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Unlike ‘The Hero’s Party’, where there are several heroines, there’s only one heroine in ‘The Tale Of A Knight’s Affair’.


Mars’ childhood friend and the woman he has a big crush on.

The story of ‘The Tale Of A Knight’s Affair’ is very simple, even cliche.

Mars, dreaming of becoming a heroic knight, sets out on a journey to build up his experience as soon as becomes an adult.
On that trip, Isabelle and the son of the baron, whom they had met by chance, joined alongwith for the journey.

As they travel, they meet two more colleagues, a disgruntled big-dick blonde thug and a disgusting-looking uncle with circular hair loss and thick belly.

So the five of them continue the journey.

Now, if you look up to this point, it’s just plain NTR water.

But, how could just that much would have been actually able to made me so mad?

There are two reasons.

First of all, I did not even know that I was hit by NTR in the 1st round.

What does that mean?

When playing for the first time, it just flows smoothly, like an ordinary RPG game.
Adventures, establishing friendships, and flirting with Isabelle.
Then the crisis comes at the end of the game.

The invasion of a city by cruel demons.

The party escapes with hard tenacity to run off the demons.
Meanwhile, suddenly a burning building collapses, and Mars throws his body to hold the structure which was meant to fall on Isabella.

Demons were chasing after them, but Mars was in a desperate situation, crushed under the rubble of a building.

Of course, I thought Isabelle would help there.

But, actually what? This Pink Woman looked at the main character with a guilty expression, and just said, “I’m sorry…” and turned away.

While I was thumping inside myself, wondering what the hellsh!t was going on, the other colleagues leave not-so-good remarks for the main character one by one.

-Isabella will surely make us happy with her body.
Go, go, sleep in peace.

-You can’t even guard your own woman, so it’s rightful for us to enjoy her, isn’t it?

– Whoops… That àss, that elasticity, keke…

And so, his so-called colleagues and Isabelle turn their backs and run away, and the main character is killed by demons without even knowing what words to utter at that moment, and just like that, the first episode ends.

‘At this point, I threw the monitor.’

Unable to contain the rising anger, I cried out in the east, west, north and south.
Although to be soon overpowered by Leah.

Anyway, after the first round ended in such a futile way, the second round reveals the hidden truth.

First of all, the Baron’s son and Isabelle had been dating for quite a while before they even left for the trip.
Of course, like a fantasy story’s thumb of the rule, it’s baron’s son using his status to half force it, but the deed was done anyways.

And while traveling, she actually asks the blonde lecherous thug whom she had just met to become her teacher to ‘teach’ her about love relationships and takes ‘real life experiences’, and then later gets raped by the pot bellied geezer with circular hair loss under the two’s plotting.

But what’s really crazy is that it actually shows all this psychological portrayals in the game.
Fu*king out of mind blowing!

Little by little, reluctantly she allowed others to use her body as they saw fit, thinking—‘This is for Mars…’, ‘If Mars finds out, he will be sad…’

…This crazy b!tch.

Anyway, while having stormy sex positions with the three of them behind his back, she pretends to be polite and virtuous lady in front of Mars again.
She’s innocently shy when he hold her hand, and blushes when he kisses her on the cheek.

And, then have steamy sex sessions with the other guys under the night sky again.

What the actual f*ck?!!

If you are doing this so ‘selflessly’ for the main character, why do you do it with others then, is using brain such a tasking job nowadays!?

Yes, I understand how you feel.

You don’t want to show your dirty past secrets to someone you like, or something like that.

But, you know what?

You should rather have drove a sword right into Mars’ heart.

Being skewered into a human sasami would actually have been a better fate for him!

He dearly loved you, b!tch!

“…that’s how it happened.
Big Bro, this is my friend Isabelle.”

As I recalled the past, Mars finished explaining what had happened so far.

Sorry for yelling earlier.
I was unnecessarily startled… that… Please take good care of me?”

Isabelle held out her hand.

I cooled my bubbling stomach.

Yeah, she’s not that b!tch yet.

She’s still a pure kid.

I smiled and answered to her greeting.

“Get lost, Pink Woman.”

F*ck it.
People don’t change.

* * *

‘…what the hell is wrong with that guy?’

