She half opened her eyes. They met a dozen anxious eyes peering back at them. Mary was the word to leap up for joy. ”Janet has come round ” she announced excitedly. She wanted to hug Janet, but ws held back by a tall, slim woman in immaculate white, wearing an instrument round her neck. The anxiety in the other eyes also changed to delight, in line with Marys.

Janets eyes, full agape, dashed from one to the other trying to figure it out. ”Where am I? Who are these? What has happened? ” She pondered.

The same woman in white examined her right arm held in place by drips, while Mary kept reasurring her. ”Relax, Janet. You
e alright. We shall leave for our house soon. Doctor Martin is trying her best. Mark and David will be back soon with an orthopaedic surgeon who will examine your bones. ”

She closed her eyes to think. The events of early morning, three days earlier, then began to unfold. She looked at her bandaged legs hanging in the air and wept bitterly.

She had set out with Mary, her roommate ever since she started living at America, for the place where the days lecture would take place, but couldn rub James thought off her mind. It happened that she had been thinking about him ever since he got to America, and his thought, she couldn let go.

While still on there way to the lecture room. Mary had noticed Janet, she knew she was thinking about something, someone, James. She had always been talking about James ever since she got to America which means she was probably thinking about James. She warned her several times to stop thinking, but instead, Janet asked her to go in the front while she comes after her.

They were still on there way when Janet couldn notice an oncoming vehicle as she was deep in thought, the next thing was that she found herself in the hospital.

She wept bitterly as she thought she might not be able to work properly again. Mary was there to console her anyway.

Now, admitted into the University of Ibadan in Nigeria, James could not also do but to think of Janet. She possessed him every single second. When he finally got a phone,he quickly opened a Facebook account and started to look for anyone with the name; Ray Janet. But, all his trial were to no avail, he couldn find the person he was looking for. He tried to get her phone number from one of her friends, and once given, he started to dial it instantly. But ever since he had been trying this particular number, it was always quoting SWITCHED OFF.

Behold, the eyes that search for their beloved.

Behold the footsteps that tirelessly run towards you.

How long they have to wait for each other?

Their dreams will never break till they see each other again.

”I love you, James. ” Bimbo expressed her feelings to James while both were alone, studying in the library.

”We have exams tomorrow. Since we
e studying the same course, lets read together so that we can make our papers. ”

”Of course, thats why we
e here. ”

”So, you also remember that we are here to study. ”

”Of course, I know. ”

”Then, why did you introduce another topic? ”

”Because Im helpless, James. I can no longer hide feelings from you anymore. Im in love with you. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I love you, James. ”

”Don ”

”Why? ” Bimbo asked with tears covering her eyes.

”Because, I hate to hear the word LOVE, I hate it a lot. ”

”Please, James. ”

”Please, Bimbo, stop loving me. There are many other guys out there na. You can pick from any of them, the one that suits you. ”

Bimbo walked out of the library in sadness, tears covering her face. She was really heartbroken and Jamess words had hurt her a lot.

”Imagine, someone else loving me in Nigeria when my real girl is in America. ” James said to himself. ”Let me even dial Janets number again. He tried to dial Janets number but it was switched off as usual.

The following day, Alex fixed an appointment over the phone with James. ”Meet me in the science lab. ” He had said.

James went there to meet Alex, but was shocked to find Bimbo with Alex.

”What is your problem, James? You are the only one among we guys that doesn have a girlfriend. And even, when a girl who loves you told you that she is in love with you, you embarrassed her. Tell me, is she not beautiful enough. ” Bimbo folded her arms in annoyance as Alex made those last statements.

”Help me ask him oh. ” Bimbo added

”Have you called me for these? ” James asked

”Is not worth calling you? Tell me, for how long will you remain single? Is it that your manhood is not active? Or, are you a gay. ” Alex was ranting in anger.

”Are you insulting me all because of this girl? ” James asked

”Tell me, is it not worth it? The girl loves you, and as a matter of fact, she is beautiful. What else does a man wants in a girl that Bimbo doesn have? ”

”Will you tell her or I tell her? ” James started. ”That my heart had been stolen long ago and is no more with me. Will you tell her or I tell her? That I will wait even if it will take ten years for my love to return to me. Will you tell her or I tell her? That no other girl in this world can win my heart other than my Janet. Will you tell her or I tell her? That James already has a life partner called Janet. ” James walked out angrily.

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