”Because he raped Janet ” James said with more than enough courage.

”Does that asked you to take judgement in your own hands? And infact if he raped her, why do you have to react up to that extent? Is Janet your sister or your family member? ”

James couldn tell the principal that Janet was his life, his everything, the one he could sacrifice anything for, the one he is ready to die for. A relationship like courtship is not allowed in the school, hence both students involved would be rusticated.

James had hid in a corner beside Sams hostel waiting for him to come back home. He had waited for about half an hour before he finally saw him coming home. He immediately attacked him and started hitting severally that if not for the students that had rushed to the scene, he might have killed Sam. And that was how James was taken to the principals office.

”Answer me, my friend, Im asking you a question. Is Janet one of your family members? Why did you react in that manner? ”

”I had been hiding some secrets from you sir, but today Im gonna let the cat out of the bag. The secret court; Ayee which you people had been investigating on so far, is owned by Sam. Members of this cult group are fond of smoking and raping. I was coming from the school library one day when Janet fell on me. Then it occured to me that she was been chased by Sams guys because Sam wanted to **** her. I safed her that day and warned Sam never to make any advance towards her again. I was so angry on Sam for not obliging to my warnings sir. ”

”Hmn… ” The principal sighed ”I will know what to do. You can go for now. ”

”Thank you sir ”

”All what he said about me are true sir. ” Sam said wheb he was finally discharged from the hospital. ”But did he ever tell you that he is Janets boyfriend ”

Finally, James, Sam and Janet had ti be expelled from the school. Sam was expelled along with all his cult memners for all the atrocities they had committed while both Janet and James were expelled for going against the rule of school which says that bo student should engage in a relationship like courtship in the school with another student.

Two weeks afterJames was expelled, the school had to admit him again because five protests took place in the two weeks regarding him. The students all want him back in the school. He happened to be their hero before his expulsion.

”Its true that Im still young to fall in love, dad. ” Janet said while discussing with her wealthy parents in their living room. ”But ever since he came to my life, I discovered that I cannot do without him. Ive watched many romantic films, dad, but Ive never seen any man loving his girl the way Hames does, dad. It occured to me that James can die for me, dad. Don seperate us. ”

”How will I continue to watch while my daughters life get spoilt in my presence? ” Mr. Ray had talked with his wife secretly in there room. ”It seems she cannot get herself off Jamess thought even instead of getting the emotional trauma of being raped. She is always thinking about that guy. What do you think l can do. ”

”She is getting to talk to the guy over the phone, lets delete the guys number from her phone ”

”Thats a very great idea. Once she is not able to speak with him for days, she will forget about him ”

And so, that was done, Mrs. Ray borrowed her daughters phone to find her missing phone but her intention was to delete Jamess phone number from her phone. She searched every contact on the phone but couldn find any contact with the name ”James ”. Later, she found a contact saved with ”My hearbeat ” only to discover that it was her own number. She found another one saved with ”My gumdrop ” but later discovered that it was husbands number.

”But what could she has saved James number with? ” She asked her self.

But the truth that lies there is that James had no phone. But, ever since they both had been expelled from the school, they planned to be meeting in a particular place known to the both of them. And almost everyday, they had been meeting before James was later accepted back into the school.

Since they couldn find Jamess phone number on her phone, they decided to stylishly ask her what she had saved James number with on her phone.

”Hmn. When last have you been able to chat with James? ” Her father started the discussion while they were in the dining room.

”Why did you ask that question? ” Janet asked with a statement of surprise written on her face.

”Because I know you are both in love, and I don wish to stop your relationship. ”

”We had a meeting point before he was accepted back in the school. But ever since then, Ive not been able to chat him. ”

”Why don you call him on your phone? At least. ”

”He is from a poor family, his parents can afford to get him a phone. ”

”Oh! ”

Ever since he had been accepted back into the school, he had been warned to stay away from girls, or else he will be totally expelled. But James had nothing to do with the girls in her school. Janet was her one and only. He couldn go to bed daily without thinking about her. And, even, he always dreamed about her.

Mr. Ray thought of what next to do and he discussed his plan with his wife. His plan was to send Janet out of the country to study abroad for five years. By the time she comes back, they would have look for the right guy for her.

After two weeks, Janet was already out of the country, and that was how the two lovers were seperated.

Meanwhile, Sam was going to serve twenty years in prison as a result of the **** case filed against him. Unfortunately for him, he was already eighteen when he committed the crime.

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