Isabelle recalled Cloud whom she had seen yesterday.
She was going to thank him for coaching Mars, but he tsked at her at first sight and told her to collect her ping pongs and piss off.

When she asked what he meant by ‘pink woman’, he simply replied that it was a perfect word used to describe a person like her.

‘No, by the way, who actually tells a person to get lost when they are just meeting for the first time?’

Isabelle grunted inwardly and climbed the hill.
Because she innerly wondered what Mars was learning.

Yesterday she was made to get lost, so she had no choice but to leave, but today she was going to hide and watch them.

‘Where, ugh, what are you guys doing… uh…?’

Isabelle’s eyes widened.

She rubbed her own eyes again and again.
Even so, the scenery entering her eyes did not change.

It told her—the scene that she was seeing right now was hundred percent real.
She hurriedly sprinted forward.

“What are you doing?! S, Stop! Stop!”


Hearing Isabelle’s voice, Mars’s head turned.
The wolf pushed open its jaws without missing the obvious gap.


Isabelle shut her eyelids.

She was not confident enough to keep her eyes open and watch the horrific situation that would soon ensue.


But strangely, Mars’ screams were not heard.

She slowly opened her eyes.

Cloud was holding the wolf’s head in a vice grip and stopped it from moving in the slightest.

Mars was standing in front of him and was looking at her with an expression of wonder.

Isabelle was silent for a moment, then she looked at him again.

No way.
How can a person subdue a wild wolf? And that with one hand?

Suddenly she came to her senses, and hurried over.

“What are you two doing?! To make Mars fight a wolf.
It’s dangerous!”

“I don’t talk to pink women.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Mars, explain it for me.”

At that, Mars awkwardly scratched his cheek and began to explain to Isabelle.

“Ah, this is what it is… that’s what big bro said.
Even if I learn a skill, my body wouldn’t just move at will in real life-threatening battles.
That’s why I’m practicing actual situations right now.”

“But that’s too dangerous…!”

“It’s okay, I guess? Didn’t you see big bro subdue that wolf? Rather, it’s safer to do some real training when big bro Cloud is still here.”

At Mars’ explanation, Isabelle bit her lips.

She didn’t like it, but he was right.
As long as Mars dreams of becoming a knight, there will come a time when he will have to fight monsters anyhow.

But then, if his body hasn’t adapted and he can’t show his skills, his life would be in danger.

So, it would be better to practice in advance when it was safe like now.

“Ha… I see.
Ok, I understand… Wait, but, why are you using a wooden sword?”

“Yes? Ah.
Big bro told me to kill a wolf with this wooden sword.”

“W, Wh-What?!”

Isabelle was terrified.

She understood that one needed to gain practical experience.

But what about killing a wolf with wood?

Originally, a wolf is a terrifying beast where victory cannot be guarantee even if a veteran village hunter raises his knife.

It’s not even a real sword, are you going to hammer it to death with a wooden sword?

“No, does that make sense!?”

“Uh… I thought it was ridiculous at first too, but it turned out to be better than I thought.
Fighting a wolf over and over again relieves some of my muscle tension and helps me in practicing my skills as well.”

As Mars smiled awkwardly, Isabelle lost her words.

What can a third party say when the person in question says it works?

Meanwhile, Cloud clicked his tongue with an annoyed expression.

“Pink Woman, run off quickly.
Otherwise, I will no longer be teaching Mars.”

“Big bro Cloud?! That’s a bit…”

Mars fidgeted and looked at Cloud and Isabelle alternately.

Seeing this, Isabelle sighed.

She knew that she couldn’t make Mars’ get troubled by choices.

“All right.
I’ll go.
Instead, promise me one thing.
Please don’t hurt Mars no matter what.
Then I will not care what the two of you do in the future.”

Isabelle came up with a compromise of her own.

But Cloud shook his head resolutely.

“I don’t make promises with pink women.”

“Aaaah! Really, why are you doing this to me?!”

In the end, Isabelle gave up her vexed voice.

This ping pong woman is too loud.
Make her quiet.”

“That… Isabelle? I’m sorry, but can you please be quiet…”

Isabelle wanted to cry.


She had no tears to shed.

* * *

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