d the events of the previous duel.

‘Looking at the skill proficiency of that knight, it would be difficult to see him as an elite knight, then he would be somewhere around level 28 or 29.’

Since Lugar is the chieftain of the orc tribe, he will be around level 50.
It’s an overwhelming level difference.
It was understandable that the knight’s attack didn’t work.

‘But I don’t think it’s because of a simple level difference.’

Looking at the tattoo on Lugar’s shoulder, Cloud scratched his chin.
Then, at Lugar’s groar calling for the next opponent, Krappa was pushed on the back.


Krappa tilted his head and pointed at himself with his finger.


“Yup, you.”

“No, why I am the one?! You just saw that.
You want me to die?!”

“You also blocked that knight’s sword with your bare hands.
So, don’t you and that guy have similar strength?”

“What kind of nonsense is that?!”

Cried Krappa.

Even to him, that orc was a formidable opponent.
It means that even if he fights with all his might when his physical condition is normal, he still cannot guarantee his victory.

But now, he has to hide his characteristics as a vampire, his can’t use his nails, fangs, and blood skills.

Is that all? No!

The inner condition of his body is unsteady because of the garlics he had to eat constantly, and his skin still felt the hot burning sensation while standing in the direct sunlight.

In such a situation, to fight that orc was like telling him to just go and die.

It was time for Krappa to say something more and somehow get himself out of this fight.
When, Cloud whispered quietly into his ears.

“Be quiet and listen.
The plan went awry.
The orc chief is stronger than I thought.
Probably no one here can beat that orc one on one.”


Krappa looked at Cloud with eyes that showed he knew that Cloud was an unreliable bastard, but he didn’t expect it to be this much.

The effect was insignificant.

Cloud ignored that gaze and continued.

“Try to create a gap somehow, at least once.
Then I’ll aim for his eyes.
We can just hope the eyes aren’t as perverted as his body.
Finding chance, we will escape, taking advantage of the uneasiness and bewilderment created among the other orcs.”

“You mean breaking the rules of the duel? If so…”

“I know, it’s f*cked up.
All orcs will be hostile towards us.
But it’s better than having our coffins buried in the desert.
Aigo, even coffins will be an extravagant thought here.”

Krappa thought for a moment, then nodded his head.

The plan didn’t sound bad to him.

Because Krappa, under the protection of a high-rank vampire like Haley, didn’t need to fear the wrath of the orcs.

“…just one last question.
What about them?”

Krappa asked, pointing to the people trembling in fear.
Cloud shook his head with a bitter expression.

“…We will have to give up.
I am not an idiot, being stubborn even in a situation like this.”


If Cloud had said he was going to take them all with him, Krappa was going to ditch him the next second and fly away by himself.

Fortunately, there seemed to be a sense of reality in this person’s mind.

Krappa said as he tapped his sword.

“I trust you.”

I trust you too.”

Cloud spoke in a serious voice and patted Krappa on the shoulder.


“Aaaagghh!!! Y, You! You goddamned bastard!! F*ck youuuu—!”

A bat screamed in the air.

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