask her to be his friend.
He didn’t come to her because he wanted something from her.

No, there was.

‘It’s a thing as trivial as buying a drink.’

To be honest, to Frillite, it was like a declaration of a friendship spat out under the influence of alcohol.
He drank and became brothers with an orc, so was it difficult for him to establish a friendship now?

Saying that, they seemed to be in a quite casual relationship, but she was rather willing to.

Because it was the first time someone had approached her without any ulterior motives.

‘But he’s more like a troublesome little brother than a friend.’

Not so cute, and always making others worried…

In the end, she paid for their drinks, again.

Suddenly feeling upset with her lost victory, she tried to pinch Cloud’s cheek.

It was then.


Frillite’s hand stilled at the words that came out of Cloud’s mouth.

She looked at Cloud’s face.

His eyes were full of water.

“If only I had done a little better, you guys could have…”

There was no follow-up.
It was just a drop of tear dripping down.
His face was full of sorrow.

‘Is he having a nightmare?’

Then what was the nightmare?

It was obvious without saying.

She could tell just by listening to his sleep talks.

“Even if you pretend not to, you care.
The betrayal of those three.”

That’s why.

Not only he rejected her offer but also embarked on a reckless journey.

It was all done to forget those three.

With a bitter expression on her face, Frilite carefully trimmed Cloud’s messy hair.

A little, but Cloud’s expression relaxed.

Frillite smiled faintly.

* * *

‘Hurry, hurry up.
A little faster!’

The cavalryman rushed the horse.
The horse, which had already ran non-stop for dozens of miles, was already on its last legs, but he had no choice.

Because it was so urgent.

‘Why, why…!’

An Ogre appeared in the peaceful forest.
Although the lords of the surrounding cities had organized a subjugation army, they alone were not capable of subjugating such a monster.

If they clash, they will probably not able to avoid annihilation.

However, fortunately, according to the recent news, Hero Frillite was in this area.

Hero Frillite who was called the Red Phantom.

If she comes to help, the result will be completely different.

The cavalryman, disembarking at the gate of the town, quickly ran to the only tavern in the town.

‘She should be somewhere here..!’

The cavalryman opened the tavern door roughly.

Then he was at a loss for words.

There were only two people in the tavern.
A man and a woman, both had red hair.
The man was laid out as if drunk, and the woman was gently stroking the man’s head.

‘Rumor has it that Frillite-sama has red hair…’

No way..?

“Excuse me, is this Frilite-sama?”



“Be quiet.”

“But, it’s very important…”

“Don’t you know what I mean by being quiet?”

When Frillite glared with her eyes, the cavalryman was forced to shut his mouth.

It’s really urgent ma’am…

If you don’t go now, everyone will die…

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