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Xu Jin Yi pondered momentarily before muttering, “Is it a bit exaggerated to say 'lost contact'?”

She scratched her half-long hair and casually glanced at the account that gamers called “missing persons” on the game website.
The all-black background printed the shiny gold letters “Excelsior” in handwriting, without any other decorations.
It was really a minimalist design.

“…mainly because customized avatars are expensive,” Xu Jin Yi murmured to herself.
“You have to spend money where it matters.
Look at how much money I spent on games, right?”

She twisted open the soda cap and took a sip.
Xu Jin Yi probably hadn't eaten anything since waking up, so the soda slid down her throat, leaving a sticky sweet taste.

Xu Jin Yi coughed a few times and put the soda cap aside.

Although she wasn't the first to clear “Death Notice,” the plot of the VR reset version made Xu Jin Yi somewhat emotional.
Moreover, since she also did this kind of thing, writing some thoughts and feedback for the official website of “Death Notice” was also a hope that this single-player horror game could do better and better.

But before that…

Xu Jin Yi sat in front of the computer desk in her bedroom and curiously clicked on the ranking list for clearing the game.

“Let me see who the player is three seconds faster than me,” she thought.

【[Death Notice Official Forum Ranking List]

[1] Opponent's Attorney, Please Interrogate

[2] Excelsior

[3] Yes, You're Absolutely Right


She clicked on the first player's homepage.
She found that the new clearance video uploaded by the opponent was still the unedited version, with a total game time of up to 30 hours.

If you add non-game time, this player probably spent less than four days, similar to Xu Jin Yi.

The unedited video uploaded was still too long, so Xu Jin Yi didn't choose to watch it directly.
Instead, she turned to the opponent's comment section.

After all, the comment section can explain what “main points” and show “save file count”.

【Old Attorney has started the internal competition again, hahaha!】

【This time, it was exactly three seconds faster than Excelsior!】

【I already expected Old Attorney to stay up all night just to replace Excelsior as the first to clear the game, hahaha!】

Xu Jin Yi wondered why this had anything to do with her.

After reading through some comments, she learned that 【Opponent's Attorney, Please Interrogate】 was the new dark horse player who emerged after Xu Jin Yi semi-retired from the forum.

At that time, many single-player horror games were on the gaming website.
New players would play and beat different horror games to break each other's speed-running records.
Other players joked about 【Excelsior】's disappearance simply because they were no longer active on the forum while still repeatedly beating new speed-running records of each horror game.

Without Xu Jin Yi's knowledge, players 【Excelsior】 and 【Opponent's Attorney, Please Interrogate】 climbed to the top of the speed-running leaderboards.
【Opponent's Attorney, Please Interrogate】 broke 【Excelsior】's previous record, but it was quickly broken by 【Excelsior】 again.
This cycle repeated more than a dozen times, and 【Opponent's Attorney, Please Interrogate】 began to believe that Excelsior was always lurking around and backstabbing them right after they broke the speed-running record.

Eventually, both players became known as head-to-head rivals fighting to the death.

Xu Jin Yi: “……”

Xu Jin Yi spat at the news.
She swore to the gaming website that she would write new horror game reviews instead of wasting time lurking around.
However, after some thought, Xu Jin Yi cautiously left a word of encouragement in the comments section below 【Opponent's Attorney, Please Interrogate】, indicating her amiable attitude.

【Excelsior: Great job, keep it up!】

After Xu Jin Yi finished commenting, she headed towards the official feedback section of “Death Notice” to provide her thoughts on the game.
Little did she know, the comments section was soon abuzz with activity, with likes and replies flooding in:

【I bet Excelsior had a smug look on his face when he typed that sentence!】

【I have to thank Excelsior, how did he find such a straightforward route? Is it really not an official hint?!】

【I thought Old Attorney was the best, but after watching Excelsior's video, mortals can't compare to experts.】

【Stop trashing each other; Old Attorney and Excelsior have their own styles.
Come here, let Mama give Attorney a hug~】

【Old Attorney may have cleared the game three seconds faster than Excelsior.
Still, you can tell from the quality of the video.
Old Attorney took the normal freshman route, while Excelsior developed a hidden route for senior students alone!】

【The person upstairs is right.
Besides, in Old Attorney's playthrough, the NPCs suffered heavy casualties.
Yet, Excelsior brought out all the NPCs that could be taken out! It was almost a total wipeout versus all members surviving.
You can tell which one is of higher value!】

As the comments section debated the strength of the two players, Xu Jin Yi headed off to provide feedback.
In contrast, the other player gritted their teeth and returned to the game to try and clear the hidden route.




