Previous Life 1 (part 2)

Under his feet were layers of jade steps, and a person kneeling in the snow was seen at the end.

Bearing a torture rack, and wearing a black robe–which was the costume for sinners admitting their faults and being tortured as traitors and had come to ask for death.

Mo Ren was motionless and silent, and the heavy torture rack pressed him into a kneeling posture.
His head was lowered and he kneeled weakly, like a cold dead man, and the snowflakes that had fallen on his body had not melted anymore.

Blood kept dripping from the strands of his black hair, and the snow on the ground was also gradually dyed a heart-stopping dark crimson by the blood that was soaked on his black robe.

“Side hall, lowly slave Mo Ren, attempts to murder the new “servant of the Lord” Bai Hua, and is seen as treason.
Thirteen tortures have been completed.
Please asking the Hall Master to sentence and give him death.”

The Head of the Execution Hall reported in a high voice, but he couldn't help but turn his eyes sideways.

He couldn’t bear to look at it, and couldn't bear to remember it again.

For three days, the principal punishment was done, and Mo Ren tasted the most severe basic law here in the Jiuzhong Hall.
He endured and persevered from the beginning, however he eventually couldn’t help but screamed out, and finally, his last bit of strength was completely used up.

Even the executioner lost count how many times this person had passed out during the process, and later it turned out that even ice cold salt water couldn't wake him up.
He only remembered that his breath stopped twice, and even his pulse stopped after the subsequent time.
He really looked like a dead man hanging on a scaffold.

The Head merely shook his head, and just as he ordered for him to be covered with white cloth, he miraculously started breathing again.

God knew that at that moment, how much the Execution Hall Head, Master Yang, who was accustomed to delivering tortures, wanted to just directly bring a knife to his pale and thin neck.

The tortures from his Execution Hall should be prepared for those ungrateful and traitorous scums.
Mo Ren was no doubt guilty of a crime, he was bold, stubborn, disobeyed orders, and tried to assassinate the future master…….but he was also loyal to Chu Yan from beginning to end, more loyal than any other person in Jiuzhong.

 It's a pity that it had finally fallen to this point. 

Above the long steps, the Master of the Jiuzhong Hall looked down at the sinner who was kneeling in the snow, but his chest somewhat felt tight.
He opened his mouth, and his tone was colder than the snow in the middle of winter.

“Have you had enough trouble? Is it gratifying now?”

No answer.

Mo Ren below was already very weak and was close to dying.
He had no more energy to speak for a long time, let alone even make a single movement.

Chu Yan looked at such a Mo Ren, and somehow felt even more irritable in his heart.

It was obviously a festive day, but it was disturbed by the person in front of him.
He then thought back to the fire three days ago, although it was not a serious problem, yet it still really made him lose his face. 

This person really……needs a beating.

“Brother Chu,” a voice that sounded like clear spring, a gait that was as light and graceful as a woman—a person wearing a gorgeous wedding dress leisurely walked out from the inner room. 

Bai Hua smiled and held Chu Yan's arm, “Are you punishing this person again?”

“Mn.” Chu Yan was obviously absent-minded.
He glanced at Mo Ren again, and suddenly said to Bai Hua, “Hua’er didn’t mind what happened three days ago.
This person is just a lowly waste.
Since he has attempted to harm you several times, today….I’ll let you deal with him.

“This….” Bai Hua hesitated, and there was a trace of ‘just the right amount’ intolerance in his slightly furrowed eyebrows, which made him more charming.
He seemed to have struggled for a long time before he pulled Chu Yan's hand and gently advised,”Brother Chu, although this person is malicious, it is also because he has you in his mind.
Besides, Brother Chu, isn’t he your former bodyguard in the end.
Hua’er didn't want to let Brother Chu be gossiped about because of him…….it’s better to just spare his life “

“Alas, Hua’er, you’re too kind.” 

Chu Yan shook his head back, secretly pressing down the discomfort in his heart, and said casually, “Forget it, today is our big day, don't let this kind of person stain your eyes.
As for him, he’s tired of being alone.
Throw it out.

There was no need to look to know that the expression of Mo Ren must be very desperate at the moment. 

This is also okay.
It’s time to let this guy learn to behave better.
If he continues to make trouble in the future, won't the people in Jianghu only see him as a joke?

Chu Yan thought to himself, and took Bai Hua back to the inner room.
Then two servants came out and dragged Mo Ren down.

Chu Yan and Bai Hua were very tender with each other, but somehow he didn't want to stay in the Lianhua Hall.
He put back his clothes on and went back to his own Jiuzhong Hall.

When he came out, it was already snowing heavily.
Chu Yan pulled the black cloak on his body tighter and frowned.

“What time is it?” He asked his personal maidservant Qui Quan.

