Waking up to the sound of my alarm my stomach feels like theres a stampede going on because its my first day at Fast Track Music. Looking at the ceiling, with all kind of thoughts going thru my head . I know I need to get up , but my body just wants to hide under the covers, where Im safe and protected. Gosh why am I so worried , I have had 4 years of college to prepare myself for this . Get it together Nitika I tell myself , you know what your doing. I get up and head to the bathroom and brush my teeth. turn on the shower and prepare for the day . Coming out of the bathroom I dry my hair sitting g on bed then go to the mirror to put on light make up . I want to look my best but I don want to over do my makeup . I like to look more natural then some made up barbie doll. After I apply my make up I do my hair , what should I do leave it down and put in afew curls or put it up in a loose bum . I decide on to leave it down and opt for a few curls. My blonde hair compliments my sky blue eyes . I walk over to my closet, I decide what to wear I want to look the part ,professional. So I decide on a black form fitting dress that goes above my knee and shows a little cleavage that comes into V shape and no sleeves. Its as hot here as it is in texas , so Im used to dressing for comfort . Looking at myself in the mirror Im satisfied with my look . I grab my purse and walk out to the kitchen make myself a coffee and sit down to enjoy it . Jenny comes out of her room , good morning Jenny. Good morning Nitika I hope you slept well. Not really Im really nervous I hope I don screw up, first impressions kind of stay with people. Oh Jenny says youll do great , look at you who could resist that beautiful face . Our boss is pretty cool , he understands that we get nervous our first couple weeks , so they kind of cut us some slack. As long as we don make some major mistakes , so think positively and just concentrate on doing your job not your nerves . And wait to you see our CEO , hes a **ing Adonis, handsome, muscles that nake your mouth water. Jenny , I laugh sounds like you have a crush on our CEO. Omg wait to you see him , you will to ” I laugh , well Im not here to fall in love or get laid I just want a chance to prove I was worth hiring. I didn go to college for four years to google at a handsome CEO. Besides I been there done that relationship thing he was my high-school boyfriend thru college and he broke my heart . So Im not looking for anything but to impress the CEO and do my job as professionally as possible. Jenny looks at me laughs , you need to loosen up a little because you can just work and not have any fun. Ill make sure you don sit around here and not experience California ” and all it has to offer. We are friends now right so trust me , I will show you Los Angeles in a way youll never want to leave. Nitika gets up ok Ill think about she says to Jenny but its time to go , I don want to be late on my first day . Jenny and I walk out the door head toward the parking garage, hey do you mind if I catch a ride with you I don feel like taking a taxi . Sure I say hop in and I get in on the driver side we head to Fast Track , my mind wonders a little thinking about green eyes and what hes doing right now. Pulling up to Fast Track, I park in the employee parking g lot Jenny showed me and we get out head inside .

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