iao Han is a bad person??”

Long Xiao Hui aggressively lunged towards Liu Xin and seized her by the collar, berating her loudly: “Can't you exercise some common sense? Can't you shield your benefactor who provided you with food?!”

“What gives you the right to judge me?” Liu Xin's gaze remained serene, as if she had abandoned her prior facade of being reserved.
Instead, she aimed to strike at the core of Long Xiao Hui: “You're a hypocrite, Long Xiao Hui, for concealing the supplies that Zhou Xiao Han had left for everyone.”

“I did it for us!” Long Xiao Hui was so irate that she nearly struck her.
“Yes! Zhou Xiao Han stated that if she ever passed away, the supplies she had left behind would be allocated to those in need.
Still, it was also on the condition that we lived through it!! Those supplies won't suffice for long and can't ensure everyone's survival! I'm considering us — you, and myself, Liu Xin!”

Suddenly, a tremendous force flung Long Xiao Hui backwards, causing her to collapse on the ground.

Liu Xin, who had caused this, stared expressionlessly at her: “For me? You've been considering yourself from the start.
Don't justify your actions any longer.”

“You're insane…
you're insane…
you lunatic…” Long Xiao Hui was so angry that her lips quivered.
“Obviously, I'm doing this for both of us! I don't need to lie!”

“Repeat that, and I'll show you who's truly insane,” Liu Xin declared.

Xu Jin Yi surveyed the girl's 【Sanity Points】, which were empty in the NPC interface, and murmured: “I see, I see.”

Xu Jin Yi had anticipated this eventuality and was uncertain how to appraise it at present.

NPC 【Liu Xin】's sanity had plummeted, and it wasn't clear when it occurred.
Prior to this, there had been no noticeable indications.

With this precedent, Xu Jin Yi accessed the interface and examined the other NPCs.
Ultimately, aside from Liu Xin's sanity being wiped out and Peng Jia Lang's sanity being at a guarded yellow level, everyone else's sanity had slightly decreased but was still at a safe blue level.

Presumably, Liu Xin did not venture out every night, right? After all, she believed going out at night and not returning would breach the rules.
So what could have led to this situation?

Subsequently, the protagonist, who had caused a great stir, departed on her own, leaving behind a group of individuals too stunned to converse.

“Okay, okay,” Xu Jin Yi no longer paid attention to this NPC whose sanity had been depleted since even the 【Functional Beverage】 couldn't salvage Liu Xin except by reverting to an earlier save.
“Ah Ma, how many cups of coffee have we sold?”

Ah Ma regained her focus and examined the sales report that had just been submitted.
The turnover had surpassed five thousand credit hours.

Xu Jin Yi suggested, “Let's tally up the credit hours of the other students and make sure we meet the final exam requirements as soon as possible.”

Liu Xin's SAN seemed to have been wiped out due to her prolonged stay here.

One of the students interjected, “Final exams…
I'll be honest, I haven't learned much in this course.”

These non-professional students dared to attend classes in such a daunting environment.

Xu Jin Yi reassured them, “Leave it to me.
It's just an exam, easy peasy.
Zhou Xiao Han has also devised some strategies for Dark Virtue University, and Shen Jia will share them with you.
In these next two days, we all need to gear up, especially those with no foundation.
As outstanding students of Dark Virtue University, we should set an example for our future juniors and sisters!”

The group was silent, unsure of who would want to set an example.

Shen Jia and Ah Ma took the time to arrange these matters again, while some minority students who couldn't attend due to class had others to notify.
They left only when the evening self-study session was almost over.


After the gruelling evening self-study, Lu Er Er and Cao Ya returned to dorm room 502.

Ah Ma and Qian Qin's self-study room was closer to the dorm, so they returned to 502 earlier.

Lu Er Er and her ill-fated roommate Cao Ya were discussing the day's events.
As they turned a corner on the top floor of the dorm, they collided with someone.

“Whoa, watch it!”

The short-haired girl rubbed her nose and was somewhat peeved.
“Do you know how terrifying it is to be startled like that?!”

“I apologize.”

The voice sounded familiar.
Lu Er Er looked up and, with the faint light from her phone screen, saw-

“Long Xiao Hui?” The girl, who was slightly taller than her, froze.

Then Long Xiao Hui's voice emerged, “I'm sorry I didn't see you earlier.”