“Answering to the Master, it's already midnight.” Qiu Quan answered in a whisper.
“Master has stayed in Young Master Bai’s room for about an hour and a half.”

“Mn.” Chu Yan nodded, looking at the whistling snow, wondering what to think.

“Master…..” Qiu Quan paused and hesitated, and anxiety appeared between her beautiful brows.

Mo Ren at present had his foundation abolished, and his physique was not as good as an ordinary person.
In such severe cold weather, and being wounded again…..Qiu Quan dared not think about it anymore.

“Okay.” Chu Yan rubbed his eyebrows irritably, “Isn’t it just pleading for that waste….Go, go ahead and bring him back.
Tell him, don't think that this Master will not throw you away again.
If you make trouble tomorrow, you will go directly to the execution room and be whipped to death! “

Qiu Quan hurriedly knelt down and said, “Qiu Quan thanks the Master on behalf of Elder brother Mo!”

Looking at the back of Qiu Quan as she hurried away, Chu Yan's mood seemed to be better.

Now, he felt that he didn't want the life of Mo Ren anymore, otherwise he would not have been spared from his death sentence even by the advice of the soft-hearted Bai Hua, nor would he have agreed with Qiu Quan’s plea.

After all, he had also thought about their past friendship, and Chu Yan was not unaware of Mo Ren's loyalty to him as well.

It's just that……saying that Bai Hua is a spy? 

Chu Yan sneered.
If he wanted to frame someone, he should have done it in a decent manner.
He had liked Bai Hua for ten years, and Bai Hua also willingly accompanied him as a male pet for ten years.
Hua’er had no martial arts and his heart was pure.
Where was he a spy?

Contrary to his expectation, Mo Ren had become doubtful more than once, and even tried to assassinate him….assassinate! Such a daring slave, if it wasn't for him considering their past relationship, he would have long gone…..

His thoughts seemed to be gradually covered up by mists, as Chu Yan stared at the snowflakes that were blown by the wind and thought to himself secretly.
He finally married Bai Hua, and it was no doubt the most resolute way to show his attitude.
If Mo Ren was more sensible, he probably wouldn’t be against Bai Hua anymore.
As such, it was not like he couldn’t really treat the person better. 

…Speaking of which, how did he and Mo Ren get to this point? Before, Ah Ren was so obedient, how did everything come to disobeying and rebelling against the Master now?

Chu Yan squatted down on the porch, waiting leisurely for Qiu Quan to return and report back to him.

Really slow. 

Chu Yan frowned, and his phoenix eyes turned even more gloomy.
These years, even Qiu Quan had also become more and more outrageous. 

Ah right, she had the shadow of that willful boy.
Maybe, I’m just really too used to that Mo Ren. 

After waiting for about half an hour, when Chu Yan had begun to become impatient, Qiu Quan's figure appeared opposite the porch.

The maid still stood respectfully, and the hem of her light yellow skirt rustled and trembled in the cold wind.
Through the drifting snowflakes, Chu Yan saw her pale face, and her dim and empty eyes.

Chu Yan panicked for no reason.

“Master.” He heard Qiu Quan's seemingly calm but trembling voice, “Mo Ren is dead.”

“What? Say it again.” Chu Yan froze for a moment.
The cold wind was howling too much, and he thought he had heard it wrong.

“Mo Ren is dead, Master.
When this slave led people there, he was already…..”

——Mo Ren is dead?

Chu Yan opened his mouth but he couldn’t make any sound. 

He feels very….strange.

Chu Yan raised his face, the sky of that winter night was dark and far away, and snowflakes continued to fall from the thick clouds.
He couldn't feel any sadness or joy, but only felt an unrealistic hollow that filled his heart.

How could he die?

Chu Yan began to have a headache, and it seemed like thin needles were stirring his brain.
He knew that he had tortured that person a little bit harder.
He was the one who let him be punished in the Execution Hall again and again, it was him who destroyed his dantian, demoted him to the side hall to be a slave, and ordered him to be punished for treason.

Isn't that all? How can he die?

“He died with grievances, Master.” Qiu Quan's voice was hoarse, “Elder brother, when he died, he was looking in the direction of the Jiuzhong Hall, stretching his hand straight……his body is still laid there, Master.” 

Then she suddenly flopped down on her knees, and kowtowed hard.
After several dull sounds, blood stained the green bricks.

The maid's voice was already crying, “Elder brother has been loyal to the Hall Master all his life.
Qiu Quan boldly begs the Master to please go up and have a look at him…..”

Chu Yan watched as Qiu Quan knocked her forehead against the brick floor, and it took a long time before he made a sound.

“Cough.” He nodded, his face devoid of any trace of grief, “Then, let’s go and have a look.”

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