In the pool of love

In the beginning

There was a total silence between the two guys which lasted for about half an hour. It seems one of the guy had said something to make the other guy reason about it.

James and Joseph had been friends right from childhood and theirs could be described as ”Friendship like brotherhood ”. And luckily ire them, they had both been admitted into the same secondary school which makes the thread of their friendship to be more stronger.

”Well, you
e right, I also believe in the fact that these seniors of ours are taking revenge on us. But this is not right. We
e not their senior ones that maltreated them na, how can they be taking unnecessary revenges on us? ”

”James, what you don know is this; we
e also gonna become seniors one day and we
e also gonna command our junior ones to do anything we like for us. We will also take revenge on our Junior ones, Man. ”

”Thank you very much, youve spoken well but out of sense. These junior ones we are gonna take revenge on aree not the ones that are maltreating us recently, so its unwise to remove a broken bottle which has entered a fathers leeg from the sons leg. Just yesterday, Senior Mike sent me to go and call a lady for him in the females hostel. After calling her, I decided to know what they were up to, so I hid somewhere. Senior Mike secretly took the girl into his hostel and long after, I started hearing loud moans. What examples are thhis people trying to lay down for us? F*cking in the school premises. You talked of taking revenge on our junioer ones, is this the kind of revenge Im gonna take? ”

James remembered having these cionversations back then, when he was in Jss2. But now, he was having his final here and as a matter of fact, he was now the elected Senior prefect of the whole school while Sam happened to be his assistant.

The school had chosen Sam to be the assistant Senior prefect because of his intelligence and not minding his kind of morals. Sam is a kind of guy addicted to s*x and now that he had a post in the school, he now had the chance to lure many female students into his room.

Taken Junior as his best friend, they had formed a secret gang in the school wjosee aim is to torture anyone that comes against their way. The group formed by Sam is called AYEE and there were 15members in the group which include 8 final year students, 3 students from the Ss2 & 3, then others from the junior secondary section.

Having invited James many times to join his cult group, Sam left James on hiis own as ke discovered he was in no way interested inthe group. But luring James friend, Joseph into the group happend to be the easiest thing.

Since James best friend now belonged in a cult group, James decided to create a fform of distance between Joseph and himself, thereby keeping him at arms lenght.

James do spend most of his precious times in the library since he hadd bno one to speak to. He was not even making friends with hios classmates as he now suspected everyone of them. He knew he came from a very poor family, so the chance of getting him out of any trouble he engages himself in is not guaranteed.

He was coming back from the library one day when a girl fell on him, breathi

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