Lu Er Er and Cao Ya had previously discussed the recent events in room 503.
However, upon the protagonist's arrival, Lu Er Er felt uneasy talking behind someone's back and swiftly changed the topic.
“What brings you here?” she inquired.
“Aren't you heading back to the dorm?”

Long Xiao Hui hesitated momentarily in the dark before responding, “I fear she might harm me.”

Perplexed, Lu Er Er asked, “How so?”

Long Xiao Hui gritted her teeth and whispered, “She might kill me! She's already done away with two of my previous roommates.”

Cao Ya held a negative opinion of Long Xiao Hui and therefore made her way into the dorm, leaving Lu Er Er to deal with the situation alone.
“Hurry up and come inside,” Cao Ya remarked as she walked away.
“Or do you plan on spending the night outdoors?”

“Ugh ugh ugh, I'm not staying outside,” Lu Er Er hastily replied, grabbing the door before it shut due to inertia.
She cast a pitiful glance towards Long Xiao Hui before telling her to wait and went inside the dormitory.
It took her a while to return and open the door, “Come in.
You can stay here for a few days.”


Ah Ma and Qian Qin were the ones who agreed to let Long Xiao Hui stay.
Cao Ya remained indifferent but expressed her concerns beforehand, “Although I don't mind, you should be aware of the potential consequences.”

Ah Ma nodded, “If anything happens, I'll take responsibility.”

Cao Ya countered, “That's not what I meant.”

Ah Ma explained, “Even though I didn't witness what occurred earlier, I am not fond of the other three people from the neighbouring dormitory except for Zhou Xiao Han.
Long Xiao Hui and Liu Xin frequently argue; even when we dine together, they can't seem to behave.
Long Xiao Hui is hot-headed and bossy, while Liu Xin is timid and reserved.
Lin Lian could only serve as a mediator, and it was apparent that she favoured Long Xiao Hui.
When Zhou Xiao Han was in the dorm, they were more well-behaved, but I feel like Zhou Xiao Han was always preoccupied with her own affairs.
Her three roommates are skilled at acting silent, like a mute gourd that can't make a sound no matter how hard you strike it.”

“I dislike socializing with people like them; conversing with them is far too taxing,” Cao Ya grumbled.
“Even conversing with Lu Er Er is easier than them.”

“Hey!” Lu Er Er objected.

Qian Qin interjected, “Despite that, Long Xiao Hui is still our companion.” She sighed, “My thoughts coincide with Shen Jia and the others.
Whether it's a public or private issue, if we go out together, we will handle it separately.”

Ah Ma also stated, “If we lose one person now, it will instil panic in the others.”

Upon hearing this, Cao Ya had no objection: “I know the big picture is important.”

Only Lu Er Er murmured softly: “So, were you indirectly saying that you like me just now?”

“…I like you, like you so much that I want to sew your mouth shut.”

Lu Er Er pouted: “No need for that.
I'll go open the door for Long Xiao Hui!”


In the end, Long Xiao Hui still lived in Room 502.

But she thought there wouldn't be any arguments during these few days when they sold coffee to earn school credits.
However, the conflict emerged on the second day.

The cause was the cleaning period during lunchtime.

“Ah Ma is responsible for mopping the floor in the dormitory, Qian Qin is responsible for the bathroom and toilet, Cao Ya is responsible for the corridor, and Lu Er Er is responsible for sweeping the floor,” Long Xiao Hui carried several bags of garbage, “I'm going downstairs to throw away the trash.”

Cao Ya didn't express much; she already knew Long Xiao Hui's temper.

But Ah Ma and Qian Qin frowned, wondering how to politely tell Long Xiao Hui that her way of speaking wasn't very likeable.

Lu Er Er didn't have much temper for delicate thought; she just threw the broom that Long Xiao Hui handed her and opened her mouth: “Why should I!? Our dormitory leader has yet to speak, and you, a temporary guest, are making arrangements with such arrogance?” Lu Er Er showed an expression of incomprehension: “Let me tell you, Long Xiao Hui, with the way you speak, you'll be beaten with a burlap bag if you go out!”



——— Translator's Notes ———

陆 (lù) means “land” or “shore”

尔尔 (ěr ěr) is a given name that does not have a specific meaning…
thus / so / like that / you / thou

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