Ch-20.2: Dance With The Orcs! (1)

‘…why isn’t he saying anything?’

It’s been a while since he has bowed his head, but there was no answer.
Whether you accept it or not, isn’t it already time to give a proper answer?

But raising his head now is something he can’t do.
Krappa knew it from the experience of serving his honorable master for a long time.
He must not raise his head until the answer comes.

Without knowing how long it took, Cloud finally opened his mouth.

“You want to come with me… It doesn’t really matter, but… Do you like garlic?”

The moment he heard the word garlic, his body trembled.
He even wondered for a moment if he was caught.
However, soon he judged that it was impossible.

He not only hid the characteristics of his race, but also suppressed his blood energy to as low as possible.

He can’t be noticed until humans see him using blood magic.
No matter if the person in front of him is a hero or not.

“Garlic… Why…?”

“Welp, that’s because I like garlic very much.
If you’re going to come with me, you’ll have to later eat a lots of garlic, so I was wondering if it would be okay.”

“…I will bring my own food.”


“For reference, I don’t plan on going with a guy who doesn’t eat garlic.
The companions I had last time said they didn’t like the smell of garlic and so ran away.”

‘…so the biggest reason for the disbandment of Hero Cloud’s party was because of garlic…! Hisss-!’

No wonder they split so easily.

The garlic smell is just so unbearable.
Who can help it?

“So you like garlic? Don’t ya?”


The higher race, the vampires, have two weaknesses.

The first is holy magic.

The holy energy practiced by the priests who believe in Goddess Iris can burn the flesh and blood of a vampire.

The second is garlic.

Unlike the Holy Power, it is an object that can be easily obtained by ordinary humans, and it is like poison for the vampires.

For some reason, which is still not known, but if low rank vampire eats garlic, he will lose control of his blood, and might even fall down from his vampire life.

The above two reasons are the culprits why the vampires, who are a higher race, have to hide from these lower humans.

No matter how mighty and strong they are, their weaknesses are also that obvious.

Hearing Cloud’s words, Krappa fell into deep trouble.

‘Of all things, garlic.
Garlic, it’s motherf*cking garlic again!’

When it comes to someone of Krappa’s level, eating garlic can’t kill him.

It will be just a little bit painful.

‘F*ck, not just a little, but very painful…’

“Why? Do you hate garlic?”

“No way.
Honestly, I like it the most!”

He can bear any level of pain for the sake of his master’s orders.
Even if it is a pain that burns to the intestines!

And if humans were to eat garlic, how much would one can even eat? At the most, they would use it as a seasoning for food.

With that in mind, Krappa accepted Cloud’s offer.

And so, the next morning.

“Hey, garlic in the morning is delicious.”

Krappa was terrified when he saw Cloud handing him a bunch of raw garlic while chewing some himself.

“Uh… um… what is this for…?”

“Why? Of course, to eat, dude.”

Saying that, Cloud took a piece of raw garlic, put it in his mouth, and chewed it like peanuts.


The noble vampire spoke out low-grade swear words out of his mouth after a long time.

* * *

It’s a certainty.

This damn bastard must have figured out who I was.
Otherwise there’s no way he can commit this type of sh!thousery!

Krappa murmured to himself as he chewed on the jerky pickled in garlic sauce.
Moreover, in front of him was a glass of garlic juice and garlic bread.

Even if he wanted to eat something else without garlic, Cloud dismissed it, saying there was no such thing.

Since then, he has been having his piece of crap.

– Ew, that Mr.
is once again filling the room with garlic’s smell.
Can’t he go somewhere else to eat?

– You can go and tell him that.

– What? No, no.
You just saw earlier.
Someone else went to tell him that, but his eyes made the poor man run away.
Those eyes, they spoke murder.

The people using the same room as Krappa and Cloud murmured their dissatisfactions.

Krappa raised his eyes.

Damned lower things! Who wants eat something like this! Every time I pick it up to my mouth, my stomach turns upside down!

Krappa turned to his side, shaking his head.

The culprit of this situation was lying peacefully on the bed with his eyes closed.
Krappa was very vexed with his ways, but what to do? He had to carry the orders of his master, he have to endure it.

“…you still won’t tell me?”


