y turned around of its own accord, facing the wide-open elevator.
Silence stood in the centre of the elevator, a faint smile playing on their lips.

The once-clear eyes now appeared like a sea of ink, fully submerged and beyond recognition.

Such eyes could not belong to an ordinary person.

Huang Yang sensed something was amiss and attempted to yell out a warning, but his body was under the control of an external force directing him toward the murky abyss ahead.

He struggled to perceive his surroundings but could not distinguish anything within the darkness that enveloped him.

Silence had mentioned the presence of hidden monsters, leaving Huang Yang unsure whether to trust their words.
The enigmatic figure appeared to harbour questionable motives, yet despite his doubts, Huang Yang couldn't help but place some faith in them.

His limbs moved without his consent, propelling him forward with an unwavering momentum.
Huang Yang felt a peculiar sensation like he was detached from his body, but it wasn't until he spotted a white-framed door ahead that he regained control.

As he stumbled out of the door, the blinding light behind him revealed a horde of monsters with outstretched claws reaching towards him.
He collapsed outside the elevator on the 32nd floor of Building 3 in the Prosperity Bay residential complex.

The stationed police officer was caught off guard by Huang Yang's sudden intrusion, immediately blocking the door with a baton and detector while shouting at the unknown individual to stay put.

After scanning Huang Yang, the instrument let out rapid beeps, causing the officer's hand to tremble.
It took five seconds before the sound ceased.

The sudden commotion drew the attention of Officer He Du from the 31st floor, who rushed to the scene with his own detector.

Upon scanning Huang Yang, Officer He Du concluded, “It's just an ordinary human,” kneeling to inspect the deliveryman on the ground.

“Is this Huang Yang?” He Du's voice cut through the silence as he peered down at the dishevelled deliveryman.
Huang Yang met his gaze with trepidation, barely able to whisper a response.

“Yes, it's me.”

“Come on, let's get you up,” He Du helped him to his feet.
“But first, we need to check for any injuries downstairs.
It won't take long.”

As they made their way down from the top floor, He Du peppered Huang Yang with questions, trying to piece together what had happened.

“So you're saying there were other people in the elevator with you?”

Huang Yang nodded, “Yes, two others.
Zeng Zhi and Silence.
They're still trapped inside.”

The mention of the enigmatic “Silence” piqued He Du's curiosity, but he remained composed as they reached the black vehicle parked in the community courtyard.

As the car door swung open, a man stepped out.
“Cao Wei Min, are you okay?” He Du asked.

Officer Cao, who was not in uniform, bore deep marks of strangulation around his throat.
Despite his injuries, he chuckled at the sight of He Du.
“I'm alright.
Thanks to Wheatley, otherwise I'd hang like a dried sausage.”

After a quick exchange, Cao Wei Min's gaze turned to Huang Yang.
“And this is…? The delivery man you mentioned earlier?”

Huang Yang recognized the voice but couldn't place it.

“Good to see you're out,” Cao said flatly.
“Are you injured?”

Huang Yang shook his head, prompting He Du to intervene.
“He still needs to be checked for safety.”

With that, they ushered Huang Yang into the car, where a doctor was already waiting with an unfamiliar instrument.
“Don't worry, just a scan, nothing to worry about,” the doctor assured him.

As they stepped further aside, He Du turned to Cao Wei Min with concern.
“Are you really okay?”

Cao Wei Min nodded, touching the bruises on his throat.
“The scanner cleared me of carrying anything dangerous,” he said stoically.
“May I inquire as to the whereabouts of Wheatley and Ms.
Zhang?” Cao Wei Min asked inquisitively.

“We had initially intended to escort them back to the police station, but Ms.
Zhang insisted on remaining here.
At present, both she and the dog are occupying the guard room,” replied He Du.

Cao Wei Min cleared his throat and lowered his gaze.
“Allow me to accompany her back to the station.”

“What do you mean?”

“I do not believe I will be of much assistance here,” Cao stated, placing his hands at his side.
“You possess a familiarity with these tools, and it is preferable to leave this matter to professionals rather than having a novice like myself make matters worse.”

Frowning, He Du interjected, “You…”

“Is there an issue?” Cao Wei Min lifted his eyebrows and regained his composure.
“Aren't I simply following your plan? I will not cause any inconvenience.”

“Perhaps that would be for the best.” He Du was exasperated by his attitude and averted his gaze.
“I will summon someone to accompany you.”

“Does that not display a lack of trust?” shrugged Cao Wei Min.
“Very well, please do call someone.”

Thus, Cao Wei Min departed with a young police officer to the guard room.


The police officer, whose life was saved by the faithful dog, displayed a friendly and amicable disposition towards Zhang Rou Rou.
He caressed the head of the pastoral dog and suggested, “Why don't you come with us to the police station, Miss Zhang?”

“But what about this place?” inquired Zhang Rou Rou.

“The delivery person has already exited, so there should be no need for concern,” reassured Cao Wei Min as he rubbed the dog's head and stood up.
“Even if there were, it would be pointless to remain here.
The professionals possess more effective and safer equipment to assist them.
I also have some questions regarding your observations earlier.”

The police officer standing before she had only just returned from the brink of death yet appeared unconcerned with his own state, even though the deep and conspicuous wounds on his neck were still evident.

Zhang Rou Rou shifted her gaze from the building and nodded.

The quartet and the dog travelled in Cao Wei Min's vehicle back to the police station.
Zhang Rou Rou and Wheatley rested in the reception room while Cao Wei Min and the young police officer remained in the lobby.

“You should take a moment to rest as well,” Cao Wei Min suggested, glancing at the officer who still trailed him.
“Why do you persist in following me? I am not going anywhere.”

The young police officer remained silent, sitting rigidly in the lobby, but his eyes fixed on Cao Wei Min.

Cao Wei Min: “…”

He let out a deep sigh and reflexively placed his hand over his throat, even though he no longer felt pain.
The throbbing ache was nothing compared to the kick he had received from Wheatley that left him with a painful bruise on his waist.

He vividly remembered how the country dog had jumped on him from behind, sinking its sharp teeth into the thin rubber.
The red balloon exploded, sending fragments of rubber fluttering to the ground.

He Du and Zhang Rou Rou hesitated to touch the thread, fearing it might tighten around his neck again.
Cao Wei Min, however, quickly descended thirty-one floors to the basement of the residential area to seek help from the professional doctor who accompanied them.

While everyone believed that the red balloon and thin thread posed the most significant threat, only Cao Wei Min knew what had happened.
In the throes of suffocation, he had seen his uncle Ye Cheng Jing, and it was then that…

The door to the police station swung open, ushering in a gust of hot air that swirled around the room.
Cao Wei Min, still disoriented, looked up to see who had come in.

He wondered, 'Why does this person look so familiar?'

A young man wearing a black T-shirt walked in, his face youthful and carefree.
Cao Wei Min narrowed his eyes, trying to place the face.

Unexpectedly, the man noticed his stare and turned to look at him, grinning before leaving the lobby without a word.

It took a moment for Cao Wei Min to regain his bearings before he jolted upright, realization dawning on him.

'That was Wang Jin Long!'

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