Innocent Eyes

\" First Day \"

Leaving the airport Nitika thought of green eyes , he didn know her and she was rude to him . But he still helped her get through the flight to Los Angeles. Her parents would be so disappointed in her, for how she treated green eyes. Nitika lost her mother and father when she was two. Both was killed in a plane crash and that was the reason Nitika never flew anywhere,

She was scared shit less on the plane. Her grandmother raised her and she passed away last year. So Nitika had nobody but her best friends. Nitika didn have any issues with moving to California for her job she wanted a fresh start after college. She grabs her luggage and heads over to the car rental counter to pick up her car it was rented for her by Fast Track Music. Nitika gets her keys and heads out to find her car. Putting her luggage in the back Nitika gets into the driver seat. And puts on her GPS to head to her new apartment that was arranged for her . She would be sharing the apartment with one other employee of Fast Track. Heading out Nitika was over whelmed at how big Los Angeles was , Ill never get used to this place coming from a small town in Texas. Getting to her apartment Nitika carried her suitcases on the elevator to the 7th floor where

704 is , her new place . Unlocking the door she walks in looking around , wow this is bigger then the whole house she shared with her friends in Texas. Putting down her luggage she walks around ” walks to window , looking out she had a beautiful view of the city. A door opens down the hall and she looks and sees a girl dark brown short hair coming towards her. Hey you must be Nitika , Im Jenny its nice to meet you. Hi yes, Im Nitika ” let me help you with your luggage Ill show you to your room. Thank you Nitika says . Jenny tells her this way and they walk down the hall towards a room at the end of the hall. Opening the door Jenny enters first and puts the luggage down. Its not much but it works Jenny said laughing. Not much Nitika says this whole place is bigger then my whole house my friends and I rented back in Texas laughing with Jenny. Nitika thanks her , Jenny leaves but before she walks out of the room she looks back at Nitika ,I think we are going to get along good and be great friends Nitika , Jennys says then leaves. Nitika smiles at Jennys words it nice to meet someone who can help me adjust to my new surroundings. Nitika gets to work unpacking and then takes a shower its been a long day. Jenny slips on to bed covers herself up , falls a sleep thinking about how tomorrow will go its her first day at work.

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