Innocent Eyes

Home Sweet New Home

Are you headed to Los Angeles , for business or vacation ? Nitika looks over at Brandon god his eyes are beautiful . Im going to be living there she answers , i got a job there . Its a music company , called Fast Track Music . Brandon almost choked on his on saliva , he couldnt believe it she will find out sooner, other then later who he really is .. Fast Track Music is his company, but nobody knows he owns it. His best friend is the CEO of Fast Track Music. He started it to give Singers a shot when nobody else would , same with jobs he hires Young fresh out of college people that cant seem to get their foot in the door any where else. Nitika was hired at his company he grins guess i will be seeing more of her he thought to himself. Nitika was tired , she decided to take a short nap .they still had two hours to go before they gets to LA . She lays back i0n her seat and trys to get comfortable ,she closes her eyes. Brandon does the same, leans back and decided to rest his eyes to, all he could think of was he wanted to get to know Nitika , and the fact that she was going to work for his Company, will give him that chance, at least he hoped. He will do everything to make sure that happens. Brandon couldn sleep , Nitika just being near him , was driving him crazy . He wanted Nitika in his bed in the worst way , he wanted her screaming his name. He has never wanted anyone like he does Nitika ,He could smell her scent it was a light liliac and vanilla scent . It must be her hair her shampoo . He could think of nothing else except for his fingers tangled in her hair, and pulling her close to him to ravish her lips until she struggled to take a breath .Brandon wanted Nitika so bad that his cock got so hard it hurt .

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