– Once again, Gallid! Wooo!

– Don’t stop Cloud! More! Thrash more! Waah!

They didn’t care less who won or lost now.
They just wanted to see this fight last a little longer.

An unprecedented wave of cheers echoed throughout the venue.

‘Damn… why isn’t this punk falling?!’

Meanwhile, Gallid was confused.

Usually, when he bashes this much, it is normal for the opponent to grovel on the floor or to even die.
This level of tenacity was only limited to his clan’s warriors, and the weak ragdolls of this kingdom should have already died.

But Cloud didn’t.

No matter how hard Gallid pummeled him, he did not fall.
Instead of falling, he immediately launched a counterattack.

No matter how intensely Gallid performs his attacks, he just refused to fall down.
Rather, as if he were going to die the very next second, his attacks got fierer than before.

‘Bloody hell!! What’s with all these guys?!’

Gallid was born in a tribe of barbarians in the Principality of Polycia.
He had strong musculature from birth, and he had no fighter to match his age, and all of his tribal warriors were at last defeated by him, one by one.

That’s why he looked down on this Battleground Championship.

When it came to winning the championship, sometimes one punch and sometimes two, nobody could stop his rampage, the winner would be him, it was inevitable in his view.

But the last guy he met was different.

He himself was not sure if he was dreaming.
He just couldn’t imagine someone like this punk to exist in this world.

It was the first time it happened.

Little by little, his hands and feet began to tremble.
The power injected into his fists weakened.

‘Why? Why all of a sudden? What the heck is wrong with me?’

At the unfamiliar sensation he was experiencing for the first time, Gallid bit his teeths.
It was time for him to somehow give his body the strength to counter this crazy person.


His and Cloud’s eyes met.

Unfocused eyes, filled with fighting spirit and madness.
He felt only a single desire in them—to somehow defeat him, Gallid.

It was then that Gallid realized what unfamiliar sensation he was feeling.


The primal sense that the human race feels when its survival is threatened.

There are two types of actions that humans respond with when they are scared.

—to fight.

—or, to run away.

In Gallid’s case, it was the latter.

Gallid is a strong warrior.
He is a person who intimidates others, who is feared by others, not a person who gets scared of others.
So he never felt fear.

Even a strong barbarian of great size was all but a child in the face of his first fear.

Gallid turned his back to Cloud and started running towards his door.

I need my axe.’

It is necessary to split this assho!e’s head with an axe.
Otherwise, the madman won’t stop.
This crazy demon-like bugger will swallow him up with an eerie laugh.

That’s not happening.

Absolutely not.

A great warrior like him shouldn’t die in a place like this!

‘Damn, why did I leave my axe behind? F*cking idiot!’

It was because the participants he had met so far were so f*cktard.
He regrets it so much now.

It was the time when he was running with all his being towards the door.

The body leaned forward along with the strong impact felt on the back.
Gallid just fell forward.

“The barbarian… ran away…?”

Galid’s body stiffened at the sound of the voice behind his back.
He turned back slowly.
Cloud was looking down on him as hell was brewing behind his back.

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