Innocent Eyes

Leaving The Airport

Nitika was excited to start her job. The pilot came over the intercom announced to passengers to put on seat belts , that they would be landing at LAX , and to stay in our seats until the seat belt light goes out . Taking a deep breath I closed my eyes feeling the plane descending. Landing was so much more scarier then taking off . It felt like the plane was dropping and it was going fall out of the sky, we are going to die ! Greens eyes takes my hand and I let him squeezing his hand so hard and he says no we are safe its how planes are when landing . , I had to be hurting his hand i was squeezingit pretty hard . . I needed to get used to flying but right now all I wanted was to be on the ground safely. The pilot comes over the intercom , Welcome to Los Angeles, Thank you for flying with NCP airline . The plane comes to a stop and the seat belt light goes out and the flight attendant announces to everyone, to please stand and exit the plane not to forget our personal effects in the above compartments above our heads , and to slowly leave the plane, green eyes reaches up for his carry on handing , mine to me . I look at him , thank you Brandon for putting up with me and keeping me calm. Hey no problem he answers. Maybe sometime well see each other again , I laugh and exit the plane . Leaving the plane I tell green eyes goodbye and thank him again , he takes my hand and kisses it take care Nitika, and you to Brandon I say . Green eyes goes his way I go mine pretty much kicking myself for not asking for his contact information. I should treat him to a meal for his kindness , but its to late now probably never see each other again . Brandon get to his limousine thats waiting, he thinks of Niika and what will happen once she finds out who he really is. will she hate him for not saying something or will she ignore him once they meet at Fast Track Music , I can let her know Im her boss , I can let her know who I am yet , I need to get to know her before I tell her who I really am , her boss .

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