【As a seasoned player of “Death Notice,” I'm excited to share my thoughts and feedback on the VR remake of the game.

First, let me share my game purchase record and achievements.


The VR remake of “Death Notice” certainly didn't disappoint me.
The graphics are vastly improved, with attention to detail that rivals that of an art piece and a strong sense of immersion.
The hit detection for ghosts is almost identical to the PC version, allowing for a seamless transition.
What truly impressed me was the flexibility of the protagonist, surpassing my wildest imagination.
Evidently, the development team invested a significant amount of effort into this aspect, and it deserves recognition and praise.

But there are still some shortcomings.

While the VR version of the game offers a more immersive experience, there are some notable differences from the PC version that players may find disconcerting.
For instance, the intense and terrifying background music used during chase scenes in the PC version is absent in the VR version.
Although this could be a matter of personal preference, as an old player, I would like this feature added to the VR version.

Another notable difference is the reduction in the number of save slots from multiple on the PC version to only one on the VR version, making it more challenging to get multiple endings.

Furthermore, adding a new storyline by the official is a point of concern for me.
As a veteran player, I know that “Death Notice” revolves around the game's protagonist, a freshman at Dark Virtue University, who must navigate the school's rules and regulations and overcome terrifying ghost stories.
The original storyline is relatively straightforward and emphasizes the horror experience.
However, the VR version's storyline adds a new element that I am hesitant about discussing to avoid spoilers and maintain the gaming experience for other players.

[wisper] I seriously suspect that the principal of Dark Virtue University is actually Dark Virtue University itself[/wisper]

In the VR version of the game, I ventured down the hidden route of the senior student.
The game has been noticeably revamped, featuring a reduced difficulty level and an added storyline that provides a fresh perspective.

One of the most significant advantages of the new storyline is the addition of distinct and memorable NPC characters.
As the plot progressed, multiple plot twists kept me on the edge of my seat and gave me a lot of surprises.

Two NPC characters profoundly impacted me: “Shen Jia” and “Zhou Xiao Han.”

Before playing the remastered version, I never expected that a character who had barely appeared before me would make me feel heartbroken.
“Zhou Xiao Han” is an incredibly well-crafted female character who left a glimmer of hope for other NPCs in the Dark Virtue University.

To be honest, she really made me cry.

“Shen Jia” is also an impressive character, but the game did not explain why “Zhou Xiao Han” would trust him so much.
Can such trust be gained from a “name tag tearing” event? (And I need clarification on which planner came up with this event.) I sincerely hope there will be further updates to clarify this matter.

The remastered version of the game has a solid plot, but some areas could be improved for better flow and clarity.
The official had no experience making VR games, contributing to some of the storyline's bumps and complexities.
However, this also means there is an excellent potential for improvement.

“Screaming Haunted House” stands out for its well-developed characters and storyline.
I hope future horror games follow this level and continue to thrill players.


I eagerly anticipate the PC version of “Death Notice 2.0” and the follow-up to the remastered version.
It's been a while since we heard anything about these games, and I hope the development team will hurry up and release them.

How long has it been? Even the donkeys don't rest as much as you do!】

【Comments on Excelsior's Video】

【I didn't get the sense that Excelsior was excited in the video.】

【Personally, I imagined a handsome guy with a poker face while watching the video hhhh.】

【Why does it have to be a handsome guy? Maybe it's a beautiful sister!】

【I'm with you on that; it's gotta be a beautiful sister!】

【Excelsior's videos always blow my mind.
I can't imagine the effort they put into finding these hidden paths.
What did they go through to become so skilled?】

【Exactly! They're not joking around because they've been at the top of the speedrun leaderboard for so long.】

【While you all talk about Excelsior, I'm still stuck on the Tea Society group.
It's such a joy to eat and drink in the game!】

【Are you serious? Does the Tea Society group refer to Shen Jia and Zhou Xiao Han? How can you eat and drink with so few interactive NPCs?】

【Well, it's not entirely without interaction.
The pure trust and friendship between the characters are really heartwarming.】

【I have to disagree.
I'm all about Xiao Zhoujie and me! (picture of a dog holding a flower in its mouth.jpg)】

【…I think we might have a different opinion upstairs.】

【Has anyone else played the VR version of 'Screaming Haunted House'? I'm obsessed with Tian Si De and Fang Wen Wen! Wen Wen is my in-game BFF.
I'll crash into walls for her!】

【I'm all about that reckless woman and her little husband.】

【What the hell upstairs, hahahahaha!】




After posting her feedback on the game website, Xu Jin Yi didn't pay much attention to it because she received a message from the official of “Death Report.”

