l personally guide you all to the border.
I swear in the name of the chief.”

People’s complexion brightened at Lugar’s suggestion.

To them—an easy way to survive was plated in a platter.

However, just as Cloud said his words with a smirk, their faces stiffened again.

“Wait, wait, wait, you don’t really mean it, right? Do you think that treatment, it’s worth 3 million gold?”

“I can kill you and take it away right now.”

“Then do it, in form of a duel.
It’s same, ain’t I right?”

“It just means that I don’t have to step up.”

“You are frightened.”

“Once again, a chieftain’s position is not so light, that it will fall for your trivial provocations.
Choose—either give money and live, or die and then give money.”

At Lugar’s threat, the group’s complexion looked more frightened than before.

They wanted Cloud to give that 3 million gold to this orc.

Sure, it’s a lot of money, but what about it?

—It’s not my money.

Callios poked Cloud on the shoulders.

“Hey, you… I think it’s getting a bit dangerous.
Why don’t you just give them the money? No matter how much it is, isn’t it less valuable than your life?”

“Then will you put that 3 million gold on the tab of Goldenbern family?”

“Wh, What?! No why, why put it on my family?!”

“It was the money that I spent to save the heir of their family, of course I have to put it on their name.
Why, you don’t like it?”

“…it’s not that I don’t want to… but, if I go back with such a large amount of debt, my position as the heir will be a little jeopardized…”

“Then shut up and be quiet.
The same goes for others.
Only those who can pay back 3 million gold, please kindly raise your hand.”

Krappa standing on the side gently raised his hand and then quickly held it back.

Now he’s not Haley’s henchman, but Cloud’s companion Howl.

Confirming that the people had become quiet, Cloud looked back at Lugar and said.

“A group of humans who were caught in distress and begged for a duel to the chieftain of the tribe against all risks, risking everything to catch that glimmer of hope.
However, the chieftain didn’t accept it, and his tribesmen cruelly annihilated the humans who weren’t even capable of resisting.
These are the real—very honorable orc warriors of a certain Wolftooth clan.
How does it sounds?”

“Didn’t I just said that provocation won’t work?”

“You did.
You said, a chieftain’s position is not so light that it will fall for trivial provocations.
But now, it will.”


“Even if you order your subordinates to annihilate my companions, I will survive.
Because I have the ability to take myself out of here safely.
Meanwhile, I will inform all the orc tribes around you about the disgrace you brought to the name of orcs.
They will mock and despise you and your ancestors.
Let’s see then, if the chieftain’s seat will still be heavy even then.
Or, will it become light enough at that time?”

“You wanna die?”

An unusual pressure emanated from Lugar.
It was obviously hostile.
People were terrified and trembled at the pressure that flowed from a strong warrior.

But Cloud’s expression was still same.

“Like I said, I won’t die here.”

“…the other tribes won’t believe you.”

“I will make them believe.
Even if in the process—I have to use up all of this 3 million gold.”

“In that case, wouldn’t it be better to quietly give us that 3 million gold and leave safely?”

In Lugar’s words, the hostility had already disappeared.
Cloud relaxed his expression and shrugged his shoulders.

“As you value honor, I value self-esteem.”

Seeing Cloud’s smirk, Lugar sighed and nodded his head.

“Okay, I accept the duel.
Anyone of you who wants to challenge me, come forward and challenge.
I shall take it all.”

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