“Our destination.
It’s been a while since we have been on this ship, but you still haven’t told me where we’re going.”

A few days have passed since their first meeting at the inn.

Cloud said he would later tell him where they were going, but he didn’t tell him even until now, when they were already so far in the sea.

“Well, the time has come to tell me.
So where are we actually going…”

It was then.

Thud! The ship shook violently with impact.

– Wh, What? What’s happening?

The room was suddenly engulfed in commotion.

“Howl, go out and find out what’s going on.”


He didn’t like the way he was treated by his new ‘boss’, but he had no choice but to do this.

Because he had to carry out his master’s orders…

Krappa tumbled out of the room.

“Hey, what the hell’s happening this time…?”

Krappa narrowed his eyes at the scenery before him.

He rubbed his eyes with his fingers, but the scenery did not change.

“Haha, shit.”

These days, low-level swearing keeps coming out more and more frequently.

He turned back.

With the door closed, Krappa strode forward and grabbed Cloud by the collar.
Cloud, who was grabbed by the collar without a word, tilted his head.

“Hey, you bastard! I told you to walk instead of going by sea! You ignored my words and climbed into this f*cking ship…!”

“Um? What happened to you all of a sudden?”

“Why else!? Storm! There is a f*cking bigâss storm outside!”

A great storm was raging in the sea.
The sailors were busy trying to somehow steer out of the storm.

Listening to his words, the people in the room became more agitated.

Cloud’s reaction, on the other hand, was flat.

“Anything else? When I saw your reaction, I almost thought some twisted deep-sea octopus with slimy tentacles had popped out.
And, you are trembling like this just because of a storm?”

“Anything else?! Just because of a storm?! The ship looks f*cking wrecked right now, and that’s what you are saying now?!”

In front of the mysteries of Mother Nature, he who belongs to a high-ranking vampire clan can do nothing.

He can pose no resistance and will be just as similarly swept away as any other person here.

-Wrecked! Wrecked! No, I can’t die!

Confused and shocked, the guests rushed outside.
Cloud sighed and released himself from Krappa’s hand that was hanging his collars.

“Yes, I understand now.
It must be your first time, first time going through a storm, eh?”

“…so it’s not your first time?”

“It’s natural, mate.
What else is not there in my adventure life? As an experienced adventurer, I will teach you what to do when you encounter a storm at sea.
Come, follow along.”

Krappa gulped his saliva with a nervous expression on his face.

Really… Is there a way to deal with storms?

Yeah, looking at his confident face, maybe there really is.

No matter how inferior a human is, isn’t he a Hero who has been wandering around the continent?

Krappa decided to believe in Cloud’s words.

“For starters, lie down in bed.”


It was a strange instruction, but for once, Krappa laid down comfortably on the bed.

“Close your eyes.”

Krappa closed his eyes.

“Take a deep breath to calm your mind, and chillax.”

As he took a deep breath, the feeling of urgency calmed down little by little.
He was no longer concerned with the noise around him.

‘Not bad.’

Yes, being calm is the most important thing in any situation.
A vampire of my rank must not forget that.

Reflecting on himself, he waited for the next instruction.

“Are you calm now? Good, then go to sleep.”


“You don’t know sleep? Sleep like, sleeping?You are grown up, dude, what the heck?”

“Sleep? You literally mean to go to sleep?”

“Is there any other meaning behind sleeping?”

“…Didn’t you just say that it was a remedy for the storm?”

“Of course, man.
If you just go to sleep peacefully and wake up, everything will be fine.
Whether the ship gets out of the storm, or gets wrecked and washed up on the shore, or we get drowned and go upto heaven.
We just have to calmly wait for the results.”

Then, Cloud laid down on the bed and calmly closed his eyes.

Krappa was at a loss for words at that casual action.
He regained consciousness and grabbed Cloud by his collars again.

“How’s that a f*cking way to deal with it!”

Cloud said while looking at Krappa with an annoyed expression.

“That’s the accurate way.
Tell me, is there any better way than to follow the rules like a good boy instead of going against nature? Just leave it to fate.
That’s life, bud.”

Cloud shrugged off Creepa’s hand, then laid down back on the bed and closed his eyes peacefully.

“Peace xD.”

Krappa’s eyelids twitched.

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