le Zhou's who had grabbed her hoodie.

With a stoic expression, Little Zhou looked back at the confused classmate and said, “Senior, I'm studying on the fourth floor.” With those words, Little Zhou let go of Xu Jin Yi's hoodie and headed to the stairs.

Xu Jin Yi raised an eyebrow in puzzlement as Little Zhou walked away, heading down the stairwell.
'If you were studying on the fourth floor, why did you come to the fifth floor to find me? Was it some kind of telepathy?” she wondered.

Despite her confusion, Xu Jin Yi's curiosity was piqued as she watched Little Zhou disappear down the stairs and out of sight.
She cast a brief glance at the grey-tinted glass of the fifth-floor library and made up her mind to pursue her classmate.


The library on the fourth floor bore a striking resemblance to the fifth-floor library, with the exception of a vending machine placed in the corner of the interior.
The machine dispensed classic functional drinks often consumed by the PC side to restore their health points (HP).
However, Xu Jin Yi, who was already in good health, wasn't particularly interested in them.

Compared to the fifth-floor study area, which multiple ghost students haunted, the fourth-floor study area was relatively calm, with just one “ghost” in the form of Little Zhou.
Xu Jin Yi followed her classmate to a study table and watched as she sat down and began to read, saying nothing.

Xu Jin Yi had expected some kind of drama or excitement to unfold, but she found herself bored and disinterested.
She followed Little Zhou with great enthusiasm, only to sit idly by, with nothing to do but watch her classmate study.

Once Little Zhou had settled into her study session, she remained focused and paid no attention to Xu Jin Yi.
Trapped in the library's quiet, Xu Jin Yi had no choice but to occupy herself with her mobile phone, unable to speak or make any noise.

The library's lighting was dim and grey, casting a gloomy atmosphere.
Not so old as the flashing frequency of the paper man's shop, but not much brighter either.
Xu Jin Yi knew that it was a characteristic of the library, but it didn't stop her from planning to complain about it during the day.
She felt that it was not in line with the standards of Dark Virtue University and that it needed to be rectified.

After spending an indeterminate amount of time fiddling with her phone, Little Zhou finally closed her textbook and got up to leave.
“I'm heading back to the dorm, senior.
Goodbye,” she said.

Xu Jin Yi looked up in confusion.
“What? You're leaving already?”

Little Zhou said, “Senior, it's already one in the morning.”

Little Zhou continued seeing the dumbfounded expression on Xu Jin Yi's face, “I came from the study just now and informed the hostess aunt about my lateness, senior.”

Xu Jin Yi replied, “Don't worry about it, I'm sleeping in the library tonight.”

Not only was there a curfew in place, but Xu Jin Yi wasn't even assigned a dormitory.
Although she never stayed in the dormitory obediently in the game, she still had suitcases and needed a place to store them.

And now, Teacher Sophora owes her a dormitory!

Little Zhou left the library while Xu Jin Yi sat on a bench in the study area, letting out a yawn.
There was no need to rush, so she saved her game progress before removing her VR glasses.


Outside the window, darkness had fallen.

Xu Jin Yi touched her phone on the coffee table, and upon opening it, she saw that it was 1:30.
“Good lord,” she muttered to herself, “it's like Death Notice has made me play obsessively!”

The living room was silent, and Xu Jin Yi got up, fumbling to turn on the bathroom light switch.
As she looked into the mirror, she saw a girl with a pale and haggard appearance staring back at her.
It was probably due to the sudden disruption in her biological clock after a long period of healthy rest that the after-effects of staying up late were so apparent.

Despite her haggard face, Xu Jin Yi's spirits were still high.
Warm water poured down from the tap, wetting her fingers.
She washed her face, but she looked even more worn out in the mirror.

Xu Jin Yi: “……”

'Sleep, sleep,' she thought, 'if you don't get some rest now, you'll be a mess tomorrow at dinner.
With my current state, people might mistake me for a zombie from the end of the world!'

Within a few moments, Xu Jin Yi had packed up and lay down on the bed, closing her eyes.


But sleep eluded her.

At three in the morning, Xu Jin Yi lay on her bed with her eyes open, feeling restless.
She realized that even if she fell asleep now, she would probably still have nightmares.

Since it was already early in the morning, she couldn't sleep anyway.
She might as well do something else instead.
Xu Jin Yi made up her mind and catapulted herself out of bed, heading straight for the living room.

“Let's play some games first!” she decided.