【Thank you, E, for supporting our 'Death Notice' all these years.
As a token of our appreciation, the game website's simulation treadmill will soon be sent to your home.
Please continue to support us in the future=v=~!” the official wrote, starting with a polite thank you and ending with a gesture of gratitude.

Xu Jin Yi replied with a toast: 【Cheers to our friendship.GIF】

Excelsior reminded her: 【Remember to urge your good friend, the official of 'Murphy's Playground,' to release the formal version they owe us.
(sharpening knife.GIF)]”

The “Death Notice” official replied: 【Okay, okay then~.】

Xu Jin Yi closed her computer and stretched her limbs lazily, revelling in the thought that she would soon begin her third year of university.
She was ecstatic that it would mean no more early morning or late-night study sessions, making her life much easier.
She knew she had to prepare for her new academic year, so she planned to take a break from playing computer games for a few days, buy daily necessities, and ensure she covered everything with dust covers before moving into the dormitory.

Xu Jin Yi understood there was a lot to accomplish, so she dressed immediately in a dark-coloured sports skirt, a blue shoulder-baring top with wide straps, and pink sandals, all of which made her look youthful and attractive.
She headed straight to the nearby shopping mall, determined to check everything off her list.

As the scorching summer sun gradually turned into a cooler breeze, just over a week passed, and it was time to go to school for registration.
Xu Jin Yi attended Plum Blossom College, and there was a direct bus, route 33, from her doorstep to the school.

On the registration day, Xu Jin Yi lugged her heavy luggage and locked up the house before speed-walking to the bus stop.
Passing the restaurant downstairs, she saw it had already closed its doors.
Auntie and the others were likely already in the cafeteria at Plum Blossom College.

After boarding the bus, Xu Jin Yi settled in a single seat, protecting her luggage while dozing off on the crowded, swaying bus.

Despite the previously silent bus, the 33 bus, this time, had more delicate sounds.
Half-asleep, Xu Jin Yi listened to the passengers' discussion without fully comprehending their words.

do you believe it?” one passenger said.

“At least it's officially released, be careful,” another responded.

Sighing, a third person said, “How can that thing…
stay away from us.”

“…a minor issue…
don't mind it…”

“It involves the country…”

While the passengers continued their hushed conversations, Xu Jin Yi suddenly became alert when she heard a faint sobbing coming from afar away.
She opened her eyes and noticed a girl standing diagonally before her.
A man with a peaked cap lingered behind her.

Xu Jin Yi casually took out her phone and recorded a five-second video without hesitation.
She then stood up and hooked her right arm around the creepy man's neck, pushing him backwards.
Despite her height, which was only around 1.65 meters, half a head shorter than the man, she could easily overpower him.

The man struggled to breathe, coughing and shouting, “Murder!” as he tried to pry Xu Jin Yi's right arm apart.
But it was too late.
She had already seized the opportunity to take control of the situation.

Xu Jin Yi sneered as she caught the man's raised arm and swiftly kicked his leg out from under him.
He flipped over, and Xu Jin Yi pinned his arms behind his back, pressing his face firmly against the bus floor, rendering him immobile.

The commotion jolted the surrounding passengers, and they quickly distanced themselves from the scene.
The driver also caught wind of the disturbance and checked his rearview mirror.
“What in the world is happening?!” he shouted.

“Uncle, this man is a pervert! If my memory serves me right, there's a police station at the next stop, is there not? Could you please make a longer stop there? I'll take him straight to the station!” Xu Jin Yi spoke up.

As soon as she said this, the faces of those around her shifted.
They had previously been bewildered by the situation.
Still, now they could understand what was going on, especially when they caught sight of the young girl beside Xu Jin Yi, cowering with fear.