Once again, Xu Jin Yi returned to the library, getting up from her seat and heading downstairs.
She had nothing else to do, so she figured she might as well indulge in a little “nighttime visit to Dark Virtue University” action.

As she exited the lab building and stood still, she wondered if she should try playing the VR version of the game with some friends.
After considering it for a moment, she pulled out her phone and searched for her only contact.

A clear and pleasant phone ring broke the silent clearing, and after about thirty seconds, someone finally picked up on the other end.
“Silent student, if I may remind you, it's Ling, morning, two o'clock!” Teacher Sophora's voice dripped with resentment, and there was a slight crackling sound on the other end of the line, likely the ghostly face's sharp teeth stirring.

Xu Jin Yi spoke quickly, trying to ignore the interruption.
“Teacher Sophora, did you forget something?”

“Sh! What! Something!” came the sharp reply.

“Teacher Sophora, please don't be angry.
Do you remember who was responsible for arranging my dormitory?” Xu Jin Yi asked in a calm tone.

The ghostly visage on the other end of the line fell silent for a moment before responding with a laugh.
“Ah ha ha ha, good evening, my student Silence.
As for your dormitory, didn't the teacher mention it to you earlier today?”


The ghostly face scowled, but its tone softened.
“I see.
Well, I did arrange for you to stay in Shen's dormitory.
You do remember, the boy from this morning, right?”

Xu Jin Yi understood.
The dormitory assignments for the PC side of Death Notice were randomized, but this time she had been placed in Shen Jia's room.
The ghostly figure on the other end of the line did not want to see her more than needed but rather hoped that Shen Jia and his roommates could assist Xu Jin Yi in acclimating to her new living quarters.

Xu Jin Yi chuckled softly.
“Certainly, Teacher Sophora.”

“But, I'm currently outside and it's past curfew, so I don't dare to return to the dormitory.
What should I do?” she asked, her voice laced with concern.

There was a sinister laugh from the other end of the phone.
“I'll speak to the dormitory supervisor.
It should be alright for you to return and get some rest.”

With that, the ghostly voice abruptly ended the call.


In the wee hours of the morning, Xu Qin rose groggily from his bed in the 412 dormitories of the 3rd male dormitory, stumbling towards the bathroom.
As he returned to his bed, he was startled by a sudden yet gentle knocking at the door.

“Knock, knock, knock…”

Though the knocking was not particularly loud, it was insistent enough to rouse Xu Qin's curiosity.
Shen Jia and Peng Jia Lang were still sound asleep, completely unaware of the disturbance.

Xu Qin hesitated, but the knocking outside the door abruptly ceased.
After what felt like an eternity, he convinced himself that he had imagined the whole thing and was about to settle back into bed when the knocking resumed, even louder than before.

The dormitory was soon filled with restless knock echoes, and Shen Jia emerged from his bunk, still half-asleep, and asked in confusion, “What's going on? What's that noise?”

Xu Qin replied hushedly, “It sounds like something is knocking at the door.”

This woke Shen Jia up wholly.

As the knocking grew more forceful, even Peng Jia Lang, fast asleep, was awakened by the commotion.
The three roommates exchanged bewildered glances, unsure of what to do next.

“Let me check the peephole,” Xu Qin suggested, to which Shen Jia replied hesitantly, “Hmm…
Just be careful, alright?”

“Got it,” Xu Qin replied as he tiptoed towards the door.
However, as he reached for the peephole, the knocking abruptly ceased.
Taking a deep breath, he slowly approached the peephole, only to find nothing outside the door.
Puzzled, he turned to Shen Jia and reported, “There doesn't seem to be anything outside…”

Before he could finish his sentence, a strong but pallid hand reached in through the window beside the door and yanked it open with a loud creak.
Xu Qin's heart leapt into his throat, and he instinctively grabbed an object beside him for protection.
As the window swung open, the trio caught a glimpse of a flash of bright pink.

“Good evening, junior~” a voice called out through the open window.
“Interested in exploring Dark Virtue University with me at night~?” Hoodie, with a mobile phone in hand, peeked through the window.
The phone screen displayed a crudely drawn dog's head holding a rose.
Its brightness was up to the maximum.


——— Translator's Notes ———



Breaking appointments is also known as “releasing pigeons”.
According to legend, communication was underdeveloped in ancient times, there was no QQ or WeChat, and the only way to communicate was by flying pigeons to send letters.
One day, the two agreed to trust each other at that time, but one of them only released the pigeons and did not write a letter, and the other said why you only released the pigeons and did not fulfill your promise.
So there is a saying of “letting the pigeons go”.

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