“Sister, I'll assist you at the next stop!” one of the passengers declared.
“Let's take this guy to the police station! He's far too young to be up to this sort of thing.
He ought to be learning something more wholesome!”

The apprehended man struggled to speak, but Xu Jin Yi pressed him down again.
“Stay put! I have proof! If you cooperate, we'll see each other at the police station.
But if you don't, I'll have to give you a beating before we arrive!”

Xu Jin Yi's voice took on a sinister tone.
“I've trained in some martial arts and can hurt you without leaving any marks.”

The man ceased all movement.

After a few minutes, the bus arrived at the station, and Xu Jin Yi and the kind citizen brought the man to the police station.
The citizen reboarded the bus, and the girl carrying Xu Jin Yi's suitcase exited, holding her breath.

“Oops!” Xu Jin Yi turned and saw the girl struggling with her suitcase, quickly rushing over.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I almost forgot about it.”

The girl shook her head and whispered, “I should be thanking you.”

Xu Jin Yi replied, “It's nothing.
It's just what a warm-hearted citizen should do,” waving her hand in dismissal.
As if remembering something, she took out her phone and said, “I just recorded about five seconds of evidence.
I'll send it to you.”

The girl blushed and nodded uncomfortably.

After sending it, Xu Jin Yi deleted the video before her.
“Keep the video.
If someone asks for evidence, this is it,” Xu Jin Yi said, dragging her suitcase.
“Why don't I accompany you?”

The girl was taken aback, eyeing Xu Jin Yi's suitcase.
“You're a student, right? Will this delay you too much?”

Xu Jin Yi smiled and reassured her.
“It's fine.
I can still make it to registration this afternoon.
Let's go and teach that guy who doesn't know any better a lesson!”

“I'm Xu Jin Yi, not the Jīngyì who pursues excellence.
It's Jīn the gold and Yì the art.
Would you like to tell me your name?”

The girl replied, “…My name is Hu Jing Jing.”

Xu Jin Yi pushed her suitcase and chatted with Hu Jing Jing to ease her discomfort.
Together, they entered the police station, brushing past a police officer in a hurry wearing a police hat.


During the past week, the leaders in charge have established their stance regarding “Spirit Shenanigans”.
Additionally, the Jiang City Police Department has chosen to accept certain parts of Cao Wei Min's proposal.
Thanks to the assistance of other departments, an approximate profile of the enigmatic figure known as “Silence” has been compiled and was currently being cross-referenced with the national facial recognition database.

By pure coincidence, Cao Wei Min has also unearthed fresh leads during this timeframe.
According to the visitor logs of “Morphy's Amusement Park”, an individual bearing the surname “Jin” was recorded whose likeness bears a 60% resemblance to the composite image of “Silence”.
This entry was documented two months before and three days after the bizarre incident at the haunted house.

Armed with a newfound address, Cao Wei Min set out to track down the suspect believed to be “Silence”.


——— Translator's Notes ———

赌1个游戏积分 (dǔ 1 gè yóuxì jīfēn) – “Bet 1 game point” – This phrase is used to express skepticism or disbelief in something that someone else has said.

官方放水 (guānfāng fàngshuǐ) – “Officially leaking water” – This phrase is used to suggest that the official developers of a game or other media have intentionally made the content easier or less challenging than it should be.

凡人比不上大佬 (fánrén bǐ bù shàng dàlǎo) – “Ordinary people cannot compare to experts” – This phrase is used to acknowledge the superiority of someone else's skills or knowledge in a particular field.

拉踩 (lā cǎi) – “Pull down and step on” – This phrase refers to the act of criticizing or belittling someone or something, often in a way that is intended to make oneself look better by comparison.

含金量 (hánjīnliàng) – “Gold content” – This phrase refers to the overall value or quality of something, often in a metaphorical sense.

Plum Blossom College

紫 (zǐ) means “purple” and 阳 (yáng) means “sun”.

literal translation of 紫阳学院 is “Purple Sun College”.

胡晶晶 (Hú Jīngjīng)

胡 (Hú): This surname means “barbarian” or “foreigner.” It is one of the more common surnames in China and has a history dating back to the Xia dynasty.

晶 (Jīng): This surname means “crystal” or “clear.” it can also be used to describe something that is clear or transparent, such as water or ice.

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